How To Take Game Screenshots On A Laptop Or PC

Ever wanted to take a screenshot while playing a game on a PC or laptop? Normally, you can immediately press the “Windows” key (Windows logo on the keyboard) and the “PrtScr” key ” (Print Screen). However, this method does not always work.

Sometimes the screenshot is just a black image. Or sometimes you miss the moment you want to take a screenshot or even too soon.

Using this keyboard shortcut is also a bit tricky. You must exit the game to “paste” the screenshot image into an image processing application.

How to take a screenshot on PC

How To Take Game Screenshots On A Laptop Or PC

Fortunately, there are different ways to take a screenshot on a laptop or PC. What are funds? Read to the end to find the answer!

1. How to take a screenshot with the Steam shortcut

How to take a screenshot of the first laptop when playing from Steam. Do you like to buy and play games on Steam? Fortunately, Steam already has a screenshot feature! The method is very simple, just press “F12” key at the game scene you want to record. Later, you will hear a trigger and notification “Screenshot saved”.

Don’t want to use the F12 key? You can replace it if you want. On the Steam screen, select Steam > Settings > In-Game and toggle the “Screenshot Shortcut Keys” option.

How can I see screenshots taken by Steam? If you’re still in the game, all you have to do is press Shift+Tab. Then just select “Show screenshots” on the overlay screen.

If you have already exited the game, scroll to the bottom of the game’s page in the library. Then you will see “View Screenshot Library” button.

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2. How to take a screenshot with game shortcuts

Many games, especially those not available on Steam, have their own way of taking screenshots. In most games, the only button needed is “PrtScr”. However, some games have a different method of taking screenshots.

To learn how to take screenshots on PC while playing your favorite games, especially non-Steam games, you need to read the manual first. Otherwise, you can search using the Google search engine.

3. How to take a screenshot with the Nvidia GeForce Experience app

If you’re using Nvidia hardware, you probably have an Nvidia GeForce Experience application installed on your computer. The app has various functions, one of which is taking screenshots.

The way to take a screenshot on a laptop while using Nvidia GeForce Experience is to press the keys “Alt” + “F1 “. The screenshot image is saved to the GeForce Experience gallery and a “Screenshot Saved to Gallery” notification appears in the upper right corner of the screen once the capture is complete.

To view the screenshot, just press “Alt” + “Z” key from anywhere, even from the desktop to see the overlay screen. Just click “Gallery” to view screenshots.

4. How to take a screenshot with Game Bar in Windows 10

This is perhaps the easiest way. There is only one requirement to use this feature, you must be using Windows 10.

The method is very simple, just press “Windows” + “Alt” + “PrtScr” or “Windows” + Press “G” to take a photo. Then just tap the camera icon i.e. “Screenshot” button to take a photo.

Of course, the shortcut can be replaced. In Windows 10, find Settings > Gaming > Game bar to see the options.

To view screenshots, go to the “Videos” folder and then to “Screenshots”. A shortcut to this folder usually already exists in Windows 10 Explorer, which is located in the same section as “Music”, “Downloads” and “Images “. lying.

Have you tried the screenshot method on the old laptop or PC while playing the game? you have another way

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