Import Export Business for Beginners to Quickly Generate Profits

Import Export Business for Beginners to Quickly Generate Profits

If you look back for a moment, when Indonesia experienced an economic and monetary crisis for more than a decade. then, the export-import business has continued to survive until now. In line with the weakening of the rupiah against the dollar, the export-import business became more profitable.

Moreover, with the advancement of internet technology, the import-export business has also become more and more interested. Not only those with a large enough capital, even more so, many small and medium businesses are now working in this industry. This is because the profits from the import-export business are in the form of a dollar which is soaring.

Import Export Business for Beginners to Quickly Generate Profits

For beginners or business people who are just starting out, they can definitely get confused about how to mobilize this business so that it becomes profitable quickly. Well, here we can give the tips for you, let’s see!

*How to develop Import Export business?*

Import Export Business for Beginners to Quickly Generate Profits

-1. Must know global clock-

Many people say that the mobilization of an import-export company is not enough for only 8 “€“ 9 hours. While you are resting, your customers from other countries have just become active.

That doesn’t mean you have to manage the company 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You just need special tricks to deal with customers from different countries.

  1. Run your business and manage your workflows on the cloud server. For example, using an inventory process that accesses the cloud server, or using supply chain management software to make it easier to track shipments of goods to customers in any country.
  2. Customize the chat platform commonly used in your customer or vendor’s country. If your vendor/customer is from China, then installing WeChat is a must, Facebook Messenger for those in the United States, LINE for South Korea, and WhatsApp for relations/customers from Southeast Asia or Europe.

This method makes it easier for you to communicate with customers/vendors. Leave the old steps like exchanging e-mails or sending faxes. Sending images or files has also been supported by these various platforms. If necessary, video calls can be carried out anytime and anywhere easily.

-2. Get to know the culture of other countries-

Understanding the working hours in different countries is a good first step. But that’s just the beginning. Furthermore, you also need to know what the prevailing culture is in the country where your customer or vendor is located. This will pave the way for you to have a long-term similar relationship with your friend or customer.

For example, unless one of your vendors is from Japan, avoid shaking hands the first time you meet or while the meeting is over. Simply bowing slightly and exchanging business cards is more than enough. Also avoid eye contact because Japanese people think that very long eye contact is rude and seems aggressive.

In addition to more than one country in Asia, business cards are important. So make sure you give a business card using both hands, even if you receive it from a friend. Don’t just put it in your pocket, because many Asians think this is rude. Research once accepted business cards and treat them well.

-3. Don’t just transact with dollars

Managing an import export business has definitely dealt with foreign currencies. Often, you will have to manage multiple foreign currencies because your vendors and customers come from different countries. But do not limit your business opportunities by only accepting transactions in dollars.

Make it easy for customers and vendors to transact using their country’s currency. However, to provide a service like this, it can definitely be difficult if you keep moving your business manually like using spreadsheets or paper documents.

Use software that has multi-currencies features to facilitate transactions with various customers and vendors from various parts of the world. As if the purchasing software comes from HashMicro. With its multi-currency features, collaboration with vendors can happen quickly and easily.

-4. Improve your business operational efficiency-

Running an import export business requires you to work quickly. Every order from a customer must be processed immediately, reorders of goods to vendors must be carried out at the right time to avoid overstock or out of stock. That’s just one of the myriad of tasks which of course take quite a while unless it’s still done manually.

# In order for your Import Export Business to be successful quickly

When you start an import-export business in Indonesia, it is necessary to pay attention to more than one of these things, on the other:

1. Knowing the Needs of Overseas Consumers

Never try to go abroad in order to participate in trade shows or trade promotion activities before knowing for sure the wants and needs of consumers there. Moreover, the products sold are in the form of shoes, fashion, handicrafts, bags, garments, textiles and others whose fashion and trends occur very quickly.

2. Prepare thoroughly

The next important thing before starting a business is to prepare a product catalog and price list. Then ensure at least the order that can be executed and also the estimated time while delivery. This is taken into account in the preparation process and a mature export-import business plan.

3. Finding Clients

Furthermore, in order to launch the export and import business at home, we are obliged to track down importers abroad in as many quantities as possible who will become our cooperation partners. We can look for it through the internet, newspapers, importer data catalogs, or visit the National Export Development Agency (BPEN) which has a very complete list of importers. It should be understood that the importers we are targeting are importers who are in accordance with the products we have.

4. Focus on Running a Business

In any business mobilization, it should not be carried out arbitrarily. Moreover, this import-export business requires very detailed attention. For example, unless the export product that you make available is slightly defective, consumers or clients are not willing to continue business cooperation with you. Therefore, caution must be exercised in mobilizing this business and must be consistent in maintaining customer satisfaction. Not like a business in the domestic market.

Import Export Business for Beginners to Quickly Generate Profits

5. The Process of Packaging and Delivery of Goods

An important aspect that cannot be separated from the import-export business is the issue of shipping goods. Where shipping goods abroad of course can take quite a while in the container. Such as shipping goods to the United States usually takes a while as long as one month.

Choose packaging materials that are durable and strong that can maintain the integrity of the product. Because the exported products can be stacked in a container.

Also take into account when the goods arrive at the destination area. Do not let the goods be late to the client area because it can make customer losses and disappointments. Because not infrequently the goods ordered according to certain moments.

6. Consistent Promotion

And finally, so that your export-import business is successful and grows bigger, you must prepare promotional tools such as clear product catalog books, leaflets, brochures, websites, compact disks, etc. that are needed by potential buyers.

# Monitor your Business Cash flow

Whatever the business model, cash flow should be the main concern of the business owner. Healthy cash flow is an indication that your business is doing well and without a hitch. On the other hand, negative cash flow implies that there is something wrong in your business operations and must be addressed immediately.

A businessman must be able to get cash flow information quickly. Thus he can make the right business decisions from anytime and anywhere. This is why it is important for an import-export business to have accounting software that has cloud server storage features.

Get the convenience and freedom of managing your business flexibly with the help of accounting software. Especially while it can be paying your employees, the solution is with a process that adapts financial software like those issued by the Jojonomic application. What’s that ?

Having a growing business, of course, requires a fast, accurate and real-time process in the transaction process. You don’t have to worry because the JojoPayroll application is available, an application-based payroll processing solution that is integrated with your financial reports.

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