3 Ways To Save Odds By Watching YouTube

YouTube offers various types of video content and is the perfect haven for those who are tired or looking for information. Once you are on the video sharing platform, you may be able to spend hours watching it.

The problem is that the more you enjoy the content, the more your data quota is consumed. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to save on your data plan without having to cut back on the number of videos you watch each day.

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Ways To Save Odds By Watching YouTube

There are several ways to save quota when watching YouTube, from changing settings to choosing the right app. Here’s another way to save fees that you can try!

1. Change video quality

The higher the quality of the video you are watching, the more your mobile data plan will be used. Therefore, you can avoid this problem by lowering the video quality directly in the YouTube app on your phone.

It is easy! First go to the YouTube app and tap on the account icon in the top right corner. Then go to “Settings” page and find “Video quality settings” menu or Video quality settings.

In the menu, YouTube offers three video quality options: Automatic, Better, and Data Saver. If you select the Automatic option, YouTube will display the video at a quality that matches your Internet connection speed. The better the connection, the more likely it is that YouTube will display videos in the best quality.

Meanwhile, the Superior option shows the best video quality. Therefore, more data quota is consumed with each replay.

To save quota, choose the Data Saver option, which shows the lowest video quality ranging from 144p to 480p. If you want, you can enable this option only for “Video quality over mobile networks” and leave the Auto option enabled for “Video quality over mobile networks” over Wi-Fi networks”.

2. Download videos using Wi-Fi

YouTube has long offered a video download feature on its mobile app. Simply tap on the three-dot icon next to the title of the video you want to watch and select “Download Video” option. Then select the video quality you want and press “Download”.

To access the downloaded videos, please touch the “Library” menu at the bottom right, then select the “Downloads” menu “. On this page you will find all the videos you have downloaded and can watch.

This method can save data quota effectively if it only works on Wi-Fi network. So, before using this function, first go to “Settings” page and then type “Downloads” . Make sure “Only download over WiFi” is checked.

Also, make sure you are connected to an unlimited or unlimited quota Wi-Fi network and not connected to Mi-Fi or another phone with limited data quota.

3. Switch to YouTube Go

Google has a number of fancy apps on the Play Store. These apps are specially designed for consumers in developing countries like Indonesia, where some areas still have poor internet connections.

For connoisseurs of video content, Google offers YouTube Go. Unlike the usual YouTube app, YouTube Go offers a more minimalistic look and features that prioritize saving ratings.

Every time you select a video to watch, you are offered three video quality options: Data Saver, Standard Quality, and High Quality. Choose Data Saver to save the maximum data quota.

Then you also have the option to watch the video directly or download it. If you select Download, the video will be available in the “Downloads” menu at the bottom right of the application.

YouTube Go not only helps you save quotas, but also saves phone storage. The default YouTube app takes up to 115 MB.

By following these methods, you don’t have to worry about running out of quota quickly even if you watch YouTube for hours.

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