Check Out 5 Tips On How To Win LINE Let’s Get Rich That You Can Try

Tips on how to win playing Game LINE Let’s Get Rich

Who doesn’t know LINE Let’s Get Rich? The game, released in 2013, continues to gain popularity to this day. Based on a Monopoly board game, this tycoon game to play with your friends online has been downloaded over 50 million times and has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store.

One of the game attractions powered by the LINE messaging app is the Monopoly game with a fun virtual experience. Unlike the usual Monopoly, LINE Let’s Get Rich contains elements that you usually find in RPGs. For example, characters with their own classes and levels with different abilities.

Therefore, a mature strategy is needed to win. So do you want to know how to score win after win against friends playing LINE Let’s Get Rich? Below are some tips that you can follow, so please read carefully, yes!

Tips on how to win playing Game LINE Let's Get Rich

1. Choose a high-quality character card and level up

Each character card available in LINE Let’s Get Rich has different abilities and effects that can affect gameplay. The higher the level of the card, the more abilities you get and the more likely you are to beat the game.

There are basically seven abilities on each card. Here is the explanation.

Escape (Exit Island) – Chance to get double dice to escape from remote island (prison),

Game Bonus: Chance to win in Game Center,

Rent refunds (lower costs): reductions in building rents and tax increases,

Construction discounts (cheap construction): discounts when constructing buildings,

Golden Chance: chance of golden cards like Forced Sale, City Swap and Sandstorm,

Dice Control (Dice CTRL): The effect of manipulating the output of dice numbers across the screen on the scroll bar,

Acquire (DC): Reduction when acquiring control of an enemy city.

If you’re lucky, you might pick a card with an A+ or even S+ rating. It doesn’t stop there, you also need to upgrade your chosen card to the maximum level. With the maximum capacity of the card, your chances of winning the game are definitely higher.

In addition, each character also has a special ability. For example, the Alice S+ character can earn 91% salary each time the cast passes, and Zeus S+ comes equipped with the ability to pull in nearby enemies while standing on its own waypoint.

2. Upgrade Cube

In addition to the character cards, the dice used also have different abilities. Of course, the more sophisticated the dice you choose, the more likely you are to get the number you want.

When you reach a certain level, you can buy dice with diamonds or gold. Gold is also useful for upgrading dice. So don’t waste both to get the best dice, okay?

It is recommended to buy even and odd dice. Duplicate dice increase the chances of rolling the dice in a row, giving you a high chance of beating many cities. Meanwhile, odd and even dice can help you avoid landing on your opponent’s remote city or island.

3. Use the right trailer

The pendant is not just an accessory, but a supporting item that will have a huge impact on your game, so use a pendant with the highest rating, such as A+ or S+, as much as possible.

There are four follower slots that you can fill to the max when your character card reaches S level. You can also level up the follower by combining two followers plus a marble. The higher the level of the follower, the harder it is to level up.

Remember that the effect of each follower has a different percentage. Also pay attention to the ability of the follower you choose and don’t let the ability be the same as the character card.

4. Buy the most expensive city and raise the price

Aim for the purple and red cities as they are the most expensive. You must also get a city that is in the Festival category.

After you get it, increase its price by building buildings. Of course, when it comes to building a waypoint, the opponent will be fined very heavily if they enter it.

Another way to raise prices is through the World Cup or the Marble Show, which can double a city’s tax revenue. So try to locate it in one of your most expensive cities.

It is also recommended not to build three buildings at once if you have a city with the cheapest price. Because the adversary could have confiscated these buildings and then turned them into landmarks.

5. Buy Gold/Chance Tickets and Rental Tickets

To increase your chances, you can buy Chance Cards before you play. For example the card of the protector or the card of the angel. These cards are useful for saving yourself when you are penalized for landing in an opponent’s city or receiving an enemy attack.

If your opportunity card has expired and you don’t have enough money to pay your rent, buy a rental ticket. This card will save you from selling all the cities you own so you can have a second life before you go bankrupt.

Here are the tips to win at LINE Let’s Get Rich. Enjoy playing and become the master of the game!

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