5 Ways To Fix WiFi Modem Interference Problems

Here are 5 ways to fix issues that interfere with WiFi modems.

Internet connection has become an important necessity, especially for home learning and education activities. One way to access the Internet anywhere, anytime is through a Wi-Fi modem.

The WLAN modem itself is also known as a MiFi. It is a modem device that comes with WiFi capabilities. To connect to the Internet, this modem uses the carrier’s cellular network. Usually the supported network is 4G. With the presence of 5G, it is not impossible that we can soon get MiFi 5G.

Like other electronic devices, Wi-Fi modems are not without their problems. Some of the common problems with Wi-Fi modems are that the modem cannot connect to the Internet and the device cannot connect to the MiFi.

So how to solve the problem that the Wi-Fi modem is interfering? Check out the solutions below!

ways to fix issues that interfere with WiFi modems

1. Restart the WiFi modem

The most common problems encountered by Internet users are signal loss or lack of Internet access. Try restarting the WiFi modem.

Who knows, there is a bug in the wifi modem software that causes it to need to be turned off for a while before it can finally be used again. Problems with the WLAN modem can often be solved directly in this way.

2. Make sure the Wi-Fi network of the computer is enabled

Yes, that sounds stupid. However, we often turn off the WiFi network on a computer, laptop or mobile phone without knowing it. Therefore, the device cannot connect to the WiFi modem at all. With this trick, the error does not appear on your MiFi but on the device.

3. Could not connect to Wi-Fi modem

You may have entered the WiFi password correctly, but your device still cannot connect to the WiFi modem. how to solve it

There are several solutions that you can run. First move the Wi-Fi modem closer to the device you want to connect. There may be an obstacle between the device and the modem. For example, there is a thick wall.

If that still doesn’t work, try restarting MiFi. Sometimes there is a conflict on the software side, so you need to reset the WiFi modem.

Alternatively, you can try “Forgot Network” on your device, whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop. Then find the WiFi name again and re-enter the password. Sometimes there is a conflict in the system so you have to start over.

I don’t work either? You can try to reset the WiFi modem, this will restore all settings to the beginning. Then you can try to restore all settings as a new device.

The method is very simple. There is usually a reset button on the body of the MiFi. Usually the button is behind the battery cover. Just remove the case, then find the button.

Oh yeah, to do a reset you have to turn on the modem first, yes.

4. Your APN will ask you to change

APN stands for Access Point Name. Each SIM card or provider must have a different configuration. For example, if you are using an Indosat card but the APN you are using is a Telkomsel APN, there will definitely be interference. Therefore, you must ensure that the APN used is correct in order to view or change the usual APN settings.

Each brand of modem will surely offer a different menu than the others. However, it is usually located in the “Settings > Configuration Settings > Profile Management” menu.

5. How to fix a modem that can’t connect

This is one of the most common problems. The modem does not want to connect to the Internet or connect to the Internet.

There are several scenarios that can cause this. One of them, your Wi-Fi modem, is out of range of the carrier’s cellular signal. You may be traveling out of town and the cellular signal may not be as good as it is in the usual places. The solution, you need to find a place with better signal.

Forgetting to pay for or recharge the Internet package that is on the Wi-Fi modem can also be part of the problem. Or the data quota is exhausted. The solution is to first fill the Internet quota for the Wi-Fi modem.

This can also be a trivial question, but it is often overlooked. Make sure the SIM card is installed correctly. Sometimes when you are traveling, the Wi-Fi modem may get blocked and the SIM card may move.

Another possible problem is that the Internet network is down. Actually, this problem is quite rare, especially for cellular networks in Indonesia. However, there is still a chance. So make sure that the Internet service is really activated.

If all these solutions still fail, try one of the last steps that might help you. Reboot the Wi-Fi modem knowing there is a software conflict. Yes, a reboot can actually be the answer to many problems.

Here are the problems that are common with WiFi modems and how to fix them. If the problem returns, you no longer need to be confused because you already know what to do. Good luck!

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