6 Ways To Keep Your Power Bank Long Lasting

How to maintain a power bank to last a long time should be familiar to device users. As with other electronic devices, power banks are also quickly susceptible to damage if handled incorrectly. In addition, the power bank is an important device to support the power supply of the smartphone.

Without a power bank, smartphone users have to search for resources when their phone is low in the middle of activity. Therefore, the maintenance of the power bank should not be neglected and you must understand how to take care of a power bank so that it will last for a long time.

How to keep your power bank durable

Surely you don’t want your expensive power bank to be used only a few times because it is damaged? Start charging and follow these 5 ways to prevent your power bank from going bad fast.

Ways To Keep Your Power Bank Long Lasting

1. Be careful how you charge

The charging mode can also affect the life of your power bank. To make it more durable, please try to fully charge the power bank so that it can work optimally. Also, you need to charge the power bank when the power is low, e.g. B. below 15%.

Avoid charging the power bank too frequently, especially when it has a lot of power left, as this will reduce performance and shorten the life of the power bank. Overcharging is also not good for your power bank.

Always pay attention to the LED display on the power bank. If you like to charge your power bank when you let it sleep, you should buy a power bank with a timer to prevent overcharging.

2. Avoid too high and low temperatures

Like other electronic devices, power banks are not immune to extreme temperatures, that is, temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Therefore, you should not place the power bank in a place exposed to direct sunlight, or in a humid place, especially when it is exposed to water.

Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can accelerate damage to internal components. We recommend storing and placing the Power Bank in a place at room temperature.

3. Keep it away from other electronic devices

Placing a power bank near other electronic devices is also not good for your power bank. In fact, this can cause the collision of a magnetic field. Examples to avoid are televisions and refrigerators. How to care for a power bank so that it lasts is fairly trivial, but quite influential.

If the power bank is placed near a TV or a refrigerator, the magnetic waves generated by the two will collide and cause damage to both if it happens continuously and over a long period of time. This damage can manifest in the form of a drop in performance and retention of your power bank.

4. Do not fall or hit yourself

As with other electronic products, power banks also include items that are not durable and prone to damage if dropped or bumped.

Therefore, please avoid these two things, if it receives a strong shock such as falling, the performance of the battery components inside will decrease or even become unusable. To avoid this, you can secure it with a special power bank case or case.

5. Do not use a mobile phone charged with a power bank

Are you opting for a long-lasting power bank or mobile phone? I want to choose both. In order to make both of them durable, please avoid using your cell phone while charging by power bank.

Because if you use a mobile phone while charging it with a power bank, the electric current output will become unstable. It is not only dangerous for mobile phones, but also quickly drains the battery of the power bank.

6. Use it wisely

Of course, the more you use it, the lower the performance and durability of the power bank. Therefore, when using a power bank, you must be careful and minimize its use.

If you are in a place that offers many outlets or outlets, such as a B. at home or in the office, you need to charge your devices by plugging them directly into the wall outlet. Use a power bank when you are outdoors or when you can’t find an outlet or plug to directly charge your devices with electricity.

I hope this method of maintaining a power bank is helpful!

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