Online Business Tips That Are Misleading And Can Damage Your Business

18 Online Business Tips That Are Misleading And Can Damage Your Business

When we are in the middle and able to wrestle with the online business world, we look for some online business tips and how to market on the internet. Especially the online business actors for the beginner section.

*Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information” given by people who claim to be “internet marketing experts. If you follow this advice, you could end up losing a lot of time and money.*

Today I want to talk about 18 advice about internet marketing that is very, very misleading. Some come from this advice because of wrong information, while other advice is a lie that is deliberately created so that you are interested in buying their internet marketing products when starting an online business.

18 Online Business Tips That Are Misleading And Can Damage Your Business

Please read each piece of advice to learn what advice might be causing your online business to fail…

Online Business Tips That Are Misleading And Can Damage Your Business

-#1 – Just do what you love and the money will flow naturally

There’s nothing wrong with this advice, but it’s not entirely true. This vague advice is spoken by many internet marketing motivators, including in internet marketing books.

Following your interests or hobbies is something that excites us. We all want to start a business that matches our interests and hobbies. Unfortunately there are some hobbies that are completely unprofitable.

Example: What if your hobbies are drinking beer and watching porn? Of course this is not suitable to be used as an online business. It might make a lot of money, but you can quickly get into trouble with the law.

Your interests and hobbies include having to go through a research process before you decide to develop them into an online business. You also need to see:

· How can you make money from your next interest? · How many people are looking for info about your interests? · How can you reach shared visitors with further interests? · What makes YOU different from other people’s interests?

It doesn’t matter if you make your business match your interests and hobbies. But you have to make sure that your interest can be turned into a profitable online business.

-2 – Think about success and you can achieve success

Positive thinking is really important. So you have the stimulant to achieve the goal. Unfortunately many people take over the hard work along with just daydreaming.

You can’t sit around and then hope it will work out on its own. You must take action !*

Don’t let stimulant books influence how you act. If you want something in your life, go out and do something!. Money can’t come if you just think and think.

-#3 – Online Business is a fun endeavor, you can earn a lot of money while relaxing and being lazy.

This is the advice that is most often written on web sites that sell online business advice services. Mbah never heard of someone having success even though they are lazy. Real work results require real action too.

Don’t let other people say otherwise.

Also do not be confused with the term passive income (passive income). It takes hard work for all business models, both online and offline.

Many people (including myself) are working hard to increase their passive income. People managed not to sit back on the beach and work only a few hours a week.

-#4 – Anyone can do this!

Decoo see this post is included on a web site that sells online business advice. Web site owners usually tout that the only skill you need to start an online business is the ability to turn on a computer.

But the truth is really bitter, not everyone is suitable to do business with an online business model. In fact, you need some qualifications and abilities to be successful. Like:

· Ability to learn new things · Strong passion and work ability · At least 10 hours free time (every week) · Adequate writing (and communication) skills

Unfortunately not everyone has these criteria. Yes, it’s true, you don’t have to have a computer science background. But you have to be willing to learn important and new things.

-#5 – You don’t have to create a paid website

this is the most terrible advice from Online Business gurus.

Many people today are aware of the importance of a website. However, I still see some ‘online business’ advice websites suggesting using a free web site (such as for hosting.

* If you really want to do business online, then don’t I have no reason to use a free web site.*

Actually, you don’t really need a lot of money to start an online business. For example, here’s the minimum it costs you to start creating a website:

· 100 thousand to Rp. 150ribu to register a domain · 50ribu s.d Rp. 100k monthly for Web Hosting $20 monthly for Email Marketing subscription

This is the initial equipment you need to build a website on the Internet. To be honest, if you add up the total cost and divide it over a year, then you actually only spend Rp. 10 thousand per day. Cheap isn’t it?!

-#6 – Making money online along with teaching others how to make money online

I see this phenomenon all the time. Many beginners in online business think the fastest way to make money online is by teaching others to do the same.

This is the same as the principles of multilevel marketing (MLM). You make people buy products about building a business on the internet. Then these people can “trap” others to buy this product as well. This is a vicious circle where you never learn how to build a real business.

There are thousands of profitable topics online. Nothing is related to the niche how to make money online.

Example: More than 90% of your income comes from selling product information about relationships, illness.

So I made a lot of money from teaching people how to run an internet business. Instead, you come across profitable topics that the majority of Internet marketers ignore.

You just have to put in a little bit of hard work to do some research on what topics can make you money.

-#7 – Selling products how to get rich quick and double money

This is the worst online venture that until recently was found on the Internet.

This website promises you an Info product that contains ways to get rich quick and make a lot of money in an instant. In fact, what you get is only useless junk info that you can actually find for free on other websites.

In the end you can’t make money, because this information is just nonsense that many people know. Finally, you join in peddling this trash info to innocent people by offering even cheaper prices.

If you come across a web site like this, try to think realistically in your heart:

“If their information can really make a lot of money, why would they be willing to sell it to other people, even for a cheap price? Why don’t they keep it for themselves? ”

Junk information products like this usually target innocent people who use the greedy nature of humans who want to get rich quick.

-” #8 – Start together with your friends and family…

This is a risky technique for offline businesses that is then commonly used including some online businesses.

*The idea is simple:* You approach friends and family and then offer your product.

They then buy your product (usually out of pity), then you use their contacts (usually including you get because they pity); connect you to more potential customers. Repeat consistently until you become a billionaire.

Want to know the fastest way to destroy a relationship? Start expecting them to buy your valuable “€œbullshit”€ product. Rest assured, some people may buy out of embarrassment or pity for you. But in their hearts they can hate you.

