How to Build Employee Loyalty to Improve Business

How to Build Employee Loyalty to Improve Business

Loyal, meaning obedient or loyal. Of course, you often hear this word, especially in the context of work, namely employee loyalty. The good connotation comes from this word because many employees crave this word embedded in their name.

Even with the company, they want their employees to be loyal to the company. Because, employee loyalty can affect the performance and achievement of the company.

There are many steps you can take to make your employees loyal. This time, we can try to discuss the topic of employee loyalty and loyalty to their work. We can also explore some of the characteristics of these employees, for easier identification.

How to Build Employee Loyalty to Improve Business

Because this information is absolute and has a big impact, then take a good look and read this article to the end!

How to Build Employee Loyalty to Improve Business

*Find out the definition of employee loyalty*

Entering the opening discussion comes from this article. We can start with understanding, as a basis for discussing this topic. Either literally, or in terms comes from the word loyalty.

Loyalty, can be concluded as the quality of one’s loyalty or obedience to others. The context can vary, being from employee to company, person to person, or member to organization.

Another definition of loyalty says that the following word means the quality of people’s loyalty to other parties. This can be seen from someone’s attention, obedience, and support for something.

Then, another sense of loyalty or etymologically comes from French. The following word is /Loial/ which means that quality comes from being loyal. The following words are closely related to human emotions. For that, the following can be built with an emotional approach.

– Understanding Employee Loyalty and Its Practice in Various Contexts

As explained in the previous section, loyalty can be embedded in various contexts. The following different contexts give additional meanings and examples of different practices are included of course.

Generally, this word is used in the context of work, company, business or organization. Here we look at practice as an example in this context.

– Marketing and Business

The first is the use of the word loyal or loyalty in business and marketing matters. The meaning can still go hand in hand with the literal meaning of this word, namely customer loyalty to an item.

For example, in practice, we can see that a customer is willing to continue shopping or subscribing to a product on an ongoing basis.

– Organization

Then the context is organization. It’s the same as before, that is, it is concluded with the loyalty of a person or member to the organization in which he belongs.

We can see this when a member of the organization is willing to devote his time, energy and thoughts to the organization. He is willing to work hard for the smooth running of the event or the progress of an organization.

Building Loyalty

One’s loyalty to something as written in the sense is not genetic or innate. Everything can be made, or everyone can work to have this loyal nature.

There are several steps that can be taken. Especially for you / human resources / (HR), you can apply the following things. To later build loyalty, improve performance and develop the company.

In addition, for you marketers, you can also do these various steps to make your customers loyal to the products you offer.

-1, Employee Loyalty

Starting from the context of work with employee actors, yes. You can do these things to create and build a sense of loyalty, here’s the discussion:


The first point is guaranteed employee welfare. It can be through salary, benefits, or various guarantees that they can get. This is because the things we have just mentioned are basic needs that can greatly affect the quality of work and employee loyalty.

Fulfilling Spiritual Needs

The purpose of fulfilling spiritual needs is the company’s power to give employees additional rights to things that are not material. This can be done by offering an emotional experience and approach, such as taking a walk.
Career advancement

Each of us has a goal that we aspire to achieve. One form is achievement in a career, such as a position or position. Through proper placement or periodic displacement.

This can cause workers to be fair in their work assignments, or have new enthusiasm because the work they do is not monotonous.

Opinion Room

Next, what you can do is provide an opinion room or discussion room. Because basically, the Manpower Act also stipulates that any input or instructions from employees must be well received by the company.

The provision of this discussion space includes providing additional freedom and voice for employees.

Perform Periodic Evaluation

Finally, you can carry out regular evaluations of the performance of your employees. That way, they can be aware of their mistakes or shortcomings. And it can be that the results of their work are considered well by the company. But remember, the evaluation is a constructive one, not a down one.

-2, Consumer Loyalty

Next is a discussion of the points that can build a sense of customer loyalty to a product. Here are the points:

Consumer Satisfaction

First, the loyalty or loyalty of your customers can start from their satisfaction with your product.

