Travel With Analog Cameras, Why Not? These Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Know

This party is very close to memory. Anyway, the name of the party must be closely related to the activities to collect precious moments that will be remembered in the future. That’s why you need a camera in your hand wherever you go on vacation.

Speaking of cameras, sometimes we really need a camera that takes great pictures. And if you mentioned it, I think you really should bring an analog camera instead of a digital camera. laugh, why not?

Here are some reasons why you should take an analog camera with you on vacation.

Here are some reasons why you should take an analog camera with you on vacation.

1. Very natural photo effects

Yes, when we talk about photo effects, digital cameras and even mobile phones have a whole list of effects. You can even choose the Lomo function, which produces image quality almost like that of an analog camera. But are you sure you’re satisfied?

However, the imitation or artificial name will hardly correspond to the original quality. The same goes for the camera. Analog cameras can actually produce high-quality photographic effects that are natural. In fact, it is a little more complicated during the shooting process, but the photos obtained are not in vain.

2. Clichés are full of surprises

Of course, unlike digital cameras, which can appear after the picture is taken, analog cameras take longer to print. Especially when you run out of rolls of film, the more pressure you need. However, that does not mean that analog cameras are mediocre and boring.

In fact, if you use an analog camera, you will be in for a lot of surprises. The resulting prints are sometimes difficult to predict. It could be great, or it could get burned. The thing is, if you’re really sure the photo is going to turn out well, think again.

3. The resulting color is more solid.

Digital cameras or smartphone cameras may have sharper image quality and resolution. That’s why we admit that digital cameras are more victorious. But when it comes to color, analog cameras are more valuable.

While a digital camera can produce sharp image quality, an analog camera offers richer colors. If it’s blue, it’s blue, if it’s yellow, it’s yellow. In any case, the color is something very special. You might even see a realistic painting in the photo.

4. The photo printing process is really fun

With analog cameras, of course, the printing process must be emphasized. Yes, this is different from digital cameras that can print out of the box, analog cameras have one more step that is very important to overlook.

In addition to learning chemistry and being able to observe the chemical process of what a photo looks like, you can also experiment a lot with this process. When you look at your own prints, you may see results that you may not be able to find with a digital camera.

Oh yeah, for those of you who want to store photos digitally, there are now many analog photo printers that can convert photos from negative film to digital format.

5. Easy to carry anywhere

Of course, for those of you who really love to travel anywhere, convenience and practicality are key. In this case, both analog and digital pocket cameras can be carried anywhere with ease.

Now you can carry analog cameras more easily because pocket analog cameras don’t need to change lenses. The most important thing is to simply take pictures to continue enjoying the results. In any case, it can make your vacation more exciting.

These are some of the reasons why you really need analog cameras to take a vacation. But if you want to bring an extra digital camera, that’s fine.

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