4 Ways To Translate Documents To PDF

Nowadays it is very easy to obtain literary sources in cyberspace. There are many academic journals that will really help us with our writing or university work. Scientific journals are usually created in PDF format, so you just need to download and save them to your computer.

Of course, if you receive a review in a foreign language, such as English, you will find it somewhat difficult if you are not familiar with the vocabulary or terms used in the review. If the material or material is in the form of an article, you can copy it directly and search for the translation in Google Translate. So what if the document is in PDF format? Is there an easy way to translate it?

4 Ways To Translate Documents To PDF

The good news is that PDF documents can also be translated, really! You can use services/features and applications to translate text in PDF documents. Here are some of them that you can try.

Ways To Translate Documents To PDF

Google translator

No need to download any app/software. Just use the Google translate feature i.e. Google Translate. The beauty is that translating text with Google Translate is not just word by word, but the full text! Follow these easy steps to translate your PDF document.

1. Open Google Translate. At the top left you will see a Documents button. Click this button to translate the document.

2. Select the language you want to translate.

3. Select the document you want to translate.

4. Google translate will automatically translate your text.

Interestingly, Google Translate also offers the original language in the translation section, so you can check the translation results one by one.

Microsoft Word

You can’t just use Microsoft Word for reporting and writing. Apparently, you can also use this software to translate PDF files. That is how.

1. Right click on the PDF file you want to translate and click Open with Microsoft Word.

2. After successful conversion, save the file to a Word file in docx format. First.

3. Next, go to the Review tab and then click Translate. Decide which language you want to translate into.

4. Microsoft Word will automatically create a new file with the text translated into the desired language.

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google drive

If you have a Google account, you can also use Google Drive’s text translation feature. Here are the steps.

1. Open Google Drive. Find the file you want to translate. If the file isn’t in Google Drive, you’ll need to upload it first.

2. To upload files to Google Drive: My Drive > Upload Files > Select the file you want to upload. It can also be done easily by dragging and dropping the file you want to upload to Google Drive.

3. If the file is already in Google Drive, open the file with Google Docs by right-clicking on the file. Choose Open With > Google Docs.

4. Click Tools > Translate Documents. Rename your new file, and then select a language.

5. Google Docs will automatically create a new file with the text translated into the language of your choice.

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document translator

Another way to translate PDF files is to use DocTranslator. This feature is still connected to Google Translate, so the translation results will be the same as Google Translate. The steps to use this website are the simplest and easiest. That is how.

1. Go to www.onlinedoctranslator.com.

2. Select the Translate option.

3. Upload the PDF file you want to translate.

4. Download the translated file!

DocTranslator gives us the option to download the translation in Word or PDF format. This way you can go back to editing the translation or, if you download the PDF version, send it directly to others without worrying about someone else editing it.

Wow, now translating text is so easy and simple. So you no longer have to be confused when you receive a document in a foreign language!

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