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Small Business Wa

Small Business Wa – We often hear about small businesses and online stores in our daily lives especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Did you know that there are tools or apps that small business owners can use to grow their online store? Let’s see the writing in this article!!

It’s still New Year’s Eve! Are you starting to make progress this January? Don’t regret it later because that’s how you live. Are you stuck in your comfort zone or are you afraid to try new things?

Small Business Wa

Small Business Wa

My version is about someone who left the company (eventually) and returned to my hometown to start a small business again. Why “again” because when I was an employee, I ran an online store for handmade products as a free time filler during Covid-19.

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After returning home, I added a new line of business that is still selling online, so I focus on these two small businesses. Seeking his prayers, grant him the grace to develop and become a job opportunity for those close to him, Amen.

Having experience running two small businesses that sell online, I wanted to write tips on this blog. Although the experience is still in its early stages, at least this may be a small note for me, additional information for others, and for those in the know there are more experienced people who have strayed into this blog, adding or correcting my writings.

This time I would like to share about an application that is absolutely mandatory for small business owners when selling online to ease the sales and promotion process. Are you interested? Let’s see what happens!

It can be said that most Indonesians use Whastapp or WA application on their mobile phones for daily communication. Created in 2009, the app has another version called WhatsApp Business.

Creating Small Business Friendly Local Governments

Based on the description on the official website, WhatsApp Business is an application that can be downloaded for free and is specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

The app makes it easy for sellers to connect directly with customers, promote products and services, and answer questions during the shopping process.

From the above information, there is no noticeable difference between normal WA and business WA. If you look directly, you will find a big difference, which is the “Business Tools” feature in Business WA as shown below.

Small Business Wa

In the business tool, we can write a detailed business / store profile such as store information, address, working hours, website links and product catalogs.

Small Business Workshops

Communication with customers is also made easier with messaging tools. Such features automatically respond when there is a new conversation and when a holiday or store is closed. It can create response templates for common questions and chat labels for new buyers, shipping orders and others.

WA Business works on Android, Iphone and open on web. WA and WA Business cannot be used simultaneously on one SIM card, but can be used on mobile phones with two SIM cards.

For example, a mobile phone has a number that, like it or not, the WA must be deleted and replaced by a WA business. But if a cell phone has two numbers, for example Simpati and Tilu, one uses normal WA and the other uses WA Business.

Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet application program created and distributed by Microsoft Corporation that can run on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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Now Excel can also be downloaded on Playstore or App Store so that it can be used on Android or iPhone.

I think Excel is a program that every marketer should use both offline and online. Through this worksheet application, we can add sales, price, catalog data to other promotional plans.

Use a book to record everything as there may be people who don’t know Excel. But I prefer to use Excel because its formulas make work easier and calculations more accurate.

Small Business Wa

Although TikTok has become the most popular social media for people, especially the youth in the last two years, I still recommend Instagram as a social media for selling online.

Making It Easier For Businesses Of All Sizes To Get Started On Whatsapp

Instagram showcases are just as good as galleries or product catalogs. In the past, Instagram was just a place to upload a photo, now it has many features, from the ability to upload multiple photos, videos, stories to scrolls.

When we open the store, the promotion starts from close people or friends on Instagram. So, in my opinion, small business owners should use Instagram as a place to advertise and sell.

Probably many people hesitate to open a store in the market because they think that there are many competitors and the store will not be on the first page.

The first reason is to focus on a free shipping program that will definitely appeal to buyers. A second reason for guaranteeing the safety of buying and selling for both sellers and buyers is because there is a third party that is the market.

Small Business Relief Grant

Fyi for those who don’t know, sellers on Shopee can pay if the buyer confirms that the item has been received. In addition, even if the buyer has made the initial payment, if the item is not delivered or does not fit, they can sue for a refund.

There are many markets in Indonesia, choose the one you like. It is best to first survey the market that is most used by friends or followers on Instagram.

So the tip to sell in the market is to do promotions on Instagram and Whatsapp and then guide the buyers to pay at your store in the market.

Small Business Wa

If a marketplace has a lot of transactions, it can be a seller’s reputation and a shop or product that appears on the first page of search. I think suddenly some transactions are happening on Shopee without confirmation by Instagram or WA.

Pdf) Factors Influencing The Adoption Of B2b Trading Exchanges In Small Businesses In Western Australia: A Field Study Approach

Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. This application is free to use on Android, iPhone and also on the web.

I know Canva as an image editing application, especially for decorating the display of images on Instagram Stories. It turns out that Canva has many features that online store owners can take advantage of.

In Canva you can create logos on Instagram / Facebook stories, edit product photos, edit images for promotional purposes and you can create animated images or gifs.

Canva has a wide selection of backgrounds, stickers, frames and fonts that make image editing fun for users. This app is actually free, but has limited options. If you want more freedom in image editing, you can subscribe to Canva Pro.

Small Business Services Olympia Wa

Fyi I also used Canva to create thumbnails for this blog! So it’s not just for small businesses, bloggers or other content creators can also use Canva.

Even though Canva already exists, I think small business owners should have an image editing app like Lightroom/VSCO that focuses on improving the quality of product photos.

If Canva works to decorate the display of images, such as adding frames, captions and stickers, and adding Lightroom or VSCO functions to correct the original photo quality, such as brightness, contrast, saturation and product position in the photo. . (above).

Small Business Wa

VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed, Foodie and many other photo editing apps can be downloaded on mobile phones. At first I used VSCO, but due to frequent errors, I finally switched to Lightroom.

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This is a simple photo edit, done when shooting with a mirrorless camera with enough light so the output isn’t too bad.

RajaOngkir is an application that can review the shipping costs of all shipping services or tours. I am using this app on my android phone and after checking the app store it is not showing up. But there are still many similar applications that can be used.

If you already have a store on a marketplace like Shopee or Tokopedia, you don’t need this app. RajaOngkir application is very useful for those who sell directly (do not open a shop in the market) or if there are buyers who want to transact directly because they cannot use Shopee or Tokopedia.

Since the buyer pays the shipping cost when buying and selling online, the buyer must pay for the product as well as the shipping cost before the items are shipped. And usually the buyer wants to use the cheapest shipping service, then the seller can check the shipping cost of each trip in the RajaOngkir application. Instead of checking individually on travel websites like JNE, J&T and Sicepat.

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Here are seven basic apps or programs that any online store or small business owner should use. Everything is really based on my experience of managing two online stores.

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