A product offering that has quality must match the existing needs. *Customers need to pay a visit to you because they really really need your product to solve their case.*  *Internet businesses don’t force people to buy something they don’t need* . On the other hand, your online business should contain attractive offers. that naturally attracts people to buy your product.That’s the perfect way to do business online!

Online Business Tips That Are Misleading And Can Damage Your Business

-#9 – If you create a website, visitors can visit automatically

You can’t build a website and expect people to magically find it.

You have to work hard to bring visitors to your website. This means you have to come up with a concept of how to attract visitors to your website “€“ and you have to work on this concept every day.

Directing visitors to your internet business website is an ongoing process. You should always think about how to promote your site because your competitors are doing this too

-#10 – Use only one traffic source

The technique of the online world is always evolving. What works today may not work tomorrow. This includes the case for visitor traffic matters.

Example: In th. 2006, cause an article marketing is a promotional tactic. At that time, you can write articles that are not completely complete, post on, and then get good rankings if you use quality keywords.

Nowadays, cause article marketing has become obsolete. This article did not rank well on Google.

you mean? Don’t just focus on one method to get visitor traffic to your website. Look for different ways to promote your site. In the end this can help your website and topic to be at the top of the list.

-#11 – Building a related business together with Google

Apply in your heart and mind:

“Google is what google wants to do”

We actually use a lot of services and products from Google for various things. That doesn’t mean you have to be 100% dependent on the service.

Google can always do what it thinks is best for their business. They don’t care if a new change can actually cause damage to your online business.

So pay attention so that you don’t depend on:

· Google Adsense · Google Adwords · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) · Youtube

They can (and will) close your account without further explanation. Use their services and products to grow your business. But don’t just keep all your sources of income in the hands of Google.

-#12 – You don’t have to build an email list

Email marketing is the best way to build a long term business. I get annoyed every time some internet marketing gurus underestimate the importance of building an e-mail list of subscribers.

Of course there are many ways to build a business without email marketing. But you can lose a lot of money if you don’t use this technique. No matter the reason, always attach e-mail list building to your online business model.

Example: Once you have a new product, you send an e-mail to your e-mail list to promote the new product. It only takes 20 minutes to write and you can reach customers from this e-mail list.

If you don’t have an email list, then it can be really difficult to promote your new product.

Building an e mail customer list for marketing is a valued member of any online venture. So don’t let people influence you and say it’s not important.

-#13 – Email your subscribers every day

I met several online business gurus who advise sending your prospects daily e-mails. In my opinion, this is the fastest way to make people angry and lose income.

Now people have become really selective with their inbox. Too many e-mails can cause people to immediately unsubscribe from newsletters from you.

Send e-mails to shared people with a clear purpose. Don’t cram them together with messages every day. *A good distance is approximately 2 to 3 messages per week. Don’t really do much if you’re just emailing promotional offers.*

-#14 – Always use “€œlimited offer”€ to increase sales

Have you ever read the post “€œDisc offer. 90% only until the date”€¦”€¦after that the price can return to normal”€¦”€ ? and it turns out that after going through the specified date the price remains the same, and the discount offer remains same too, only the date has changed J.

“€œLimited offer”€ is one of the best ways to influence people. That’s right, you can “force”€ visitors to immediately buy your product.

The problem is that this technique has been used very often with Internet marketing.

Your credibility is more important than some sales results. *The goal of an online business is to convert visitors into lifelong customers.*  That will not work if all visitors see you as someone who uses scare tactics in doing business online.

Give “€œlimited offer”€¦”€ just as a condiment. Use it when there’s a good reason to do so.

Example: You add an extra disc. for a certain date because you’re on th. the 1000 th. , or your website gets sales of up to 1 million consumers that month, so as a reward to customers, you give additional promotions and special offers.

Of course, after the specified date has passed the price returns to normal as usual.

-#15 – You don’t have to connect with other people

Online entrepreneurs do everything solo. They start their own business and work a privately comes from their home. This can develop an isolationist attitude.

Of course, creating an online business is an individual activity. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to talk to other people. Expanding your network is one of the ways to get opportunities that you don’t get within yourself.

-#16 – You don’t need product info

Product information helps you:

· Find people who can promote your “brand” · Generate additional income · Increase authority over your niche · Add value to your content

That’s why I was surprised to see that many people don’t have product info. You need product information if you are an internet marketer. Don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

-#17 – Treat your visitors like newbies”€-

Don’t underestimate the ability of your visitors. Chances are, your website is being noticed by really smart people who are aware a lot about the topic you are discussing. So don’t think of everyone as a “newbie”.

Mbah often see web sites like this. Website owners make mistakes by treating their visitors like they don’t know anything.

The end result is that they produce content that looks demeaning or untrustworthy.

Each visitor is a personal one. Some may actually be new people, some may have experience and expertise. So, do your best to mention the concepts you have. Make sure you have content that has quality and contains.

-#18 – Make it all together perfectly

A perfectionist mindset is holding you back from taking steps to achieve results. Many people end up not completing the project they became due to the fact that their product is not perfect.

*Work hard to produce the product (and content) of your website, the rest is for visitors to judge.* You don’t have to fall into the trap your product has to be 100% perfect. This mindset can keep you from progressing because you can always be imperfect.

Well, now it’s your turn!

Do you agree or disagree with what I think is misleading advice?

I’m sure you’ve been getting misleading advice about online businesses. Maybe this advice has caused you to lose time and money.

You can add a few more in the comments column what misguided advice you feel is hindering your online business.

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