Find Out The Difference Between The PC And Mobile Versions Of League Of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends or better known by its acronym LoL is a game that was released by Riot Games in October 2009 as a PC game. With the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre and inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA) from Warcraft III, LoL has become a popular free-to-play game that has become popular in the competitive world of esports.

Riot Games is jumping on the mobile gaming trend and is also aiming for a new goal with the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift in 2020. Although it still includes 5v5 gameplay, LoL Mobile certainly has differences from the PC version.

Southeast Asia’s Riot Games have also stated that LoL Wild Rift is not a LoL PC port. So what are the differences between PC and LoL Mobile? Here is the explanation.

League of Legends PC vs Mobile

League of Legends PC vs Mobile

Some games may have different graphics for PC and mobile versions. Come see the difference below!

1. Champion Roster Pick

One of the attractions of League of Legends is the freedom for players to choose a champion (the name of the character played in LoL games). When the PC version of the game was released, there were 40 champions with different roles, from warriors to assassins.

This number continues to grow with developer updates. So far, there are 159 champions that can be chosen and customized to suit each player’s style of play.

Meanwhile, LoL: Wild Rift players only have access to around 60 champions. This means that we still have to wait for the appearance of other characters that were first released in the PC version to be able to play in LoL Mobile.

In addition to the number, there are also clear differences with some champions, who have been reworked in such a way that they are not 100% similar to the PC version. One of the goals is to adapt the gameplay to a faster version of the mobile device and to adapt the mouse gameplay to the touch screen format.

2. Battle map size

Another adjustment in Wild Rift is the shorter game time. Riot Games wants the game to be over in about 15-20 minutes. So they get around this problem by reducing the size of the map.

Wild Rift maps are smaller and more compact. Just imagine, if the cards are the same, you will naturally feel uncomfortable playing in a big arena through a smartphone. Your time will be wasted just exploring the map.

Not just size, there are other things that are sacrificed in the mobile version of the LoL map. For example, removing the protective tower around the Nexus that damages the opponent. However, the character’s spawn location is around the Nexus, so players need to watch out for surprise attacks.

The enemy’s location in the forest is always the same, but the distance of each area becomes closer and faster to reach. The protection of the outer skin of the tower is also removed. In this way, players focus more on the goal of defeating the enemy, making the game more dynamic and aggressive.

3. Use of the functions of the service

Ward is an important item that is used to open the field of vision and monitor the mobility of the enemy. By knowing the position and rotation of the enemy champion’s movement, you can more easily anticipate attacks.

In the PC version of LoL, you automatically receive a ward at the start of the game and can freely place it anywhere. Whereas in Wild Rift the shelter location has been prepared and you have to stand on the bush for a second or two for the shelter to set up.

4. Complexity of runes

In addition to mastering champion abilities, League of Legends PC players must also understand the combination of champions and runes used. The runes are, in fact, part of the difficulties that players encounter. There are times when players often need to listen to plays from pro players or watch the meta of champions to find the right combo.

For the mobile version of LoL, the combination of runes that are used and selected to pair with the champion you are playing is easier. Players are free to create matches that weren’t even possible in the PC version of LoL.

5. Item Group

Another difference between League of Legends Mobile and PC is the featured item. It’s not much, but you need to know the difference between this item to use it properly.

For example shoes, which in LoL PC are passive items that you can activate to increase the movement speed of the champion you’re wearing in LoL: Wild Rift. There are also additional items that you can only get in LoL Mobile, namely Harmonious Melody and Vow Protection.

Despite this, the method of obtaining these different items remains the same. You have to buy it at the source and not anywhere.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is available for mobile and is not exactly the same as the PC version of League of Legends. In other words, LoL PC players still have to adjust when playing Wild Rift. I hope the above explanation can help you master the game, yes!

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