Optimize Your Business on Instagram

5 Tips to Optimize Your Business on Instagram

Tips to Optimize Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications among young people. The social media platform has so many creative features that can be used for business. Starting from feeds, stories, live, to IGTV. These features can make it easier for users to reach the audience.

Want to take advantage of Instagram’s features for business? A light feature that you can take advantage of is hashtags or hashtags. You can take advantage of custom hashtags that match your business.

Avoid using hashtags in large quantities. Instagram provides Insights for every business profile on Instagram. The presence of this feature can help businesses understand the characteristics of their audience better. Through Insights, they can choose the right time to post content and also how much content to post in one day.

There is an Algorithm Help. This platform provides an algorithm to help you upload 10 content together at the same time. With this feature, you can’t be distracted. The Instagram algorithm can show your uploads gradually to followers. Don’t forget to state your character. Be a partner to consumers and build interactions. Use original features such as feeds, stories, live, to IG TV.

In order to be able to reach more consumers, you can place an ad at a cost of IDR 20,000.

Want to sell on Instagram, pay attention to these 5 tips

Optimize Your Business on Instagram

Lately, social media are often looked at as selling facilities. One of them is Instagram.

On this platform, sellers can “€œ display”€ their wares and promote them to netizens. In order to be able to attract attention and attract consumers, sellers often add promos and free goods (give away) to citizens. In fact, it is not uncommon for traders to use the services of influencers to endorse their wares.

In addition to having an attractive appearance, this platform also has a very attractive market potential. There are at least one billion users who access Instagram every month. If you are interested in “selling” on this tool, at least we can apply the five tips below.

The following are five tips that can make your business attractive to Instagram users, quoted from written information received by Dream, Friday, November 2, 2018.

1. Highlight the Main Character of the Business

An Instagram profile is an online storefront for businesses. Therefore, highlight the main nature of the business to facilitate your business together with other businesses.

You can create an attractive business name, complete biodata, and also display feeds along with photos and videos that have character and have high quality.

This display can attract the attention of consumers. Use a few captions to tell the story of the brand and product

2. Vertical Format

The vertical format is a new format that can quickly grab the attention of customers through its content that fills the entire screen.

This platform provides more than one feature that serves vertical format content, such as Stories and Live. You can grab your customers’ attention when you showcase creative content on Instagram Stories and Live.

For your information, Indonesia is a country with the largest quantity of Instagram Stories creators in the world.

Globally, 52 percent of Instagram users claim to be more interested in a brand or business after watching their content on Instagram Stories

3. Build Interaction with Your Followers

Don’t forget to establish two-way communication with followers through the poll feature and actively answer questions. You can hold contests to help spread the brand’s hashtags to members of a wider community.

You can also take advantage of interactive features, such as poll stickers and ask me a question. The more actively you interact with your followers, the longer they will be able to actively add feedback to you and spend more time watching uploaded content.

4. Pay Attention to Hashtags

There are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users globally. More than 200 million accounts of which visit a business profile every day.

Interestingly, two in three visits to business profiles come from nonfollowers. Using the right hashtags is important for a business to reach a wider audience and potential customers.

For example, Kaloka Pottery, an SME business from Yogyakarta, was able to reach the Middle East market through hashtags.

The two main benefits of using hashtags, namely finding potential customers and product ideas or collaborating with other creators, and also getting potential customers to get your business.

The strategy for using hashtags includes being able to match the needs of each business. You can create a custom hashtag (hashtag) that is unique to the nature of your business or take advantage of a pre-existing relevant hashtag. Generally, three to five hashtags in one post are efficient enough.

5. Promote the Best Content

This platform provides more than one ad format for feeds and stories. This promote feature allows your business to reach a wider audience. For example, promote feeds and carousel ads.

In order to attract attention, you can create the same display of ad content along with the display of user stories. The goal is that they don’t become strangers with your ad. (ism)

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