7 Ways To Overcome Quick Battery Drain On Android Phone

Maybe you are the one who feels that you only use an Android smartphone for some time because the battery is draining again. Although today it seems almost impossible for us to move away from a smartphone even for a moment. Especially when you need your smartphone for important purposes like work or a date with friends.

If you are quelqu’un est toujours mobile toute la journée, au lieu de s’embêter à suivre les conseils ci-dessous, c’ This is a good idea to choose a portable phone with a great battery. The Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy A02s, for example, have a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, enough to power your phone during the day.

Additionally, supported by the 15W adaptive fast charging technology, both Samsung phones are immediately ready for the same job. ‘ont été chargés que pendant a certain temps . Ainsi, you kisses d’activité mobile are not insured d’être toujours satisfaits, que ce soit pour le travail, simply pour jouer à des jeux ou pour faire défiler vos réseaux preferred partners.

Here are 7 ways to deal with fast battery drain on Android phones.

Ways To Overcome Quick Battery Drain On Android Phone

1. Find out which apps are draining your Android battery

One of the advantages of using Android is that the operating system is very open about important information for its users. One of them is knowing the battery usage activity.

You can see this by going to the Settings > Battery menu. Find out what app activity is draining your battery. If you don’t use it very often, uninstall it and the problem will be solved.

2. Power saving mode

Android is equipped with a power saving mode. With this mode, your Android smartphone will automatically do all the activities and do the executables in the battery pack.

Usually, it will be necessary to suppress the animations in the’applicate, deactivate the synchronization in the arrival plan, deactivate the location services and reduce the brightness level of the ‘ecran. Encore plus extreme, Samsung and Huawei smartphones in Ultra Power Saving mode function, make your smartphone uniquely able to pass the call and SMS.

3. Brightness regulation

There are two ways to adjust the brightness, either manually or by enabling the auto-brightness feature on your Android. The brighter the light emitted by the screen, the more battery power is consumed.

Ways To Overcome Quick Battery Drain On Android Phone

4. Take care of the battery

According to all manufacturers, the battery life of the smartphone is 10,000 charges. The key is battery maintenance. One way to be careful is not to let your smartphone battery get hot. Habits like placing a smartphone on a car dashboard or using it outdoors during the day, as well as turning up the brightness to compensate for too bright light, will render the battery useless.

Another important treatment is the 10-90 system. That means it won’t remove the phone from the charger unless it reaches 90%, and it won’t let the battery drop below 10%.

5. Airplane mode when the signal is bad

Being in your carrier’s blind spot prevents your smartphone from receiving a signal. In such situations, your smartphone will automatically continue to search for a signal.

This process severely depletes the battery and as the engine parts continue to run, heat is generated which, due to its closed position, also causes the battery to run hot.

6. Restrict location services

Almost all apps these days require you to enable GPS. GPS in some apps still works when you’re not using the app. You can change this in the location services menu and specify which apps you really need to keep using GPS, e.g. B. Maps.

7. Clear cache

Google Play plays a major role in draining Android battery. However, you cannot remove it easily because Google Play plays an important role as a communication channel between apps and the system.

However, you can reduce Google Play’s battery consumption by going to the Settings menu > Apps > All > Google Play Services and then tapping on the Clear Cache option. This reduces system battery consumption. You can do this periodically, for example once a month.

Now you don’t have to worry about Android battery draining anymore, right?

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