10 List Of The Best Games I Do And Not Boring


The best Hago games can be hard to find. The reason is that there are about 100 game titles that can be tested. It will be difficult to decide for yourself.

Hago app offers many games to play together. You may be a bit confused about which game to play first. While it’s all good and interesting, there’s always a selection of the best I do games to play, you know.

Because it is so interesting, you won’t get bored easily while playing the game. Come on, check out the best I do games below!

10 List Of The Best Games I Do And Not Boring

You can play no less than 100 games on the Hago app. Come check out the best do games that will get you hooked.

List Of The Best Games I Do And Not Boring

1. Brain Quiz

In this guessing game you have to compete in skill to answer the questions. The questions that are not asked are not really difficult. In fact, there are a number of “cheesy” questions that can make you laugh.

You don’t have to answer correctly, you know. It also requires speed to choose an answer. Because this speed is also an evaluation element to determine the winner.

Well, this question must be interpreted by two people. So you need to invite a friend to play together. This is also your chance to invite more people to make friends in the app.

2. Tempé Tofu

No less interesting is the game Tofu Tempe Hago. Tofu Tempe is also a simple game that doesn’t get boring quickly. However, you also need skill and precision in order to win the game.

Later, a row of tofu will come down from the top of the screen. Your task is just to throw tofu and tempeh in an empty place. Tofu and tempeh line up and fall apart. Well, your job is to cut down on the tofu and tempeh piles.

3. Knife Hit

Knife Hit requires you to throw a knife at the target. However, it will not be so easy to reach them. The circle you point to will move and rotate. The movement becomes even faster.

Of course, this game also trains your aiming skill and accuracy. Try to concentrate while playing. Getting smarter takes practice and trial and error.

4. Hit and dodge

Another best game from Hago is Hit & Dodge. Because this game can be played by many people. Four people are needed to play the Hit & Dodge game. However, there will be a fifth player who will join in to annoy you.

In this game you have to dodge or time the incoming ball. Each player also gets points in the game, which you just have to keep because the player with the most points is the winner.

5. Yes or no

This is the most fun game in Hago. Yes or No is a game of the Battle Royale genre. However, you will not shoot with other players to be the winner.

Your task here is to answer the question with “Yes” or “No”. Interestingly, all you have to do is steer your character to the right or left. Only those who have answered correctly can move on to the next question.

List Of The Best Games I Do And Not Boring

6. Sheep fight

Those of you who like strategy games will definitely like Sheep Fight. This 1v1 game will use sheep as a force. All you have to do is send as many sheep as you can into the enemy zone.

There are five paths like a sheep path connecting your territory and the enemy. The player who sends the most sheep is the winner. The sheep are also diverse here, from small, medium and large.

Each sheep also has a different driving force. The power of this push is awakened when your sheep and your opponent are in the same line.

7.Statues Game

This game is similar to the game in the Squid Game series. Guards and players will march. Your job as a player is simply to race to the finish line. However, you can only leave if the guard turns around.

If you exit while the guard turns his head, you must return to the starting line. This game can be played with up to five players. So fun and stress are guaranteed.

8. Fun Links

Despite its colorful appearance, Fun Link features competitive 1v1 gameplay. You have to match the colors and shapes of the blocks to earn points. The player who clears the blocks first is the winner.

Even more difficult, many players now dominate this game. The average game can be completed in about 25 seconds. Therefore, you need to train more diligently to maximize your hands and eyes to see the screen.

9. ET.io

This game is quite unique and actually quite simple. You just have to make your character grow by eating the objects that surround it. If you are big, you can eat your opponent’s character.

But that also applies to you, you know. If your character is still small, the enemy can eat it too. So you have to dodge the big enemies that are coming.

This ET.io game is even more exciting as it can be played by up to twelve players. That’s it, the game map is also very wide.

10. Virus Breaker

Another no less exciting game is Virus Breaker or Virus Destroyer. In this game you drive a car equipped with weapons. You just have to shoot the flying viruses while dodging them so they don’t hit the car.

You will compete with other players in terms of points. The more viruses you shoot, the more points you get. The game ends when time runs out.

These are the best I do games that you can play right now. Do you already have Hago installed on your phone? Install now, because who knows if we can grow?

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