How To Move WhatsApp Stickers Easily

Many people are looking for how to make stickers to move on WhatsApp (WA). Of course, you can convey something even more expressive with moving stickers. Maybe even on the other end, your crush smiles sweetly at the sent sticker.

Well, if you want to make your crush smile with a heartwarming WhatsApp sticker, this article might be the right answer for you. Because in this article there will be a discussion about it. Do you want to know how to move WA stickers? Follow this article to the end, yes!

How To Move WA Stickers Easily

What are stickers and phone stickers?

Before jumping into the discussion of how to make moveable decals in WA, it’s a good idea to first understand what decals are. Stickers are little icons you can add to messages called “Stickers”.

These stickers are fun and can spice up the messages you send. The types also vary, they can be animated/moving or static. Uniquely, you can now add a photo of yourself to use as a sticker.

To use it, you can open WhatsApp and tap on the emoji character button at the bottom. Then touch “+ ” (Bottom right). By tapping on the sign, you can download and use the stickers in WA.

While a moving sticker is a sticker that moves when you send it to a friend. The stickers move in different ways depending on the sticker. Some can move back and forth or up and down, others can rotate, move left and right, or swing.

You can find mobile stickers in the new WhatsApp sticker store. You can also find them by tapping an existing tag and then tapping “Manage Tags” at the bottom of the tab. screen. This is more or less the meaning of stickers and moving stickers.

How to move WhatsApp stickers

There are several ways to set WA stickers in motion. First of all, you can create stickers without using an app. And the second way is to use the app. How do I create the sticker? Look down.

1. How to move WhatsApp stickers without app

Creating WhatsApp mobile stickers without an app is really easy. It just takes perseverance and thoroughness to do it. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of using stickers, you might be able to skip to the second method. However, if you want to give it a try, you can see how it works below.

1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.

2. After that, open one of the chat rooms you want to send the tag to.

3. Then you can open the emoji function at the bottom of the screen and touch the emoji image.

4. Once open, look for the plus sign (+) on the right side of the screen.

5. If you have, you can see many options of decals that can be used. Some of them even consist of animated animations. You just have to download it to use it.

6. Once downloaded, the sticker can be used on any message you wish to send.

How To Move WA Stickers Easily

2. How to create phone stickers with the app

The second method is quite easy to implement. You can even turn your own photos into phone stickers with these apps. Now how? Just follow the explanation in the following points.

1. Search Google Play Store for iSticker app or any other app you want to use.

2. The next step is to open your browser and type

3. Clicking the “Gif Resizer” button.

4. Find the image you want to make a phone sticker for in WhatsApp.

5. Then resize to width or change width to 512 and height to 512.

6. Then click “Resize Image”.

7. Next, in the Convert tab, select the WebP format.

8. Then click “Convert to WebP”.

9. Then download the file via “Download Image”.

10. Open iSticker app or any other app and open the file you just downloaded and cut or crop the image and save it.

11. Next, open the file manager on your phone and locate the Applications folder you are using or the iSticker folder.

12. After finding the label file, edit the name or rename it with a different name.

13. Copy and paste the file name to the downloaded GIF image. Then copy the image to the iSticker folder.

14. Open the application used or in this case iSticker and press the button “Add to WhatsApp” or “Add to WhatsApp “.

15. Then you can use the sticker on your WhatsApp.

Well, this was how to create WhatsApp stickers for mobile to put on and imitate. I hope this article will help you make your lover’s heart flutter with the sticker you sent him. Besides, exchanging messages with moving stickers is also more fun.

Do you know how to use phone stickers?

(Reiko Wicitra)

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