Here’s Top 23 Online PC Games You Should Play in 2022

Top 23 Online PC Games You Should Play in 2022

In general, the appeal of single player games lies in the story and the ability to play without an internet connection. However, you won’t get much content or new challenges after completing it.

Therein lies the appeal of online gaming. Play with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of players from around the world to ensure you continue to experience new thrills and challenges with every game session.

Online PC Games You Should Play

1. GTA online

Almost every gamer in this world must have played Grand Theft Auto. This game is very fun, it allows us to do everything. Like hanging out, doing business, committing crimes, all at the same time (don’t do that in the real world, that’s fine!).

Rockstar has also brought excitement to the virtual world with GTA Online. This game is based on GTA V, which was released a few years ago.

In GTA Online you explore the city of San Andreas. This is where you meet other players. There are many things you can do, like play golf together. In fact, they plan to rob the bank together (again, don’t copy it in the real world, that’s fine).

The thrill of GTA Online has made it to the list of the best online PC games of 2022.

2. Ayodance Auditions

This game exists in Indonesia for a long time. Audition Ayodance has been present in Indonesia since 2004. Interestingly, there are still many players playing this virtual dance game.

The Audition Ayodance game will be difficult at first. You will be prompted to press the directional button on the screen according to the rhythm of the song. The more accurate, the higher score you can get. Matching these beats makes it challenging and addictive.

Also, there are several other game modes that make playing Audition Ayodance fun like; B. Duets with other players in reverse mode. Audition Aidance song library is also very interesting to play.


Did you know that Minecraft can be played online? This game itself is still a very popular survival game to this day.

You get a game with iconic checkered graphics that are very popular today. There are many things you can do in Minecraft, from mining to building and exploring a very (very!) huge world.

You should also build buildings before dark so you don’t get attacked by monsters.

Minecraft itself is all about creativity. You can build the coolest house possible, even a kingdom full of people!

4th edge 3rd

Borderland franchise was famous for several years until Borderlands 3 was released. This game is very addictive due to the engaging storyline and cartoon graphics.

In Borderlands 3 you can play with three other people (four players total). They will work together to destroy and defeat the enemy. In fact, sometimes there are different enemies that are more fun to fight if we work together.

While grinding, you can get weapons with unique, even funny names. Not only that, rare weapons have extraordinary powers. So he keeps chasing enemies to get cool weapons huh!

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

This game is possibly the best shooting game that you can play on PC right now. When played alone (alone), it has a very exciting story. Of course, it is more fun to play with other players on the Internet.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War you will find many game modes. There are also so many playing cards to choose from. It is guaranteed that you will not be bored while playing.

If you keep beating other players in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you will get some interesting weapons. Later you can use these weapons to defeat your opponents.

6. Destiny 2

If you are looking for the best online shooting game for PC, you can choose Destiny 2. The graphics quality is good, the story is also interesting to follow.

Destiny 2 itself has been released since 2017. Interestingly, this online PC game is now free to play.

There are two modes you can try. The two modes are Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP).

In PvP mode, you and your friends can fight against other teams. It can be two against two, three against three, even six against six.

In PvE mode, you will complete the available stories and quests. You meet other players and you can work together to complete the game.

You must play alone to experience the gripping story of Destiny 2!

7. The world of monster hunters

Monster Hunter World is not only available on consoles but also on PC! It is a pity that you do not include this game in the list of the best online PC games.

In this game you have to hunt monsters from all over the world. The monsters you face are mostly big. Sophisticated strategy is needed to defeat these enemies.

If you are having trouble removing existing monsters, you can ask other players online for help. Later, you can find a way to defeat the monsters together. Good hunting!

8. Among Us

Who does not know Among Us? Yes, it is a highly discussed game during the pandemic. Of course, Among Us really deserves to be included in the list of the best PC games online.

The graphics of Among Us itself are very simple. However, the gameplay is very fun. You can play with 9 other people at the same time.

You will act as the crew of a spaceship. Later there will be someone who behaves like a scammer.

Well, your job is to find out who the scammer is. If you guess right before the game time is up, you win. On the other hand, if you are a cheater and manage to kill all the other crew members, you will be the winner of the game.

9. Rising Force Online Remastered

One of the best online PC games has been “shut down” by a publisher in Indonesia, namely Lyto. I don’t know what caused Lyto to disable Rising Force Online or commonly known as RF Online Gameserver. However, the game was eventually re-released in 2020 as RF Online Remastered.

Those who play online games frequently must be familiar with RF Online. This game invites you to play as one of the nations namely Accretia Empire, Bellato Union and Holy Alliance Cora.

All three nations have their own specialties. Accretia with throwing weapons, Bellato with robotic armor and Cora with her Animus. Still, you don’t necessarily have to choose a job, as there are many more jobs in each nation that can work hand in hand during war.

What makes this game fun? Every day you are invited to fight to destroy the opponent’s tower. The exciting thing is that there are only three odd nations. Maybe your nation is being attacked by two nations at the same time. If you win the war, there are resources that you can mine for several hours. Resources are needed to strengthen your nation.

10. Valorant

CS:Go has dominated the world of online gaming for the last few years. There have been several other game titles that have tried to make fun of CS:Go, though they haven’t been very successful.

Well, in 2020 there is a shooting game that could beat CS:Go. The best online PC game is Valorant.

Valorant invites you to compete five against five. Fights in 13 rounds, the team with the most wins wins the fight.

Unlike CS:Go, the five characters that are played as a team have their own abilities. For example, some are protectors, others attackers, etc.

