Why You Should Play Final Fantasy XIV Online Now

Talking about Final Fantasy XIV Online in 2022 sounds like a nostalgia game. This game was first released in September 2010 specifically for PC. However, you are wrong if you think that because this game is still the choice of MMORPG lovers.

You want to play now, it’s not too late. In fact, you won’t feel left out by players who have played before, you know. Interested in playing it? Come on, check out all the info and reasons to play it below!

Why You Should Play Final Fantasy XIV Online Now

Not just one, there are several reasons why you would want to open up your PC and download this game to play. Here are some reasons to play FF ​​XIV Online!

Why You Should Play Final Fantasy XIV Online

1. There are many players

Although the game is old, FF XIV Online is still full of visitors, you know. In other words, this game always attracts a lot of people to play it. You will not be alone in the city or completing missions.

Square Enix also knows how to get players to play this game. Well, maybe now is the time for you to step into his world.

2. Keep updating

FF XIV Online has released new patches in recent years. Each patch has a new story. Each patch has an ending, making it the only online game that can be completed.

You will feel like you are playing a new game when you update the patch. It is also a strategy of Square Enix to retain its players. Even if each patch is quite expensive, yes.

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3. Charts are constantly updated

Not only on the story side, Square Enix also offers additions in terms of graphics. Players who have played since the first version will definitely see the difference. So whoever is currently playing the game gets the best graphics.

It is not as realistic as most games released in 2022. However, you can still enjoy it as a typical Final Fantasy game.

4. Support new players

That’s why new players don’t feel left out. New players certainly won’t be immediately intimidated when they encounter characters they’ve been playing for years. The reason for this is that each location has a fixed leveling mode.

When you are in a location, each character tracks the level in that area. Also, new players can really be “trained” to farm and level up. This allows new characters to level up faster.

5. Many characters

One of the strengths of the MMORPG genre is the large number of characters that can be used. Each character also has their own class. Each class also has different tasks in combat or when building a party.

Each character can be customized to your liking. You can match the hair color to the look of her outfit. In fact, making characters more unique is one of the features that players appreciate the most.

6. Exciting minigames

Final Fantasy definitely includes an exciting minigame. The same goes for the Final Fantasy XIV Online series, you know. You can play a number of card games that will sharpen your brain. There is also a chocobo racing game with attractive prizes.

This featured minigame can also be a distraction when you’re tired of adventuring or completing quests. Many players are only online to play minigames. There is no need to feel guilty if you do the same.

7. There is a free trial

Square Enix is ​​good enough for the players of this game, you get a very long free trial. Every new player has up to level 60 to move in the game.

It could be said that reaching a high level would take a long time. Even if you don’t focus too much on the battles and just wander around the city.

On the other hand, level 60 also creates a connection between players, characters, and games. You will definitely feel less when you reach a high level, you know. If you are already wet, it is better to take a shower.

These are several reasons why you should start playing Final Fantasy XIV Online. Would you like to play it now?

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