How to Build Good Working Relationships With Leaders

How to Build Good Working Relationships With Leaders

How to Build Good Working Relationships With Leaders

Building relationships with superiors is not easy, especially for those who have introverted characters. But there is no denying that building relationships with superiors is an important thing to do.

The reason is, building relationships with superiors can help us develop ourselves and our careers.

So how do you build a good relationship with your Leader? Here are some ways that were reported by DECOO INFO:

How to Build Good Working Relationships With Leaders

1) Dare to be close to the boss

Few people dared to approach their superiors. There are various reasons behind this, including the fear of personal problems with superiors. But there’s nothing wrong with daring to approach the boss to build a better one.

2) Take a personal/personal approach

A personal approach can be a way to build relationships with superiors. You can start a personal approach with your boss by asking him what movies or foods he likes.

But this does not mean loosening the line between professional and personal relationships. Even if you are close to your boss, it is important to set clear boundaries.

3) Have initiative

One way to build a relationship with your boss is to take the initiative. This shows that we are enthusiastic and contribute with our contribution to the realization of a work. The ideas expressed also show that we are active people.

4) Can put yourself

Even if we want to appear active in the eyes of our boss, we must not overdo it. For example, don’t talk about work when you’re not in the office with your boss.

Your boss may want to go out to freshen his brain and not want to talk about work. This will affect your mood and how your boss perceives you. Therefore, positioning becomes very important.

5) Ask for suggestions or feedback

If your boss gives you advice or feedback, that’s a good sign. This is a sign that your boss is happy with what you are doing and doing at work.

However, if your boss does not provide advice or information, you can ask first. It means you take your job seriously.

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