What Are The Rules Of Survival? PUBG Mobile Competitor Mobile Game

Rules of Survival is a game in the Battle Royale genre developed as a competitor to PUBG Mobile. Developed by NetEase, this game was released in 2017 and targets iOS users as its main market. Slowly but surely, this virtual game has also penetrated Android.

How exciting is this survival rules game? Is it so good that you have to download it? Don’t worry, if you are asking yourself this question right now, this article might be the right answer for you. So just read the explanation to the end.

What is the game Rules of Survival?

What is the game Rules of Survival

In 2018, the number of downloads of the Rules of Survival game reached 230 million worldwide. The graphics and gameplay of this virtual game seem to be the main attraction for many people to download and play it.

But what exactly are the rules of survival? Basically, this game is a virtual game in the Battle Royale genre. With almost the same gameplay, the winner is the last person who can survive in the game.

You can choose to play individually, in duos or in teams. Later in each round you will meet 119 other people to survive on the battlefield. You can use almost any weapon and gadget that can be picked up during the battle.

There are two maps that you can use in Rules of Survival, namely Ghillie Island and Fearless Flood. Interestingly, the Fearless Flood map allows you to start playing parts of the game once you’re there and only have one weapon. So the shooting happened quickly and suddenly.

After the round is over, Survival players will receive a prize in the form of in-game currency, which is measured by each player’s defense ability, number of players killed, and level. The money earned can be used to purchase various combat accessories.

The Benefits of Rules of Survival

Now that you’ve learned the rules of survival and how the game works, you’re ready to get the benefits of this game explained to you, because you need to at least know what the draw is. Here is the explanation.

1. Better graphics quality

As already mentioned, the main factor that makes Rules of Survival so interesting to play is the graphics. Because once you download and install this game, you will understand how much better the quality of the graphics offered is than the next game.

Especially if you play Rules of Survival on PC. You can see that the graphics presented are so beautiful, although the specifications required to play this game are not too high. Therefore, you can apply a right-justified system for visual adjustments.

2. Number of players per round

If you can fight all 119 players above, it turns out that Rules of Survival can be played with 300 players at the same time. It will definitely take the game to a certain level. The reason for this is that the more players there are, the more exciting and difficult the game becomes each round.

Not to mention trying out the Fearless Flood map with so many players. You are only equipped with a pistol, a backpack and a light vest. Imagine how fun it is to play Rules of Survival.

Disadvantages of Rules of Survival

There are several things in Rules of Survival that might surprise you beyond the above perks. You need to know about this to determine if Rules of Survival is worth playing, yes. Just look at the explanation below.

1. Large file size

The file size of Rules of Survival is one of the downsides. Because this game requires at least 1.8 GB of storage space on your device. With the size of the file, this virtual game should have much better graphics than what is presented.

Unlike other games that take up 1.5 GB of storage but come with impressive graphics. Therefore, it will definitely be a big question mark for you to download the game, especially when the device you have is running out of storage space.

2. Lobby view is very crowded

The next problem comes from the game lobby, which seems to be cluttered. This happens because almost every menu on this page wants to appear. It is true that these menus can be hidden, but when you see it for the first time, it will surely annoy you.

That’s not all, the problem of the crowded lobby in Rules of Survival. The characters you play will also look smaller since almost all the information is displayed here. For those of you who don’t want to see a solid look, you better not download this game.

3. Many scammers

Many cheats can be found in Rules of Survival. Maybe that’s why this game is not very popular anymore. Players may have been too upset with the behavior of this scammer. Imagine that you are still in the parachute but you have been shot. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Well, that was all you needed to know about the rules of survival. I hope this article can help you decide whether to download the virtual game or not. However, if you are curious, you should download it on your device right now.

So you want to play Rules of Survival?

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