Valorant itself was developed by Riot Games, famous for the game League of Legends.

11. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

If you spent a lot of time in Internet cafes in the early 2000s, you probably know this game: Counter Strike was released in 1999 and was a huge hit not only among casual gamers but also in esports.

The new Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) series offers enhanced graphics and exciting gameplay. This FPS game still features team play between terrorists and counter-terrorists and Battle Royale Danger Zone mode. Now you can play all modes for free.

Online PC Games You Should Play

12. Legend of the Peaks/Apex Legend

Amidst the growing popularity of battle royale games, Respawn and EA released Apex Legends. This team-based Battle Royale game is touted as the best out there today. The reason is that this game is equipped with excellent graphic quality, extensive battle maps, exciting gameplay and unique communication system and you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy it.

During the game, you can choose one of nine characters, which are called legends in the game. Each of the legends has their own special skills and abilities, which makes the game experience even more exciting.

13.Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite started out as a PUBG knockoff and quickly grew into a very unique Battle Royale game. Not only are you trying to find and shoot enemies, you are also challenged to build buildings, create cover, and create a more strategic angle to aim your weapon during combat.

This game created by Epic Games is free. In fact, each available microtransaction does not increase your chances of winning, but only to dress up your created character in a way that is unique among other players.

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14. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Released in 2017, PUBG is considered the pioneer of the battle royale genre. Inspired by the Japanese Battle Royale movie, this game from Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene plunges 100 players into a desert island. He grabs all the weapons you can find and get ready for battle.

Over time, the combat area will shrink, increasing the chances of running into the remaining players. The game round continues until only one player or team survives.

15. Rainbow Six Siege

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Rainbow Six Siege features team-based gameplay similar to CS:GO. However, this FPS game offers a more modern weapon selection and feel, as well as a gameplay style that emphasizes team coordination, gadget usage, and gameplay accuracy.

In Rainbow Six Siege you can not only shoot enemies, but also destroy walls, floors and the environment around you. This skill adds an element of strategy and of course fun to play and includes the best strategy game.


Apart from Battle Royale and team shooter games, another popular online game for PC is MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In this genre, Dota 2 can be called king. Dota 2 started as a mod on the Warcraft 3 game and has grown to become the most popular MOBA on Steam and esports events.

In addition to being free to download and play, Dota 2 has managed to attract players thanks to the dozens of characters available. Each is endowed with unique skills and abilities.

17. League of Legends

Often referred to as LoL, this game is not far behind Dota 2 in terms of popularity. This MOBA game also has its own esports event. However, LoL offers simpler game mechanics. However, that doesn’t mean this game is easy to master.

It is still necessary to master the abilities of the characters and their roles in the team, show good team coordination, and know each stage of the game well. Developer Riot Games also offers a large number of characters and combat maps.

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18. Heroes of the Storm

Finally, after one of their games became the inspiration for the creation of Dota 2, Blizzard Entertainment released their own MOBA game. Heroes of the Storm features familiar characters from the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series. Yes, Blizzard combines characters from all of its flagship games in this MOBA game.

Like other MOBA games, Heroes of the Storm emphasizes teamwork and players’ ability to utilize each character’s abilities. However, in this game, the success and failure of a character affects the rank or level of the team.

19. Dead by Daylight

If you like survival horror games, you should try Dead By Daylight. This cooperative horror game is played by five people, four of whom are survivors and the rest are killers.

Those playing as survivors must work together to find an escape route while avoiding the killer’s pursuit. Meanwhile, in the role of the assassin, the player must foil the plans of the other four players by hunting and killing them.

20. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is not a card game for everyone. This game, set in the world of Warcraft created by Blizzard Entertainment, requires players to be able to organize maps based on their character and abilities, as well as strategies to defeat enemies.

Despite being a card game, Hearthstone is designed with good graphics. Each character on the map is drawn with a rich sense of fantasy, and every movement on the map is rendered in no less interesting three-dimensional animation.

21. Rocket League

Do you like football and racing? If yes, then this best online game for PC is for you! The game is Rocket League!

In this game you form a team with one or two other people from the virtual world. You can also play with friends on the same PC in split screen mode. Make sure your screen is big enough!

Well, if you use a car, you will play soccer! Your task is simple, hit the ball into the other team’s goal with the used car. Interestingly, you can change the appearance of the car to be cooler than the opponent’s car.

This game is considered one of the most addictive games in the world today.

22. Overwatch

Developed by Blizzard, this game is still considered to be the best online FPS game today. With colorful graphics and immersive gameplay, Overwatch deserves to be on this list.

Overwatch itself is like a combination of FPS and MOBA games. You will find games with super fast stages like FPS games and MOBA “Feel” games where the characters have their own abilities. In short, the character you choose can dictate what strategy you must execute to win the game.

In a 5v5 game, your goal is to kill or defeat all enemies. You have to go hand in hand with other characters, use all the skills of each character and organize the best strategy to win this super fun game.

23. World of Tanks

You are very fond of tanks, a very powerful armored combat tool. You aspire to drive a tank and use it to fight other tanks. Then this game is for you!

This online PC game allows you to drive a tank and fight with other tanks. Also, you can find tanks that actually exist in the real world. You can select tanks by country, for example, Germany is considered strong.

World of Tanks itself is free to play on PC. It’s just that you need money to feed yourself. For those of you reluctant to spend a dime, World of Tanks is guaranteed to remain fun to play.

Which of the above 18 online PC games have you tried and which one is your favourite?

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