7 Money Making Apps To Add Extra Income

7 Money Making Apps To Add Extra Income

Activities or activities that produce money are objects / desires / for a worker. Can not be said a little back people who desperately track money to fulfill his life.

In Indonesia, the unemployment rate is already too high. So in this modern era, it seems that we need to change, especially we as Indonesian citizens are familiar with smartphones and others.

Well, coming from a variety of jobs, do you guys know that from just carrying a smartphone, we can actually earn money. In fact, it can produce a lot if we do it. So a job like this is too suitable for those who always carry a smartphone everywhere.

7 Money Making Apps To Add Extra Income

Making money actually requires a lot of effort in doing the job. But calm down here, the admin can provide information about 7 Proven Money-Making Apps on Android.

So for those of you who only use Android smartphones just to play games, they feel like they can change their mindset right now.

7 Money Making Apps To Add Extra Income

-1. whaff rewards

The first application is /Whaff Rewards/. This money-making application will assign you to perform an order, such as downloading an application, or playing a game under certain conditions.

Earning money from each of these applications will vary depending on the results of the orders, so the most important thing is that you get ready to download applications or play as many games as possible to get lots of money.

-2. NewSaku

Next available NewSaku application. This application can pay unless you read articles or news in this application and of course you can also get bonuses according to certain missions. For those of you who like to read, you can immediately try this application.

-3. Make Money

This application developed by / Free International Call App, Ltd / is different from applications such as Whaff Rewards. The /MakeMoney/ application only gives you the task of answering the surveys that have been provided, watching a video, and many others.

-4. Tap Cash Money

Now, this application is almost the same as the first application, namely /Whaff Rewards/. As explained above, you can be assigned to download applications or games that have been served by this application.

It’s actually not that difficult, everyone can do it. If you have lots of coins, you can later exchange them via Gift Card: Paypal, Google Play Credit/money, Amazon/, or others.

-5. Cash Gift

The Cash Gift application can earn money by accumulating Points. We can do this by watching ads, installing an application, and doing the /task / that the application has served.

In addition, when redeeming this application is also relatively fast, because it can enter your PayPal account in a matter of minutes.

-6. Grab Points

For those of you who cannot download or install applications due to memory limitations, you can choose Grab Points as an alternative. This application can support you to always get points just by watching videos and filling out surveys.

Another way that you can use to earn money is by inviting friends or sharing application references with your friends to register and try certain site services.

-7. appKarma

This last application is almost the same as the Whaff Rewards application at number one above, you can later get an added bonus when freeing installed applications from /appKarma / for more than a day later.

Not only as a money-making application, you can also get /Gift Cards for free by using this application.

That’s the article from the direction of Tekno this time about 7 Money-Making Applications that are Proven to Make Money on Android. Good luck and good luck.

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