How To Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive And Tips

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is one of the modern FPS games that is already very popular almost all over the world. This game was originally released cross-platform in August 2012. You can play it on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC with different operating systems. Despite this, the PC version is still widely used today.

There are also countless CSGO championships, both national, regional and international. Valve, as the developer of this game, always provides updates. This is what makes CSGO so far still very entertaining, although many similar games have appeared.

Well, for those of you who want to learn more about the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game, read the information below. Also learn tips to play well in it, yes!

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How To Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive And Tips

The Counter Strike game series has been playable since 1999. Initially, this game was also limited to a custom Half-Life game from Valve. It wasn’t until November 2000 that gamers were introduced to the Counter Strike name as a standalone game.

This game is also one of the reasons why the game company Valve launched a digital game store called Steam. Back then, Valve wanted updates to be available to all gamers around the world. One of them is to traverse the Internet network.

CS often gets the latest version called Counter Strike: Global Offensive over time. Previously known games also benefit from numerous updates. For PC gamers, it’s free on Steam.

Although the free version cannot be played online, this strategy is quite successful. Players who originally played the free version were eventually upgraded to the premium version. As a result, CSGO is becoming more and more familiar to many people.

Since 2018, Valve has decided to make CSGO accessible through Steam for free. In other words, you can play it online or LAN with other players for free. However, Valve still offers premium packs for those of you who want additional in-game items.

How to download & play Counter Strike: Global Offensive

To play this game you can download it for free from Steam. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Steam site

2. Create and verify a Steam account

3. Sign in to the Steam app or site

4. Search for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive using the search box

5. Go to SCGO game page

6. Select “Play” menu.

7. Wait for the game to download on your PC or laptop

8. Play the game

PC specifications to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive

As mentioned before. CSGO can be played on PCs running different operating systems, from Windows to macOS to Linux. Considering this is a game that is over 10 years old, the required specs are certainly not too great.

See the specifications required for each PC device:

1. CSGO for Windows Specifications:

2. CSGO for macOS Specifications:

3. CSGO Specifications for Linux

Beginners can start playing CSGO with the following tips:

1. Start with normal weapons

There are a number of weapons in CSGO. Each weapon also has its own characteristics. You will need time to use it effectively.

In your first game, try to use an easy to use weapon. Here are the options:

2. Practice accuracy

CSGO is definitely all about shooting accuracy. Therefore, you need to practice shooting accuracy. The trick is to practice more. You can use a mouse with low motion sensitivity so it doesn’t move easily.

3. Train on 1 map

The maps in CSGO are also very diverse. Each map offers a different route and hideout. You must first practice on a map until you master it. Then move on to the next card.

4. Listen to the audio

It is a good idea to use an audio device that can provide good sound. The reason is that you should pay attention to the sound of gunshots, grenades and footsteps. This can save you from a sudden attack from behind.

5. Keep in touch with your colleagues

CSGO is a group game. Therefore, it is important to always maintain communication with colleagues. Team cohesion will lead you to an easy victory.

These are some things about Counter Strike: Global Offensive game. Do you want to play it too? Download now and start training now!

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