Streaming Movie Apps To Watch Free Movies

Streaming Movie Apps For Android Full HD

10 Streaming Movie Apps For Android Full HD

In this modern age, there are so many free movie watching Apps What you can find. Especially for Android users. In this modern age, there are many free online streaming services with great features. Serial apps are also very popular among movie lovers.

The available film genres are also very diverse. Of course, you can adjust it to your own taste. There are dozens of cool movie genres from various countries that you can find in the application. No wonder each of these apps has been downloaded millions of times.

It is not impossible if you have one of the series of applications that we will discuss here. You can easily find all of them on Playstore. More importantly, the series we recommend here are for those of you who are looking for a legal and safe app to watch free movies.

Why should you choose a legitimate Streaming movie apps?

People often ask why they choose legal applications, in the browser version we can watch free movies with good quality. It’s actually a moral issue.

It is important to know that viewing such illegal applications is a form of copyright infringement. Even if you distribute it digitally, it is against the law because it is not compliant with ITE laws.

Of course, this situation presents a lot of disadvantages for the artists involved in the film. To support the government’s program to stop piracy, we recommend that you only watch movies on trusted sites and apps.

Nowadays there are many quality free movie watching sites and Apps that guarantee your safety while streaming or downloading content. On the other hand, they offer high quality movies.

Recommended Streaming movie apps

After being summarized from various sources, here are some recommendations for legal applications to watch free movies on your Android device. Of course, you can find this row of applications easily on the Playstore.

1. Netflix

The first suggestion we can give is Netflix. Currently netflix itself. Free movie watching application With the largest market in the world. There are many cool movies that you can watch in it. However, there are also types of movies that require you to use a premium account.

Of course, you have to pay a certain amount of subscription fee for the premium account. But the free content alone is very diverse and endless for you to watch. Released by Netflix Inc., this app has been downloaded by more than 500 million people worldwide.

There is also a Netflix Mod Premium apk which is an upgraded version and allows users to enjoy premium movies without the need to register. Link Download Netflix App

2. Disney+ Hot Stars

Advice Free movie watching apps Another is Disney + Hotstar. Has anyone heard of this application? You can watch many quality Hollywood movies in this app. This platform has collaborated with many parties from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and so on.

Not only foreign films, there are also many domestic films that are included in the popular film rankings in this application.

Unfortunately, like Netflix, some of the movies on it require you to subscribe or register first. Link Download Disney+ Hotstars app

3. WeTV

WeTV is one of them. Free movie watching app Recently created by virus. How not, he has many quality films with very fresh and interesting stories. WeTV’s concept is indeed suitable for young people.

But not a few adults watching. This is an application that contains great features that will make you comfortable while using it. There are many popular movies that you can watch on WeTV such as Layangan Puthus, Lectures on My Husband, Tak Perfect and many more.

Apart from the paid version, it is said that the upgraded version i.e. WeTV Mod Apk can also get premium features for free without paying any subscription fees.

4. Viu app

Recommended for those who like watching Korean dramas. There are thousands of movies and K-drama that you can watch for free in this one application. The important thing is that all these films are equipped with quality Indonesian subtitles.

Not only Korean movies Free movie watching app This movie features a wide selection from Japan and China. But for some new movies, you have to join a subscription program. But don’t worry because the old movies in it are not very fun. Link Download Viu app

5. Go play

Another movie watching app that we recommend is GoPlay. This application is a platform released by GoJek. There are many rows in it, no doubt the quality of the best films.

Every day the content of this application is updated regularly so you don’t miss the latest popular movies from around the world. Because it was only released at the end of the year 2019, the content in this application is still inferior compared to other applications. Link download Go Play app

6. HBO Max app

HBO Max is an option. Free movie watching app Not much else to recommend. As the name suggests, this app is released by one of the biggest television channels in the world, HBO. There are many good series in this app such as Silicon Valley, Guardians, and Game of Thrones.

Not only that, there are also many films from the Asian continent that are included in this application. Some from Indonesia.

The service of this application is also free and you can download the apk on the playstore. Link Download HBO Max

7. iflix

People often confuse Netflix and Iflix. The name is of course the same, but of course these two applications are different from each other. Iflix itself focuses on foreign films with quality Indonesian subtitles.

However, some of the most popular movies in this app are not local ones. The important thing is the iflix application is small in size, very suitable for your Android device. Link Download Iflix app


CATCHPLAY+ is one of them. Free movie watching app Recently created by virus. Despite the fact that this application is very easy to use, its content is very complete.

The collection of movies in this apk is also updated regularly. The difference between CATCHPLAY+ and other apps is that you can rent movies online.

So no need to pay a subscription fee just to watch one movie. Link Download Catchplay App

9. Maxstream

This is MAXstream. Free movie watching application in collaboration with Telkomsel. So for those of you who use this service provider, you can definitely watch the series here for free. Although the content is paid, the cost of the service is more affordable.

Not only quality movies, there are also many series and reality shows that you can watch in this application. Of course, all content comes from different countries. To date, the MAXstream application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. Link Download Maxstream app

10. TV Mola

Another recommendation we can give is Mola TV. You can download this application for free on playstore. Previously, MOLA TV only broadcast sports channels. But now there are many other interesting content that you can watch in it.

For some of the content, you can enjoy this MOLA TV application. But there are also some movie content that requires you to pay a subscription fee.

No need to worry because only the free version offers a lot of quality content. Link Download TV Mola app

How much does it cost to subscribe to watch premium content?

In fact, you don’t have to pay a penny when you log in. The free movie watching app We described above. But if you want to watch premium content, of course the cost will vary greatly.

It really depends on the subscription period you want. Generally, each of these apps costs between $10 to $20 per month for their premium movies, depending on the category.

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