Ways to Promote Products to Increase Business Income

10 Ways to Promote Products to Increase Business Income

For those of you who are mobilizing their own business, you must have thought of this kind of question, especially those of you who are just starting an independent business.

Every fitting must imagine a step so that product sales increase so that the profits obtained are even greater. Actually, there are many ways to promote. The approach of each business model in promoting is really varied.

There are those who are more satisfied with using the pick-up method (directly to potential customers), but there are those who choose to use social media. Everything depends on the needs of each.

10 Ways to Promote Products to Increase Business Income

Ways to Promote Products to Increase Business Income

Well, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a product promotion step, you don’t have to be confused. This time, BukuWarung can examine the promotion steps that are interesting, but easy to implement. Come on, review together!

1. Do promotions online

The most effective way of product promotion is to do online promotion. Why is online promotion considered efficient?

Online media provides so many different platforms that you can do promotions without spending a lot of time. Moreover, currently there are several free online platforms that can be used for promotion, such as social sites.

On social sites, you can create a variety of interesting content to grab the attention of potential buyers. This can include involving followers, for example by inviting them to repost content about new products. In exchange, they can get a discount. If you look closely, it seems that only followers are profitable. However, in fact vendors can also get free promotions from this step.

2. Make a different plan

In addition to increasing sales, promotion is also a place to compete with competitors. The winner is definitely the party that can attract the most customers. However, how to attract customers to excel from competitors?

When doing promotions, make different plans. It’s a good idea to avoid product promotion steps that seem to force potential customers to buy. Get potential customers involved so they are interested in buying.

A simple example is by holding special discount promos for certain names. Can include for people born on a certain date. This method of product promotion not only attracts the attention of potential consumers, but also makes them close to your brand.”

3. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers or public figures is a product promotion step that has been implemented by many companies.

Even so, promotions involving popular people have actually proven to be able to bring in large sales. Because, influencers must have a lot of followers. Some of them must have potential customers who are interested in your sales.”

It’s just that you have to study the budgets of the influencers. Not infrequently, they make high-paying decisions to promote goods. especially unless they actually have a lot of followers and actually already have high flying hours.

4. Participate in various events

For those of you who are new to business mobilization, there is no harm in doing the pick-up method, aka visiting potential customers directly. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to visit their place of residence one by one, but together with participating in events such as bazaars or exhibitions.

By participating in the event, you can meet face-to-face with potential customers. This is an effective way to introduce your merchandise so that potential customers can try it right away.

To get optimal results, choose an event that matches your product. Say you sell local specialties, then you can take part in an event from the Ministry of Tourism.

Ways to Promote Products to Increase Business Income

5. Do a giveaway

Everyone will be satisfied unless they get a gift, as well as potential buyers. Well, you can use this as a product promotion trick.

An example of product promotion through a giveaway is by holding a quiz. Later, the quiz winner can get a giveaway.

Prizes must be of a product nature or may be included along with adding a voucher. So, later they can make a purchase transaction.

6. Pioneer of the charity movement

Consumers can tend to be attracted to businesses that provide benefits to society or the environment. Because, this means that business owners are not just luck-oriented and care about their surroundings.

You can try product promotion steps together by holding a charity movement. For example, stating that a certain percentage of the profits can be donated to certain foundations.

This can include creating new products that invite customers to donate.

7. Give a discount

In addition to prizes or giveaways, customers are also really satisfied with discounts. This is the reason why discounts are forever a promotional trick that can attract many potential buyers.

In order not to turn into a loss, the discount should be given at special times only. Can fit the brand repeatedly. or approaching big days such as Eid and Christmas.

With the right calculations, discounts can bring in more buyers, bro!

8. Offer tester or product sample

Have you ever had a potential customer who was initially interested in your merchandise, but suddenly didn’t make a purchase? It could be that this is because they don’t really know your product. If so, what kind of promotion must be done?

So that customers really know what you are selling, try providing a tester. This method can be tried when you participate in events such as bazaars or exhibitions.

For new products, you can insert a product sample in every purchase made by a customer.

9. Give reward points

This product promotion method is suitable to be applied when you want to maintain customer loyalty. In the point rewards program, customers who make frequent purchases are entitled to certain benefits. For example, get a free product or get a discount.

Let’s say you have a boba ice business today. For each purchase, customers can get one stamp. If they manage to collect 10 stamps, they are entitled to one cup of boba ice for free.

10. Offer bundling products

Bundling promos can also be an effective product promotion step. Bundling is offering several products at once in one package. It’s just that, the price given is less expensive so that the customer will profit.

In order for the bundling promo to bring in many buyers, don’t forget to create content on social sites along with interesting product promotion words. For example, “€Buy one get one bundling promo, ONLY VALID TODAY.”€ The addition of the word “€only valid today”€ can cause customers to quickly make purchases so they don’t run out of items.

From the product promotion steps described above, which ones have you applied? In doing promotions, the key is creativity. The more creative the promotional content that you make, the more interested you will be, including potential customers, to make a purchase.

In addition to imagining promotional tricks, don’t forget to include imagining business finances. It’s good, business financial bookkeeping is carried out in an orderly manner. So, you can easily monitor the financial situation of your business at any time.

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