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How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business – Today we’re back with a series 2 of things you can do at home in the coming weeks. This post may be our favorite.

Want to see the first post in this series? What can you do for your home and personal life?

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

If you’re with us now, here’s a little story about how this series came about: One night I heard a bird whistle from the trees above, and while I was sitting on the patio, my pen started flying. I knew I had written over 400 things I could do at home right now.

Things To Do For Your Creative Small Business — Society For Creative Founders

Instead of giving away 400 ideas in one place, I’ve decided to split them up into blog posts over the next few weeks to ease my stomach. So today I’m talking about something that everyone can relate to. 100+ jobs for your business during this quarantine.

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9. Do you have familiar images that you use over and over in your business? Place them in a special folder for easy access and

10. Install the password manager software. You don’t have to wait for the program to be right in one place, like Lastpass or similar, Trello is on the board or notebook.

Small Business Nation

12. Create a workflow for everything you do in your business. That way, even if you’re not there, someone else gets access if needed. And VA considered outsourcing!

13. Create a piece of artwork with the Hex, RGB and CMYK codes of your brand colors and hang it where you can see it for daily reference.

14. Help small business owners work on projects, grow, and have fun!

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

15. Create an “emergency fund” plan for your income so you can reach your goal of saving at least six months in case your income drops.

Affordable Small Business Employee Benefits For 2021

16. Review your bank statement and see spending trends to see if you can cut expenses.

If not, I learn to use Quickbooks and continue to do so.

20. Review your monthly subscriptions and see which (a) can be adjusted to the annual money-saving plan and (b) can be canceled or suspended if not currently in use.

21. Take a photo of your receipt or explore digital receipt scanning options, then take a paper version and separate it into envelopes by month, quarter or year.

Ways To Run A Small Business

23. Resolve to review your finances once a week and update them if necessary. For example, Money Monday or Finance Friday.

24. Make sure you have the right amount of tax (usually 30-40%). If not, learn what to save here and start doing it ASAP!

27. Research and decide on a future customer management system, such as Honeybook, 17Hats, or Dubsado.

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

32. Make a list of all the courses you’ve taken over the years so you can complete them one at a time throughout the year.

Small Business Grants: How To Finance Your Startup (2022)

34. Join a LIVE webinar and take notes and chat with the webinar host!

Use your computer for a full day to see what it does “sometimes” when it’s not working, and how to use it easily.

41. Organize your desktop, create folders for what you need, and delete what you don’t need

44. Are there any specific files you want to go with? Mark them so you can find them easily no matter what folder they are in.

Steps For Starting A Small Business

Look to the future more easily for things you want to keep together.

46. ​​Set up an auto-responder to help people who email you when they hear from you.

48. Are you a Gmail user and have tabs like ‘Shares’ or ‘Updates’?? Go to the tables and do the above.

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

49. Unsubscribe from unopened or unexpected emails in your inbox.

California Governor’s Office Of Business And Economic Development (go Biz)

50. Do you have multiple email addresses? Are you listed twice for the same business?

52. If you use Gmail, use Gsuite and change your email address from your business name to @gmail. com _______ @ to access the professional version.

59. Update Your Contact Page (See Dave + Krista’s 7 Tips for Inquiring Contact Pages!)

60. Review your blog posts to update them with new information or images and publish them as new content.

Small Business Saturday Promotions: 7 Ways To Be Retail Ready

61. Can you start a new series on your blog or podcast that people can “listen” to every week?

62. Create a new opt-in option to add people to your list (see 10 examples from Pineapple and Butter!)

63. Are there blog posts available? For example, could you create an e-book or email series with 5 challenge levels?

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

64. Can I create free downloads with the content I create on my blog and join my mailing list to receive them?

Small Business Growth

65. Can I create a digital product to pair with my blog’s free content as an extra incentive + passive income opportunity?

67. Create an e-book or a more in-depth email series from a blog post to give people access to “bits and pieces” at a time.

68. Learn and Improve SEO (For more on technical SEO, check out this post on Meg’s First Search!)

People want to read when they join your list (Read Active Campaigns + this article by Tarzan Key for ideas on how to get started!)

Use Small Business Market Research To Grow

71. Plan Your Next Address (If you’re reading this blog post in real time, join the Spring 2020 Confident Address Session!)

76. Choose which products you want to feature on your website, social media, and marketing emails for Q2, Q3, and Q4.

78. Find small business owners who can work with you, give gifts and find new customers.

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

79. to make their shopping experience even better?

How To Get Your Small Business Off The Ground

80. Do you have any interesting initiatives in the coming months? If not, how can you add value without giving away your services?

81. If you only sell on eBay, is it time to switch to a website store or a full site?

83. Mute accounts you don’t want to allow but want to take a break from

If you’re killing time, get off social media and see what else you’ve been doing in the meantime.

You Think You’re A Startup, But You’re Really A Small Business (and That’s Totally Cool Too)

88. Go to your follower list, pick a random person, go to their profile and leave a comment on a recent post you liked.

89. For my account, I create content categories for social media presence.

90. When it comes to Facebook, learn about some common issues that are holding you back from growing, and how to fix things in this post with Deb from Tizzit!

How To Go From A Small Business To A Big Business

91. Later, explore social media schedules like Plan (here you can upgrade to Plan and get a $10 credit)

Highlighting Grand Island Small Businesses With Week Of Activities

, or Tailwind (get a Plus month in the future) to see what works best for you in the future.

92. Plan and organize your social media at least weekly so that photos, posts and hashtags are always created. alone Day.


98. Learn about Facebook or Instagram ads and decide if they’re right for your business

How To Get Customer Reviews For Your Small Business

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