Types Of Digital Cameras From DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact And Bridge Cameras

There are several types of digital cameras that you should know about. Digital cameras are becoming a trend and replacing analog cameras because they are more convenient. Also, digital cameras look cooler, so this is one of the reasons most people want to buy a digital camera.

Types Of Digital Cameras From DSLR, Mirrorless

Types of digital cameras you should know

The rapid development of digital camera types with various advantages, as well as equipment competition among camera manufacturers, means that we increasingly forget to select the most suitable digital camera. To avoid confusion when choosing and buying a digital camera, here is a guide.

1. DSLR camera

The first type of digital camera is the single-lens digital camera (DSLR). The DSLR camera is one of the cameras most used by professional photographers, that is, those whose main job is to take photos. This camera has much more detailed features and setting options than other digital cameras.

The lens of this type of digital camera can be removed and replaced with another lens using the same lens mount. This will add variety and detail to your photos to achieve the desired results.

The use of lenses and sensors in a DSLR camera can also determine the sharpness and sharpness of the resulting photo. The more a camera has a large and powerful sensor, the more expensive it is.

The size and weight of the camera, as well as the number and size of lenses, make this camera impractical for everyday use. In general, DSLR cameras have a more expensive price range, even in the digital camera category. The price ranges from 5 million to 70 million rupees.

Some types of digital DSLR cameras:

nikon d3400

pentax k-1

Canon 5D Mark IV

2. Mirrorless camera

This second type of digital camera has been popular for several years. Mirrorless cameras are one of the main considerations when choosing a camera today. The camera’s minimalist design and DSLR-rivaling photos have quickly become a favorite of most people.

Relatively new mirrorless cameras don’t have as many lens and accessory options as DSLRs. Most of these types of cameras also don’t have a viewfinder, so you’ll have to rely on live view. Light reflections can be distracting when looking through Live View, so in certain conditions you don’t really know what you’re recording.

In fact, however, this does not stop many people from choosing Mirrorless. The lighter weight of Mirrorless and the Wi-Fi capabilities that come with almost all types of Mirrorless make this camera competitive with DSLRs.

With the Wi-Fi function, you can control the camera directly from your smartphone, including direct transfer of images from the camera to the smartphone’s memory. Photo, download, photo, download, suitable for those of you who are active in social networks. The price of this type of camera ranges from 4 million to 60 million rupees.

Some of the mirrorless camera lines:

Olympus E-PL7 Ballpoint Pen

sony a6000

Fujifilm X-T2

Canon EOS M10

3. Compact camera

This camera is the most practical type of digital camera. The shape fits in your hand and has settings that have been adjusted for specific conditions, e.g. B. low light mode, portrait and landscape. Equipped with built-in lenses and a non-detachable flash, most are zoomable and quiet.

The relatively light weight, small size to fit in your pocket and very easy to use make this camera popular with those who are practical. The price of most of these cameras is also not too high, ranging from 1 to 5 million rupees.

In the past, point-and-shoot cameras typically had slow shutter speeds, resulting in a delay between pressing the shutter button and the final shot. The sensor is also not too big, so the photographic quality achieved cannot compete with SLR or mirrorless cameras, but it is enough to capture the moment.

There are currently several compact cameras on the market whose quality is comparable to digital SLR cameras. However, the price is also more expensive than compact cameras in general.

Some types of compact cameras:

Sony RX100 Mark V

Canon IXUS135

Nikon Coolpix A100

Olympus VR-350

4. Bridge chamber

Another type of digital camera you should know about. As the name suggests, this camera is like a bridge between a basic compact camera and a more detailed DSLR.

It is similar in design to a DSLR, normally the bridge camera lens cannot be removed. The size is also smaller than that of general DSLRs.

One of the advantages of this camera is its zoom capability, which is high and varied enough to place it in the category of superzoom cameras. The relatively light weight is also a plus for those of you who want to take this camera with you wherever you go.

However, due to the smaller sensor, the image quality is worse than that of a DSLR, especially in low light. Another weak point of this camera is also the slow focusing process and the delay of the shot as in compact cameras. This makes it unsuitable for those who want to shoot sports or moving objects. The price ranges from 3 million to 15 million rupees.

Various types of bridge cameras:

Canon PowerShot SX60HS

Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 / FZ2500

Nikon Coolpix P900

Sony Cyber ​​Shot RX10 III

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