5 Ways To Create An Online Signature

Digital signatures are very necessary today. Especially when you sign a consent form or contract for something. Of course, the signature is necessary for it to be legal or enforceable.

So how do you create an electronic signature? To answer this question we have a solution and that is by creating an online signature. yes online There are several websites that offer this service. anything? Here is the rating.

What is an electronic or digital signature?

Ways To Create An Online Signature

An electronic or digital signature is a signature that you create but that has a digital version. Normally, this signature is necessary to ratify a letter or contract without the need for the interested party to meet in person.

So is this digitally signed document valid or not? It depends on the policy of each region, but the truth is that in a pandemic situation like the current one, the signature is clearly legal and binding.

A digital signature is required when you have a digital document that needs to be signed. However, if you do not correspond or exchange documents online, you do not need to create this signature. However, you better have than suddenly need to put a digital signature on a document. No

How to easily create an online signature

Well, for that you also need to create that digital signature. The method is quite simple and very simple. You can also provide this digital signature online. Therefore, there are several ways to create an online signature here.

1. How to create an online signature with smallpdf.com

The first website that could create digital signatures online was smallpdf.com. This website seems to be quite famous for editing PDF files. The proof is that this website ranks first when you google for converting PDF files.

Well, since this site is famous for editing PDF files, you can also use it to insert digital signatures. The procedure is the next.

  • – Download a PDF file to sign.
  • – After that, click on the Create Signature section at the top right.
  • – Then select Draw to create your signature online. Oh yes, you can also change the color of the ink with blue, red and black.
  • – After that, click Create and paste it into your PDF document to sign it.
  • – Then click Finish & Sign.
  • – On the next page, click Save in the upper right corner. In this option you can select the documents you want to save to your computer/laptop, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • – After choosing where to save the document, the online signing process is completed.

2. How to create an online signature with ilovepdf.com

Ilovepdf.com is also a useful website for editing PDF files. As with smallpdf.com, you must first upload the document to be signed on this website. After that, follow these steps.

  • – If you have uploaded the document to be signed, you must provide your full name and initials. These two fields are required to continue to the next step.
  • – Then select Draw from the available options.
  • – Enter your signature and initials in the fields and click “Apply”.
  • – If you have any, you can drag the signature text and drop the signature to the designated place on your document.
  • – When you’re done, click Sign and your document will automatically upload.

3. How to create an online signature with onlinesignature.com

If you need a basic website to create an online digital signature, onlinesignature.com might be an option. Because this website has a simple and straightforward look.

The way to create an online signature at onlinesignature.com is as follows.

  • – Go to onlinesignature.com.
  • – After that, in the big column in the middle of the screen, draw your signature with your cursor.
  • – If the signature turns out to be inaccurate, just click Delete to remove it.
  • – If necessary, click Save to save it.
  • – You then have the option to upload your digital signature directly and register for free.
  • – Click Download Signature and the PNG version of the signature will be downloaded automatically.

4. How to create an online signature with docsketch.com

The next website you can use to create a digital signature online is docsketch.com. This website is more or less identical to onlinesignature.com. It can only appear more attractive and friendly.

How to create an online signature at docsketch.com.

  • – Go to website.
  • – Unlike onlinesignature.com, this page allows you to choose the color of ink to use.
  • – If your signature doesn’t match and you want to start over, you can click Delete, which is located just below the column.
  • – When you have typed your signature, you can click save.
  • – In the next option you can directly upload your signature or sign a document.
  • – If you want to download directly, remember to drag the button to the transparent background text. This will download the PNG version of the signature.
  • – However, if you want to sign your document directly, just click the option and follow the steps. More or less the same as smallpdf.com and ilovepdf.com.

5. How to create an online signature with digisigner.com

Digisigner.com is the ultimate selection of online digital signature creation websites. The working principle is more or less the same as smallpdf.com and ilovepdf.com. Although this website is actually a paid service, you can use its free facilities.

To create an online signature at digisigner.com, simply follow the steps below.

  • – Visit their website.
  • – Then upload the PDF document you want to sign in the option Sign PDF Now.
  • – Then choose where you want to put your signature. Then click on this section.
  • – After clicking, you will see Write, Draw and Upload options. Choose Draw.
  • – When you are done, click Sign and your signature will appear on the document.
  • – Then click Done.

Later, you will be redirected to the next page where you will see the Upload Document option. Click on this option and your document will be signed online.

Well, you know how to create an online signature, right?

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