How To Buy Nintendo Switch Digital Games In The Eshop

When you buy a Nintendo Switch console, you also need to buy the game. Well, you have two ways to get Nintendo Switch games namely physical and digital versions. The way to buy Nintendo Switch games is, of course, different for each version.

The physical version is definitely easier to get. Just go to your favorite game store, order the game and pay. Once you have it, all you have to do is play by inserting the cartridge into the console.

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You get different things when you buy a digital version of the Switch game. Come find out how and the steps below.

How to Buy Nintendo Switch Digital Games

How To Buy Nintendo Switch Digital Games In The Eshop

To get the game you can visit the Nintendo Eshop menu on the console. Make sure your switch is connected to the internet, okay? You can connect the switch with WiFi or LAN models (only for OLED switch). After that, follow the steps below:

1. Go to “Nintendo eShop” menu on the Switch console

2. Sign in by entering your Nintendo Account (email and password).

3. Find the game you want to buy and play

4. Select “Continue to checkout”

5. Choose a payment method (credit card or Nintendo eShop Card)

6. If you are using a credit card, you will need to select the amount you wish to charge. It can be a variety of game prizes or other options.

7. Enter credit card account information

8. Review the “Accept” statement

9. Click the “Buy” menu.

10. Wait for the game to download

Benefits of buying Nintendo Switch digital games

Many people complain that digital games are very expensive. The reason for this is that prices are determined using foreign currencies. However, there are still benefits you can get from choosing digital games, you know. Come on, look at the explanation.

1. It won’t come out

Unlike the physical version, the digital games will not be sold out or sold out. You don’t have to rush to buy it for fear of running out.

2. Can be purchased at any time

Game stores certainly have opening hours. They usually close at night and reopen the next day. However, this is not the case with digital games.

You can buy digital games anytime, even in the middle of the night. After that, you can play it immediately.

3. You can shop in other regions

When creating a Nintendo Switch account, you will be prompted to select a region. This choice affects the games that appear on the Nintendo eShop. Of course, each region will offer a different game.

The Japan region offers unique games that you cannot get in other regions. To purchase it, all you have to do is change your Switch settings.

4. You can get Nintendo points

Nintendo also offers bonus points for every game purchase through the Nintendo eShop, you know. These points can be converted back into currency to purchase other games. The calculation of point earnings is adjusted to the price of the game, you just need to continuously buy the game to get more points.

5. You can get a discount

Nintendo always offers discounts on certain games every day, you know. In addition, there is also a special Nintendo moment to bring massive discounts. This period is usually in the middle and end of the year. Wait for the discount period to get your coveted game!

How to buy Nintendo Switch games on Nintendo eShop. So, do you already have a coveted game to own? Try making a wish list first, okay?

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