How To Get Blue Ticks On Instagram

Are you an Instagram user? Of course, you’ll often see a blue tick on Facebook’s photo and video sharing service.

The blue brand logo is always next to the username on Instagram. Usually the owners of the blue marks are well-known socialites, celebrities and brands.

What does the blue mark on Instagram mean? How to make a blue mark on Instagram? How to get a blue mark on Instagram? Keep reading the following article to find the answer Yes!

How To Get Blue Ticks On Instagram

The meaning of the blue tick on Instagram

In Indonesia we know it better as the blue tick. However, Instagram never mentioned this. The company prefers to call this a verified badge.

According to Instagram itself, the verified badge, or blue mark, is a logo in the form of a check mark that appears next to the name of the Instagram account and in the profile area. This means that Instagram has verified that the account is an official (genuine) presence of a public figure, celebrity, or global brand on their social media service.

In other words, only socialites, celebrities, and well-known brands can apply for a blue Instagram mark. If you have verified it and it is correct, you will get a blue mark. If it’s fake, you’re not guaranteed to get a verified badge.

Yes, you cannot create your own blue ticks on Instagram. The blue mark was assigned directly by Instagram.

Conditions for a blue mark on Instagram

Instagram itself lists several factors that can cause someone to get a blue tick. One of them is if your account gets a lot of attention from other Instagram users. Therefore, only the accounts of celebrities, socialites, socialites and well-known brands will receive it. Don’t expect users with a small number of followers to get a verified badge.

Nowadays, in addition to celebrities, there are many users who can really get a blue mark. As long as you have a lot of followers and are the center of attention on Instagram. These people are commonly known as celebrities.

In addition to these factors, Instagram has four other references, namely:

Authentic: You must be honest. Let’s say you’re an A, not a B. You must tell the truth, whether you’re representing a person, a company, or a brand.

Unique: Only one account can be verified per person or company (except in different languages). Celebrity fan accounts and meme accounts are generally not marked in blue.

Complete: As the account with the blue tick will draw a lot of attention, you should not create a personal account. Yes, you must make the account public. Your profile must also be complete, which means writing a bio, posting a profile picture, and having at least one message.

Leader: To receive the Blue Mark, your account must represent a reputable, well-known, and sought-after person, company, or brand.

How to get blue ticks on Instagram

Well, if you have met all the requirements mentioned in the previous point, you can immediately request a blue tick. It is easy as mentioned below:

  1. – Login to the Instagram account you want to verify
  2. – Click on your photo, also known as your profile picture, at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. – Click on the hamburger logo in the upper left corner and then click on Settings.
  4. – Click Account and then click Request Verification.
  5. – Enter the full name and provide the requested documents. For example photo ID.

After verification, you will receive a notification whether your account deserves a blue tick or not. If this fails, you can try again 30 days after notification.

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Well, that was the method and the conditions to get a blue tick on Instagram. Are you interested in getting it?

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