How To Save Instastory And Instagram Feed Posts

Have you ever had trouble finding ways to save photos on Instagram?

Saving photos to Instagram is not as easy as saving Google photos. Yes, even if you open the Instagram website, you can’t save the image as an image directly. It’s a bit embarrassing, especially when the photo you’re trying to save is a fun moment with friends or family and it might not happen again.

Fortunately, in a feature update on Instagram, you’ll learn how to save Instagram stories and news posts.

How To Save Instastory And Instagram Feed Posts

1. Save to Collection how to save Instagram photos online

Si desea guardar una foto de Instagram, puede “guardar” con solo hacer clic en un botón tan fácil como etiquetar un correo electrónico. ¿Tus fotos de Instagram aparecerán en la galería móvil después de ser etiquetadas? La función Guardar en colección de Instagram le da acceso a fotos a las que puede acceder desde su página de perfil personal.

Para facilitar la búsqueda, también puedes crear “álbumes de recortes” que puedes agrupar según tus necesidades. ¿Cómo guardarlo? Este botón para guardar se encuentra en la esquina inferior derecha del feed de fotos en la línea de tiempo de Instagram. El ícono tiene la forma de una cinta, con solo un clic puede guardar directamente la foto para verla en línea.

To save to a collection album, you can long press (long press) the icon and then create an album or select the album where you want to save the photo. Now you can revisit your favorite photo collection right from your personal Instagram profile page.

2. Story file, save the snapshot story you want to check

Thanks to various updates on Instagram, the story feature tends to be more popular with users than the timeline photo post feature.

Not to mention, algorithm changes on Instagram often cause posts to “sink” in the timeline because they don’t show up in real time. It may even happen that the “obsolete” messages reappear in your log.

Along with the growing popularity of the Instagram story feature among Instagram account users, the story feature continues to receive various types of item updates that make it more convenient to use. Unfortunately, you may have some trouble finding a way to save the Instastory you love.

Therefore, Instagram created the Stories Archive feature so that you can save a collection of Stories that you have created.

All you have to do is set Instagram to automatically save your stories in the settings menu. If this setting is enabled, the collection of stories you have posted can be viewed again by accessing the clock icon on the profile page.

3. Tag stories, create a featured group of stories

Would you like to share your vacation experience by creating an Instastory? Various unique features of Instastory like boomerangs, filters, stop motion, rewind function allow you to capture videos with various unique creations.

With the updated Featured Stories feature, you can create a collection of your stories in one story. This allows you to subdivide the collection of stories into a specific “title”.

Story highlights are located just below the Instagram user’s user profile. To create a new highlight, all you have to do is select the “New” icon with a circular shape at the top left. You can then select the Instastory saved in the file to combine them into a single highlight.

You can also choose the cover and name the highlight you want to create. Once created, anyone who visits your profile can see it as a separate story highlight on their profile page. You can create and add as many highlights as you like.

This allows you to share vacation experiences during your vacation, from choosing accommodations to beach vacations and culinary tours. In other words, you can become a vlogger by adding your stories under a highlight.

Now you know how to save photos and instastory on Instagram for easy access, right?

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