How To Record Laptop Screen In Windows 10

Windows laptop screen recording is one of the most important things for anyone who wants to make video tutorials with a software or record video games to upload to Youtube later.

Along with the growing popularity of gaming channels on YouTube, you will of course be interested in trying to record your Windows laptop screen while playing video games.

Actually, to record Windows screen, you don’t need any additional software because Windows 10 already provides a screen recorder that comes by default. The name of the app itself is Xbox Game Bar.

So how to enable or use screen recorder in Windows 10? Look at the following method.

How To Record Laptop Screen In Windows 10

1. How to use Xbox Game Bar

As mentioned above, Windows 10 has a built-in capture device that allows you to easily record Windows screens for later export to videos in MP4 format.

This recording software is integrated with Game Bar, which is part of the Xbox program built into Windows 10.

To record your Windows 10 screen with Xbox Game Bar:

1. Open the app you want to record on Windows 10. Unfortunately, some apps cannot be recorded. For the list, just read the following points.

2. Press the Windows logo with the letter “G” (Windows + G) on the keyboard. Press both buttons at the same time to open the Xbox Game Bar app.

3. Check the “Yes, this is a game” checkbox. This is the procedure to follow if you want to record the screen of Windows 10, be it games or other applications.

4. Click the “Record with stars” button (red round icon) or Win + Alt + R on the keyboard.

5. To stop Windows 10 screen recording, click the red round icon again. When the Game Bar app window disappears, press Win + G again to bring it back.

Where are the recorded videos stored?

To view the Windows screen recording, you can open the Xbox program by going to Start, then typing Xbox and pressing Enter.

The Xbox program will greet you with a sign-in screen with a new account or an account you previously used on Xbox. After completing the sign-in process, you will be taken to the Xbox home screen with various options to access Microsoft services.

For now, please skip all Xbox app features and visit “Game DVR”, which can be accessed from the menu bar on the left side of the Xbox app. Here you can see a series of videos recorded from your screen.

Could it be something?

The Xbox Program Game Bar was originally intended for users who want to record their gameplay in video games, either just to prove their gaming skills or to become a gaming YouTuber.

However, beyond its purpose as a game recorder, you can also use this feature as a recording tool to create tutorials that can then be uploaded to video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

Programs or applications that Game Bar cannot record

While very useful, the uses for the Game bar are somewhat limited. If you want to record Windows desktop/file manager and explorer operations, this software will automatically stop recording. I don’t know why Microsoft did this, but if you want to record your desktop or Windows Explorer, you need alternative recording software.

Using this software is quite easy with essential recording features that are very satisfying for screen recording without installing any additional software.

Other apps for Windows 10 screen recording

If you don’t want to use the Xbox Game Bar app, you can always use a third-party app to record your screen on Windows 10. The way you use the app described below is almost the same as the Xbox Game Bar.

Windows 10 Screen Recording Apps:

1. ActivePresenter: Free and paid versions available (you can remove the watermark)

2. OBS Studio – Free

3. Flashback Express – Flashback Pro Free Version

4. Camtasia – Paid with 30 Free Trials (No Watermark)

5. Bandicam – Both the paid and free versions have a recording time limit of 10 minutes with a watermark

How are you ready to record Windows 10 screen?

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