7 Online Language Dictionaries Other Than Google Translate

Recommended online foreign language dictionary

Most people use Google Translate when they want to translate a term from a foreign language to Indonesian. There are many online language dictionaries on the Internet that can be used word by word and sentence.

So to avoid getting stuck with Google Translate, it’s a good idea to try some of these online translation services. anything? Here are seven online language dictionaries to try along with Google Translate.

Online Language Dictionaries Other Than Google Translate

1. Dictionary-U

The first online language dictionary you can try is U-Dictionary. This dictionary specifically translates English into other languages. Therefore, it can be said that it is a reliable online English dictionary.

Not just word for word that can be translated by U-Dictionary. This dictionary can also be used to translate sentences.

Although complete, you can also translate from the chat, which is not possible with Google Translate.

2. Merriam Webster

Merriam-webster is a comprehensive online English dictionary. In fact, the dictionary was in print for 150 years and was developed by language activists in the United States.

Therefore, you no longer have to hesitate to use the online version.

In addition to translation, the Merriam-Webster Online English Dictionary also offers a thesaurus service. This service is very useful to expand your vocabulary in English. So this dictionary doesn’t just translate.

3. Sederet.com

The next recommended online language dictionary is Sederet.com. This website offers translations from English to Indonesian or vice versa.

This dictionary has quite an extensive vocabulary, so you can also translate one sentence at a time.

Sederet.com also has several other services that you can use, e.g. B. Listen, Grammar to give examples of language on the main page. So with this online dictionary, you can also deepen your knowledge of English.

4. Cambridge Dictionary

The next recommended online language dictionary is the Cambridge Dictionary. This online dictionary was developed by the University of Cambridge in England.

Since it is developed by the university, it can only translate words or phrases from English to Indonesian.

Like most other online English dictionaries, the Cambridge Dictionary offers grammar and thesaurus checking services. With this online dictionary you can learn and expand your vocabulary.

5. Oxford Student Dictionary

Next on the list of online dictionaries worth trying is Oxford Learning Dictionaries. If you feel comfortable with this dictionary, it means that you learned from the book version.

Oxford’s online learning dictionaries are very helpful in looking up English words or terms. Therefore, this website does not provide translation service from English to Indonesian. However, you can expand both your vocabulary and your English skills.

6. iTranslation

Next comes iTranslate, which allows you to translate different languages ​​into Indonesian and vice versa. At first glance it looks a bit like Google Translate. However, iTranslate doesn’t seem as easy as Google Dictionary.

This online language dictionary was developed in Austria and has a vocabulary of more than eighty thousand foreign languages. You can also use this dictionary with language support. So, not only because of written words that can be translated.

7. Traduccion.com

The most recent online language dictionary is Translate.com. This website offers the best translation service. In fact, you can enjoy three useful features, namely translation by text, sound and image.

Actually, this feature is not new as Google Translate also offers the same service. However, it never hurts to try something new. Therefore, Translate.com is included in this list of recommendations.

All of the above online language dictionaries are free. You just have to do a Google search and visit these sites. So which online dictionary should you try? (Witanto Prasetyo)

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