It’s Free, Here’s How To Create A New Gmail Email Account

You are about to use Google’s email service, Gmail. I still don’t know how to sign up or create a Gmail account. Yes, of course you need to create a Gmail email account to use the service. Also, you still don’t know how to send and delete emails.

Don’t worry, you’ve found the right item! In this article we will explain how to create a new email account. More specifically, we will describe how to use the Gmail messaging service.

Oh yes, creating a Gmail account is the same as creating a Google account. Your Gmail account can be used to sign in to all Google services including Android, YouTube, Google Maps.

How do I create a new Gmail email account?

Still don’t know how to create a Gmail account? To create a new Gmail email account, you don’t have to pay anything or it’s free. Yes, you can use this service for free but with storage limitations. However, the capacity of 15 GB is quite large.

Each message you receive counts as a Gmail capacity charge. Furthermore, email attachments also reduce the capacity of Gmail.

create a new Gmail email account

To create a new account in Gmail:

  • – Go to the Google account creation page. In addition to Gmail, the account can also be used to log in to Android smartphones and other Google services.
  • – Enter name and surname. If you only have one name, just enter your name twice.
  • – Create a name for your email, for example Change the username to any name. If used, the system will notify you. The username requires at least six characters.
  • – Create a password that is as secure as possible. Our advice, create a password with a combination of numbers, letters, capital letters and symbols. Even then, create an easy-to-remember password.
  • – After that, add birthday information, mobile number, location and current email address (if you have one).
  • – Click “Next Step” when finished. After that, Google may ask you for another email address or mobile phone number in an emergency. Upon completion, you will be immediately redirected to the Gmail mail page.
  • What if the email address I want can no longer be retrieved? According to the Google page, you cannot recover your Gmail address if:
  • – Already used
  • – Very similar to existing email addresses. For example, if you already have an email address ” ” cannot create a Gmail account ” example1e@gmail . from “. Note that the two are actually very similar.
  • -The same username as the email address removed. For example, the address has been removed. You can no longer create a account
  • -User seen as spam or abuse by

How to change Gmail password

You think the password is too hard or too easy for others to guess. You must change the password. It is easy. Just follow the steps below.

  • – Sign in to Gmail and visit the inbox.
  • – Click the gear icon at the top right of the screen and select “Settings”.
  • – Select “Account & Import” tab and click “Change Password”.
  • – You need to enter the old password, then Gmail will allow you to create a new password.

How to send an email in Gmail

Now it’s time to know how to send emails in Gmail:

  • – Click “Compose”. It’s on the left side of the screen at the top.
  • – A pop-up window will appear.
  • – write subject
  • – Enter the email address to send
  • – Write email in the body
  • – If you are sure, click “Send”
  • – About 30 seconds left to fail sending

Oh yes, never write the body of the email in the “Subject” section. As the name suggests, “Subject” is the subject of the email body. Example: “Cover letter”.

How to delete emails in Gmail

To prevent Gmail content from becoming cluttered, you should regularly clear the content of your inbox. Remember that the available email capacity of Gmail is only 15 GB. So check your inbox regularly.

  • – In the inbox, select a message you want to delete
  • – Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the email and select “Delete this message”.
  • – If you want to delete a large number of emails, just check the box next to the emails you want to delete. Then just click on the trash can icon to remove it.
  • – Visit the “Trash” tab on the left to view deleted messages. You can delete it permanently by clicking “Empty Recycle Bin Now”. If the email is left unattended for 30 days, it will automatically be removed from the Trash forever.

Easy, right? Have you ever successfully created a new Gmail email account?

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