7 Reasons Why Mechanical Keyboards Are Important For Gamers


Arguably, the benefits of a mechanical keyboard are significant for gamers. For information, modern keyboards are generally divided into two parts, mechanical and flat panel. A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard you might find on older computers with large, protruding keys. While the flat screen keyboard is a keyboard development commonly found on laptops.

For some people, the keyboard, with its basic keyboard function, is nothing more than a device for converting ideas into writing. Evolution since its first appearance in 1874 as a typewriter or typewriter has made it more efficient and concise. Keyboards have also evolved over time, some of which exist thanks to the advantages of mechanical keyboards.

Reasons Why Mechanical Keyboards Are Important For Gamers

Advantages of mechanical keyboards

The mechanical system that this keyboard uses makes it more stable when pressed. Also, the mechanical keyboard is not easily damaged. Despite this, the mechanism that supports it forces the mechanical keyboard to have large dimensions.

Well, for those who want to know what are the advantages of the mechanical keyboard, please read the following article.

1. Switches are very diverse, can be chosen at will

El componente más importante de un teclado mecánico es un interruptor. Sin embargo, una de las principales razones por las que la gente compra este tipo de teclado es por el Switch.

El interruptor en sí está debajo de los botones. El tipo de interruptor que determina la sensación y el volumen del sonido cuando se presionan las teclas.

Hay tres tipos de interruptores que generalmente se venden en el mercado. Los tres son:

lineal. Este tipo de interruptor no ofrece respuesta táctil o de clic cuando se presiona. Este tipo de interruptor se siente muy suave cuando se presiona e incluso parece estar flotando. Esto es adecuado para aquellos de ustedes que no quieren un teclado mecánico con un ruido fuerte cuando se presiona. Por lo general, los interruptores de tipo lineal se identifican por el color rojo o rojo.

Play. It’s the “middle” switch between Linear and Clicky. You’ll feel a little feedback when typing, but not as loud and loud as the Switch Clicky feedback. The writing feel is also a bit smoother, but not as smooth as the Linear. Tactile switches are usually brown in color.

Click. As the name suggests, the switch makes a loud noise when pressed. It’s also quite hard compared to other switches, but can still be pressed comfortably. People choose this type of switch because they want a keyboard with keys that give them a feel when they type. Normally Switch Clicky uses blue color.

There are different brands of switches on the market. Some well-known brands are Gateron, Cherry Switch MX, and Kalih.

With non-mechanical keyboards, you usually can’t define your own switch. Before buying a mechanical keyboard, you can know in advance which Switch you like the most.

Interestingly, some mechanical keyboards allow you to change the switch type yourself! So if you feel like you’re not tuning into one type of switch, there’s no need to switch keyboards. Just buy a different kind of Switch!

2. Very easy to “decorate”

Mechanical keyboards are very easy to “decorate”. In a sense, you can easily replace the mechanical parts of the keyboard yourself.

Many companies sell keys with very nice and cool designs. So you can change the key whenever you get bored.

Reasons Why Mechanical Keyboards Are Important For Gamers

3. Relatively longer lifespan than flat panel keyboards

Most mechanical keyboards have gone through a testing phase with up to 30 to 70 million finger touches.

The reason it lasts so long is that each key is made up of multiple layers of components that make it more robust and give it an edge over flat-panel keyboards that have an average lifespan of up to 5 million keystrokes.

4. Easier maintenance

Of course, those of you who use mechanical keyboards already know their benefits. Since the components are detachable, you can easily clean each mechanical key on the keyboard.

5. Make a constant tapping sound in your ear

Although this point is totally subjective, it should also be included in the list of benefits. Comparison between a flat panel keyboard and a mechanical keyboard in terms of feedback, the advantages of a mechanical keyboard are the sound produced and the rebound of the key springs.

It’s the noise and bounce of the springs that set it apart in the eyes of vintage geeks.

6. More weight, so it is more stable and not easy to move.

“Seeds, seeds and weights” is the old adage for knowing if something lives up to expectations or not.

From a weight perspective, mechanical keyboards offer stability in use because they are heavier than flat panel keyboards, so you are no longer bothered by the keyboard slipping when you touch it with your hand.

7. Can be modified with LEDs or repainted

This point is very important for PC modders who like to change the physical appearance of computer components. Because the mechanical keyboard structure has detachable keys, you can use them for modification needs.

Repaint each key the same color as the CPU casing or install multi-color LED lights under each key—anything you can do on a mechanical keyboard. So, are you ready to try the benefits of mechanical keyboard?

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