7 Ways To Get On FYP TikTok To Make It Trendy And Viral

Ways To Get On FYP TikTok To Make It Trendy And Viral

Ways To Get On FYP TikTok To Make It Trendy And Viral

The TikTok video sharing app is on the rise. The reason is that in a pandemic like the current one, many people are looking for new activities, one of them is making video creations and sharing them on the TikTok app. Apart from video sharing, TikTok has also become a place of expression.

Are you a new TikTok user? If so, there are a number of terms you need to know. One of them is FYP or stands for “For Your Page”. FYP is the page that appears when you first open the TikTok app. This page displays content from other users who have recommended you. Everyone competes to make the best video to enter FYP TikTok.

What is TikTok FYP?

As mentioned, FYP or what For Your Page stands for is the welcome page that appears when you first open the TikTok app. You can also find recommended videos to watch on this page.

Video recommendation lines are usually popular or trending videos on TikTok. Featured videos are not randomly selected. Only certain videos can participate in FYP.

If your video is successfully listed on FYP, the potential for trending and viral distribution is greater. So is it any wonder that many TikTok users are vying for the best videos to be included on FYP? So how do you spell FYP on TikTok?

How do I sign up for FYP TikTok?

There are several ways to convert your video to FYP TikTok. Come on, check out the seven ways below!

Ways To Get On FYP TikTok To Make It Trendy And Viral

1. Pay attention to video quality

The best way to embed your videos on TikTok FYP and grab the attention of other TikTok users is to create high-quality videos. In this case, quality is not only a question of the clarity of the video, but also the originality of the content you create. Creating authentic content can add value to your videos.

Make sure your videos are not only original, but also creative and engaging. Make sure your idea is unique and not simply copied from someone else. That way, people will be curious about your content.

2. Follow the TikTok hashtag

In order for your videos to trend quickly, you also need to watch every hashtag that goes viral on TikTok. Then create a video relevant to that hashtag. Don’t forget to add hashtags to your uploaded videos. This is done so that the possibility of entering FYP TikTok is even higher.

Aside from that, hashtags are also one of the easiest ways for other TikTok users to find your videos. There are also people who say that you have to add the hashtag #foryou or #foryourpage for your video to be included in FYP.

However, no one has yet been able to prove its effectiveness. It is clear that you need to monitor the currently popular hashtags and then incorporate them into your video to make the video trend and go viral.

3. Use viral and popular music on TikTok

Along with hashtags, using music that is widely used by other TikTok app users is also a sure way to increase the chances of your video getting picked up on FYP.

As we know, music is one of the most important elements of TikTok videos. Well, when you play music that is popular on TikTok and frequently used by many other TikTok users, the TikTok algorithm reads the content and recommends it to other users via FYP.

4. Use interesting subtitles

Even though TikTok is a video or visual app, don’t underestimate a subtitle either. Because subheadings also seem to be one of the factors that determine what kind of content is recommended on FYP.

To increase the chances and chances of your content being included on FYP, use captions that are unique, interesting, and of course relevant to the currently popular topics on TikTok.

5. Keep up with trending challenges TikTok users care about

The next way to get into FYP TikTok is to follow the challenge trend that is currently popular on TikTok. The trends on TikTok are endless. Almost every day there is something new that is popular and viral. Well, as a content creator, you have to be able to read these trends too.

You really don’t have to follow it all the time. Pick a trend that matches your content preferences and create a unique piece from that trend. Whenever possible, provide different elements than other videos to make your video stand out and stand out from others.

6. Collaborate with other TikTok users

Also, to participate in FYP, increase the existence of your TikTok account by participating in each new challenge. If possible, try to collaborate with other TikTok users.

Make videos with them as it can increase your chances of getting the attention of the fans of the TikTok users you work with.

You should do this on a weekly basis to increase the chances of your video being captured on FYP. The more interactions with other users, the higher chance your video will get FYP TikTok.

7. Interact with other TikTok users

Finally, as a creator, it’s also important to engage with your content’s audience. Make sure you’ve also interacted with followers and other creators. By exchanging comments or liking, people learn about your work and are interested in seeing it.

Well, those are seven ways to get on FYP TikTok that you can do to make the videos you create trend and go viral. Please note that not all methods may work as they relate to TikTok’s own algorithm. More importantly, you need to carefully explore and create unique and interesting content so that more TikTok users will like it. Good luck!

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