Online Presentation Applications You Can Try

10 Online Presentation Applications You Can Try!

In the digital age, there are no more stories about missing work data. Why? Because now, many tasks have gone online.

This means that you can open your assignment or work from anywhere as long as the following tasks can be done online. One of them is making presentations.

10 Online Presentation Applications You Can Try!

Online Presentation Applications You Can Try

No more stories available. You made your presentation offline. Because now, there are many tools or applications that allow you to make presentations online, what are these applications? Check out the following list to find out the answer.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular design tools. This service includes a feature to create presentation designs online. Interestingly, you can open hundreds of online presentation slide templates available in Canva.

To make it easier to use templates, Canva includes categorizing the types of slides used. There are visual charts presentation, creative presentation, business presentation, and many more.

You can choose the following slides according to your needs. You don’t have to be confused about including with the designs offered because there are many interesting slide designs in Canva. You just edit together easily. Feel free to use Canva Presentation along with accessing it here or download it here.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that is well known as a presentation maker application. In addition to being available offline, this service is also available online. Interestingly, the online Microsoft PowerPoint tool is available for free.

The features offered by Microsoft PowerPoint are not much different from the paid offline version. There are many options or menu options that you may already be familiar with, Microsoft PowerPoint users. To use this facility, please access the site here. You can also download the Android application here.

3. Google Slides

If you want to create an online presentation that is accessible and easy to use, then you can opt for Google Slides. This service provides editing slides online easily and quickly. You also don’t have to bother because to use this tool, you only have to sign in using a Google account.

The downside of Google Slides is that it’s a simple and limited presentation theme or template. It’s just that, interestingly, you can upload your own theme. You can also upload Microsoft PowerPoint slides and use them in Google Slides. Please click here to use the Google Slides tool or download the Android application here.

4. Zoho Show

Another online presentation service is Zoho Show. This service is an easily accessible presentation tool. Its use is easy. The service is similar to Google, which is one account for various accesses such as a word processor, spreadsheet tool, or online calendar.

However, Zoho Show has better features and interface except compared to Google Slides. Its features are rich, especially features available for real-time chat. Zoho Show included allows you to easily publish edits to your presentation together.

Zoho Show is available on multiple platforms. You can open here unless you are using a Desktop PC or laptop. To use this app, you can download the app here for Android and here for iOS.

5. Swipe

Swipe is another online presentation tool that you can use. This service is already used by 750 thousand people in the world. This service allows you to easily create shared presentations. You can also create presentation results to convert to PDF form.

It’s just that this facility is a paid tool. You can use this tool for free, but it is limited to 5 presentation themes (templates). Interested in using Swipe? Please access the site here.

6. Prezi

Another application or presentation tool that you can try is Prezi. This service allows you to easily edit shared online presentations. However, this facility is cloud-based, so your edited presentation must be watched online.

What’s interesting about this tool is that the slide transfer feature from one to another looks attractive and elegant. These slide transitions are like zoom-in and zoom-out animations. With this feature, you can create eye-catching online presentations. Interested? Please try Prezi together by visiting the site here.

7. Emaze

Emaze is an online presentation provider website that is quite interesting. Interesting, because this tool offers presentation techniques along with video and 3D effects. In addition, this tool allows you to add sound, image, or video to the slide portion of the presentation. You can also add infographics or special effects.

In addition to making presentations, Emaze can also be used to design e-cards, website or blog designs, and photo albums. It’s just that to use the full facility, you must pay monthly.

Emaze includes providing a free option. For free tools, you can only create a limited number of presentation design projects. Interested in trying Emaze? Please visit the site here or download the application here.

8. Visme

Visme is an application that allows you to create online presentations along with attractive looks. Apart from that, this included application allows you to create infographics, documents, website graphics, graphics for social place purposes and much more.

Visme has lots of interesting features and tons of graphic assets. You can also add video or audio into Visme. In addition, the Visme interface is quite easy to use. You should have no problem unlocking the various features that Visme has to offer.

You can use Visme for free or paid. If it’s free, the available features are limited. Interested in wearing Visme? If interested, please visit Visme here.

9. Presentation Design from Desygner is a website that allows you to create a variety of graphic content, including presentations. This site provides online presentation creation along with professional design forms.

Those of you who are completely clueless can easily create presentation content with this tool. You can use it for various purposes such as for the purposes of sales proposals, or business reports.

You can use the features available in this tool such as changing the font, color, size, editing images, text, and more. In addition, you also don’t have to worry about the graphic assets available on because the graphic content available is quite a lot and is royalty-free.

You use this tool by going to the website. You can also access it on a mobile device by downloading the application first. Please download the presentation design application from Desygner here.

10. RawShorts

RawShorts is an online presentation app focused on creating explainer videos. With RawShorts, you create great presentations. The reason is, this facility has a feature to convert text into animated videos.

RawShorts is suitable for use by you as video marketing. Those of you who work in large companies and need video presentations, can use RawShorts. Interested? Feel free to use RawShorts in conjunction with visiting the site here.

Thus the list of applications or tools for making online presentations. Hopefully this information helps those of you who are still confused about making presentations online.

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