5 Recommendations Tripod For Traveling

Carrying a tripod for travel is very important for those who like to capture moments or views on the go. Because using a tripod makes shooting more focused and stable.

However, in order not to disturb the fairways, the choice of a tripod should be adjusted. A compact and lightweight tripod is usually chosen for travel. So that taking a tripod with you when you travel is not a burden on the trip.

5 Recommendations Tripod For Traveling

Recommendations Tripod For Traveling

Fortunately, there is a wide range of travel tripods on the market that are not only sturdy but also easy to carry. The bottom line is that a tripod should be compact, lightweight, and easy to fold. Here are the recommendations.

1. Manfrotto 190 Come on! light and compact tripod

This Manfrotto tripod has become a trusted tripod by many travelers due to its light weight and compact shape, making it easy to take with you anytime, anywhere.

When folded it is only about 45cm long with a maximum height of 146cm. Made of high quality aluminum, this tripod weighs only 1.7 kg. The camera load that this tripod can support is 7 kg.

2. MeFOTO GlobeTrotter, monopod and tripod functions in one tool

This tripod is also a mainstay for travelers as the camera load that this tripod can carry is quite large, namely 12kg. Despite this, the weight of this tripod remains light at just 1.7kg. When folded, it is approximately 43 cm long.

While the maximum height is 163 cm. In addition, this tripod can also be used as a monopod with a maximum height of 170 cm. You can get two features in one tool.

3. Manfrotto MT190XPRO4, can be opened with one hand

The next mainstay of the travel tripod is the Manfrotto MT190XPRO4. Unlike the Manfrotto 190 Go! This tripod also has an integrated Quick Power Lock system, with which you can open the extension with one hand.

This travel tripod is an easy and convenient system to use, making it very suitable for use when traveling. This tripod weighs 3.1kg and can support a camera load of up to 6kg. The maximum height is 173 cm. And when folded, this tripod has a length of 62 cm.

4. Velbon Ultra 655, suitable for up to 154 cm

This Velbon tripod has a load capacity of approximately 4 kg. There is an interesting feature, namely the Trunnion Shaft System, which allows this tripod to reach a maximum height of 154cm and a length of 37.2cm when folded. The weight of this tripod is also very low at only 1.3kg.

5. Fotopro Ultra Portable M5 Mini, a handy and lightweight super mini tripod

This tripod is smaller than previous tripods. However, despite its small size, this tripod is capable of supporting professional cameras with a maximum load capacity of 3 kg.

This mini format makes you practical and easy to take with you wherever you go. In fact, this tripod can even be put in a bag. Its folded length is only 175 cm, with a maximum height of 45 cm and a weight of 0.67 kg.

So which travel tripod will you choose?

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