How To Use A VPN For Windows 10 PC

How to use VPN on Windows 10

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way to protect personal information in cyberspace by connecting devices to many access points in different locations. More and more users are aware of digital privacy and are switching to using VPN for daily internet access.

Additionally, many VPN services are also used to access services or the Internet that are blocked in a country.

Basically, installing a VPN app gives you direct access to the VPN network through a convenient interface. However, for some users who want to protect their internal storage, using a VPN manually is the best option without having to install the VPN app, regardless of the VPN service.

Please note that downloading apps means using storage capacity. Using a VPN manually means “dissecting” the “Settings” panel of a system and make manual adjustments.

How to use VPN on Windows 10

How to use VPN manually in Windows 10?

VPN Terms of Service for Windows 10 PCs

Before you can use a VPN on Windows 10 without installing a VPN app, you must first sign up for a free or paid VPN service. This is necessary because the Windows 10 VPN setup will ask you for credentials in the form of a username and password for your VPN account.

There are many free VPN services that you can try, such as, Tunnelbear, and others. While paid VPN services (premium VPN) like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, etc. they require a monthly/annual subscription with the benefits of a more stable network and better transfer speeds.

The free services above certainly have many limitations, such as certain fees. This means that if you are browsing or already using a certain amount of data, the service will be terminated. Free services usually also offer subscription fees with premium features like B. Unlimited browsing with a VPN for faster transfer speeds.

Once you have registered an account with the VPN service of your choice, you can proceed to the next step.

VPN setup for Windows 10 PC

  • First, type your VPN account username and password. Then follow these steps on your Windows 10 PC or laptop:
  • Go to Settings> Network and Internet> VPN> Add VPN connection
  • Then enter the information in the dialog that opens, starting with:
  • VPN provider: Windows (default)
  • Connection name: the name of the desired connection, for example “Test12”
  • Server name or address: The server you are using will be taken from the previously registered VPN account

VPN Type: Automatic

  • Connection type: username and password
  • Username: Enter your VPN username
  • Password: Enter your VPN password
  • Check the “Save my credentials” checkbox and then click the “Save” button.

Using an already established VPN connection

After creating a VPN profile, you can use the VPN network sooner. The trick is to simply click on the name of the previously defined connection, in this case “Test123”. Click the “Connect” button and you are connected to the VPN network without further applications.

Edit or delete a VPN account

If you want to edit the VPN account details, you can do so by clicking the “Advanced Options” and “Edit buttons. “. This is useful if your VPN account is no longer valid or if you just want to update your VPN account details e.g. B. VPN services, change VPN server, change username, etc.

Paid VPN service for Windows 10

After learning how to use a VPN on Windows 10, here are the 8 best VPNs to choose from. Oh yes, the number here does not indicate the rating. Furthermore, the average paid VPN service is also compatible with various platforms like iPhone, Android, MacBook, and routers.

If you use this paid service, all you have to do is download the app. Then start the app. You do not need to set any parameters in the Parameters section. The app that takes care of everything. You just need to run the app and enter your username and password, then the service will start immediately.


This service claims to have 3,000 VPN servers spread across 160 locations and 94 countries. Plus, ExpressVPN backs up your security with 256-bit encryption protection, DNS/IPv6 leaks, and split tunneling.

ExpressVPN also claims to be able to unblock all country restrictions on services like Netflix.

In addition to Windows 10, ExpressVPN is also available for Mac, iPhone, Android, and Linux.

2. NordVPN

This service claims to have 5,500 VPN servers in 59 countries. NordVPN also already uses 256-bit encryption security.

NordVPN has three types of VPN protocols that you can choose from, namely IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, and NordLynx.

One of the biggest things that NordVPN claims is that their service is very fast.

Apart from Windows 10, NordVPN is also available on almost all other major platforms.

3. cyberghost

CyberGhost claims to have 6,505 VPN servers in 90 countries. This service also claims fast connection and unlimited bandwidth.

Furthermore, CyberGhost claims to use military-grade encryption. As a result, this service can offer a high level of security. You can also stream movies on Netflix, BBC or Disney+ depending on the country of the VPN.

Just like other services, CyberGhost is present on almost all major platforms like Windows 10, Mac, Linux.

4. Private Internet access

This service claims to have 3,395 VPN servers in 44 countries. In other words, you can have connections to 44 countries.

Services come standard, like the ability to unblock the country of streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. As is known, Netflix blocks or restricts movies in all countries. This means that the movies on Netflix Indonesia will be different from the ones in the US. This is related to the license.

Then the Private Internet Access service also offers unlimited services for P2P or torrenting.

This service is also available for various major platforms like Windows 10, MacOS X, Linux.

5. Lost IP

This service has 1,400 VPN servers in 75 locations. This VPN is said to be able to “unblock” the country restrictions of the Netflix app. IP Vanish also has a 256-bit encryption security system.

Like other VPN services, IP Vanish is available for all major platforms, from Windows to Linux.

6. Shark Wave

This VPN service for PC has more than 1700 virtual servers in 64 countries. One of its advantages is that Surfshark does not limit the number of devices running your single VPN account at the same time.

So by using a single account, Surfshark VPN can work on multiple devices at the same time.

Interestingly, this Surfshark service has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The second best VPN service for PC is ZenMate. The service claims to have virtual servers in 73 countries.

Like Surfshark, ZenMate has a 30-day guarantee, if you are not satisfied you can request a refund. ZenMate is also capable of bypassing US Netflix restrictions.


The UltraVPN service claims to have 1,000 servers in 100 countries. It is also 6 months free with a specific subscription period.

Like other VPN services, you can open Netflix with country restrictions.

Well, do you already know how to use a VPN on Windows 10? What VPN service do you use?

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