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There are currently many interesting MMORPG titles to play on mobile devices, including Laplace M. This game, created by ZlongGame (Goddess of Genesis S, Langrisser), was released on March 5, 2019, and has been played by millions of players.

At launch, the game, which adopted anime-style graphics, received no less enthusiastic applause from RPG enthusiasts. In fact, its popularity rivals Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, which was born a few months earlier.

Introducing cool features that make the game more interesting, it’s only natural that Laplace M is still very popular today. Well, for those of you who are curious,

here is the game Laplace M data you need to know!

here is the game Laplace M data you need to know!

1. Mobile MMORPG adaptation of the game version for PC

As mentioned above, Laplace M was supposed to be a contestant in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Apart from the two that carry the MMORPG genre, another reason is that these two games are port of their previous games to the PC version.

Taiwanese game developer X-Legends released an online PC game called Laplace in 2016. Three years later ZLongGame also brought it to the mobile version and it is present on Southeast Asian servers as Laplaca M or also known as Tales of Wind. .

Set in the Middle Ages, Laplace M presents an unlimited adventure experience in an open world. One of the most notable differences is that Laplace M’s gameplay uses joysticks instead of clicks.

2. Laplace M has many great features

To keep players from getting bored, developer Laplace M includes various game features such as Arena, Card Realm, Dragon’s Treasure, and Equipment Realm for you to explore.

Among these many features, one of the interesting features is the farm. Here you can experience farming and animal husbandry like in Harvest Moon or HayDay games.

In addition, Laplace M also has a mercenary recruitment system. This feature is useful for those of you who play alone to form a group. However, you cannot use this feature to play Dragon’s Treasure.

3. There are four options for the Laplace M class.

Like other MMORPGs, Laplace M features a variety of job options for you to choose from as an adventuring character. There are four types of classes in this game with the option of two advanced jobs to choose from when your basic job level maxes out.

Each class definitely has a different playstyle. With a simple design, each one has five active abilities and one passive ability that you can choose to fight with.

– Killer

This class is an assassin job with agility and the ability to quickly kill enemies. Unusually, Assassins can walk in shadows, making it hard to tell where they are. The two advanced jobs of this class are Asura and Ninja.

With a dagger as its primary weapon, this class is poised to deal some pretty high AoE damage to its opponent in a nutshell. Additionally, Assassin is also able to dodge enemy attacks and steal the victim’s HP.

– Cleric

Cleric is a support character to support team play. The main advantage of him lies in the magical power that can heal a teammate’s character during battle.

There are two other jobs in this class. Depending on your playstyle, you can deepen your character as a priest or ranger.

– Witch

Both use magic like Cleric, Mage is gifted with the ability to control elements which are used to perform ranged attacks. The durability of this class is relatively low, but Mage has a Blink ability that he can use to restore lost HP.

Mage has two elements, namely fire and ice. Later, you can continue this job as a Frostweaver or Pyromancer.

– Warrior

Warrior is a class with high attack power and strong defense. Although the movement is not as fast as Assassin’s, this plant comes with buffs that affect the increase in attacks.

Uniquely, the warrior can also regenerate HP and inflict a stun effect on the target enemy. Once the warrior level is maxed out, you have the option to continue your work as a berserker or paladin.

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4. Convert EXP to Skill Points

As your character levels up, you gain a skill point to increase stats. However, you can also get additional skill points by exchanging EXP (experience) so you don’t have to wait for the character to level up.

Note that the EXP required to get a skill point is quite large. So before you change it, you need to think carefully first. If you really want to increase your Battle Rating (BR), this method might be the right move.

5. Battle zones with different challenges.

In Laplace M you will find two combat zones with different levels of difficulty. The first area is the field, that is, the open places on the map. The monsters there are easy to defeat, depending on the strength of the played character.

Meanwhile, the dungeons offered a higher level of difficulty. For example, you can easily complete level 2 of Card Dungeon. When you enter level 3 you will have to face much stronger monsters. Therefore, you must equip yourself with the appropriate weapons and armor.

While it doesn’t have the high complexity of Ragnarok M or Ragnarok X, Laplace M is packed with a variety of features that won’t tire you out while playing. Have you tried to play it?

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