How to Start Making Money On TikTok For Beginners

4 How to Start Making Money On TikTok For Beginners

Until now, social media applications have developed rapidly in Indonesia. Who would have thought that except for the presence of social applications, the following tools could make it easier for people to make money. One of them is to use the TikTok monetization method for beginners.

You need to know that TikTok is a social application that allows any user to edit and impact videos. The following videos can be added with music, sound effects, to visual effects that are too interesting to watch.

Just like Snapchat, TikTok allows its fans to use the music that is already available. Currently, the popularity of the following applications has increased and is loved by many people. There is even a separate way to monetize TikTok.

Monetization of TikTok itself will allow users to make money using the application. Of course, anyone can make money when they want to use the application. Therefore, it is very important to know how to monetize it.

4 How to Start Making Money On TikTok For Beginners

How to Start Making Money On TikTok For Beginners

It’s a good idea to immediately find out how to monetize TikTok. The following method can be done easily so that anyone can do it this way. Below are more than one way that can be applied further:

1. Become an Influencer

The best way to make money through the TikTok application is to use the social media together. One of them is being an influencer together. An influencer is someone who can influence the buying conditions of others.

Whether it’s because of popularity, relationships, to the credibility of the audience in question. Because of that, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be a TikTok influencer. Later, you will get money from people who want to use the services of these influencers.

2. Streaming

Have you ever tried the live streaming feature using the TikTok app. It should be noted that the exchange rates for live streaming are usually very variable in terms of how long the live is. However, usually Tiktok users buy coins using real money.

Then they will use it on top content creators. This system itself works like a donation or tip in the real world. That way, this method is considered quite efficient to get additional money.

3. Content Promotion

This method is one of the most efficient ways to make money through the TikTok application. You can impact custom content then post it on the Tiktok homepage. Use this method as an incorrect way to promote other people’s products.

Later, you will earn money from the promotion of the content. This means that a lot of content is promoted, of course, so a lot of money can be obtained. Because of that, it is too unfortunate if this method is not tried to be implemented.

4. Promote Personal Business

For those of you who already have a business, it never hurts to try promoting the following special businesses on your TikTok account. It should be noted that this method itself is not one of the most common methods of making money.

Make sure to try this method because TikTok itself is a free promotion platform that anyone can use. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make short videos about profits, testimonials, and how to develop the business.

How to Start Making Money On TikTok For Beginners

*Advantages of Using the TikTok App*

As is well known, TikTok is not one application that can be used for free. Of course, not only can it be used free of charge but there are many other advantages to using the app. Here are more than one known advantage:

1. Popular

Please note that TikTok is counted as one of the most used applications. It’s no wonder that these applications don’t take much time so they are liked by many users. This application is more or less well known among young people.

TikTok is the most downloaded application, apart from two applications such as Instagram and Facebook. No need to be surprised if the following application can be used as a business field for anyone who uses it.

2. Creative

Everyone knows that TikTok is an application that offers fun activities through videos with unique short durations. Everyone is more than able to impact the video and say in the video.

There are also hashtags and music features that will make the user environment more conducive to uploading videos. No wonder that until now TikTok is a fairly creative application to use.

3. New Market

Who would have thought that the existence of TikTok could now be a new market for everyone. Moreover, until now TikTok has been used by more than 155 countries and more than 75 languages ​​are used, including Indonesia which has used the application.

However, it can be said that more than one large user of the following applications is in the United States, India, to China. This is what causes this application to be used as a business opportunity because of the availability of new markets.

4. Auto Ads

Through the TikTok application, an advertisement can be played more automatically. That way, every user can access the following ads the first time they access the app. Moreover, there are already many people who use the following apps as entertainment.

Everyone can even spend more than 50 minutes just to see the various creative videos submitted. That way, of course, every TikTok user will get the ads that can be played automatically.

How to Start Making Money On TikTok For Beginners

*Disadvantages of Using the TikTok App*

Apparently, not only contained its own advantages when using the application. There are also more than one drawback of the TikTok application which of course you should know more about. Below are more than one known drawback:

1. Expensive Ads

You need to know, that unless compared to ads using other applications such as Facebook or Instagram, ads using the TikTok application are quite expensive. The following is certainly a drawback of the application itself.

That way, not everyone can use the ads in the application. The reason is, the special fee must be a little more expensive so that later the desired ad can be installed and spread widely to every TikTok user.

2. Audience Age

In addition to the matter of advertising costs which tend to be more expensive. The TikTok app is also not ideal enough for users of a certain age. This means that not all ages can be the target or market object of the advertisers in the application.

The reason is, usually users of the TikTok application have an age range of 16 to 24 years. This means if you are targeting ads with people over the age of 25. Of course there will be problems to convert or sell correctly.

*How To Turn Tiktok Content Into Money*

Of course, many know that to earn money from TikTok is to become an influencer who then gets endorsements from products or services that want to be advertised directly through your TikTok content.

However, being an influencer on Tiktok is not easy. You must often produce useful, entertaining, and other content to attract people to like your content and add likes so that it continues to go viral and enter the FYP (For Your Page), so that it can reach a large audience.

Did you know that there is a faster way to make money than TikTok? Not directly from Tiktok, but by using Tiktok to get money from other parties.

*Use Smart Direct Link from Adsterra*

To get started, you must register as an Adsterra Publisher. Just follow the following link and then fill out the registration form. Then on the left panel, add your blog site, and select Direct Link in the Ad Unit column, then wait no more than 5 minutes to get approval.

If you don’t have a blog or website, you can still use smart direct links, by re-logging in to Adsterra, and then selecting a special rent domain for monetization objects using Smart Direct Link.

Then, enter the ad link from the following Smart Direct Link into your TikTok bio so that viewers are interested in clicking the link in your Tiktok bio. In order to enter a link to your Tiktok Bio, you must change your Tiktok account to a Business Account (free of charge).

You just have to log into Tiktok and click the three dots on the top right (Settings and Privacy) and select manage account, then select *Switch To Business Account*. After the business account is active, a site box will appear where you can enter a direct link from Adsterra.

After the link is installed, now is the time for you to impact interesting content so that other people are curious and then click on your bio profile and follow the link you use.

The calculation of income will be automatically done by Adsterra, and you can check it in your Adsterra account. Once collected up to 100 $, then you can withdraw your income via Paypal.

That’s more than one thing you can know about how to monetize TikTok for beginners. The following method is fairly easy so it will be too unfortunate unless you don’t try it. Anyone can try to make money through the TikTok application easily.

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