Emotional Bond

As explained in the initial section, loyalty has a close emotional bond. For that, when you can build it, you can use an emotional approach or target their emotions, of course through the products you provide.

For example, your product can target their feelings, or call the memory of consumers.


Next is trust. When your product is trustworthy and your service is trustworthy, it can be very easy to build and increase the quality of customer loyalty to your product.

You can start with improving product quality, or delivering fast and reliable goods, unless the goods you sell need to be delivered.

Company Experience

The last is their experience partnering, collaborating or transacting with your company. It can be through the behavior of your employees or others.

How to Build Employee Loyalty to Improve Business

# Characteristics of Employees with Loyalty

Maybe right now you already have a lot of loyal employees or customers. It’s just that you don’t realize it, even more so, you are still trying to make your employees have a high quality of loyalty to their work.

So that you know, here are some points that can be a sign or signal of an employee’s loyalty. Here’s the discussion:

– Comfortable at work

If you find that your employee is restless or uncomfortable when he is in the area he is doing his job. It could be that he is not comfortable. In the end, his work was not optimal.

In fact, when a worker becomes comfortable, he can be said to be loyal or vice versa, namely he is loyal. Until he is comfortable and loves what he does.

– High Integrity

Second, a loyal employee can have high integrity towards his work. You can prove it from his performance, then his compliance with the conditions and deadlines for the given task.

– Being an example for other employees

Furthermore, employees who have a high level of loyalty to the company are able to provide extras such as kindness to other employees. He can add an effective job description, or be nice to other employees by appreciating and praising each other.

-Critical Yet Constructive

Finally, the characteristics that you can see from loyal employees are their critical attitude. He is willing and able to share his opinion well, to build and develop the company.

How, already aware and aware of the loyal description. Starting from the notion of loyalty to its characteristics.

If you are an employee, you can try to be a loyal figure and increase the quality of your loyalty. Because with that, your contribution to the company can be better and more leverage.

Meanwhile, unless you are HR, you can build and try to improve the quality of your employees’ loyalty together in various ways. This can have a big impact on the future of your company.

The definition of loyalty is probably already understood by most people. The word loyal itself does have the same meaning as the word loyal. Of course in this loyalty there is a feeling or attitude of obedience. Loyalty to basically can be found even more so in the world of work.

In the world of work, apparently this one term is indispensable, especially the loyal attitude of employees to the company. Because basically the loyal attitude given by employees to the company will eventually be able to help the company even more in achieving the target. Therefore, loyalty must be maintained. Thus, every aspect of loyalty, including must be understood more consciously both by the company and by each employee.

# Aspects of Employee Loyalty

-Comply with the rules-

Loyalty is generally always marked by being obedient or obedient, especially to all applicable regulations. This sense of obedience and obedience generally arises because of the awareness that arises within the employees themselves. This awareness is what makes employees able to always comply with the provisions that apply together without any sense of compulsion. In addition, this obedient attitude is not visible because of the fear of any sanctions or punishments.

-Responsibility as a form of employee loyalty-

The second aspect that is certainly available to a loyal employee is a sense of responsibility. In this case, employees who are called loyal certainly have an attitude of responsibility that tends to be high. So every task that must be done can be carried out together with full responsibility. Even the task can be done more carefully so that there are no mistakes in the process.

-Cooperation in employee loyalty-

Willingness and awareness of cooperation is possible for some people can not be built in him. But everyone who is loyal to the company can forever strive to be a good employee. One of them is jointly building and enhancing cooperation both with fellow employees and with the company’s superiors. This cooperative attitude was built because there was an awareness within oneself to be able to advance the company.

-Feeling of belonging-

If indeed employees have a sense of belonging to the company then of course these employees can do every thing that is best for the company. For example, with the mobilization of work in accordance with the provisions that have been set from the start. In addition, the work includes being done together as best as possible so that the results of the work can be maximized. Not only that, but employees who have a sense of belonging to the company can also maintain their loyalty forever to work in the company.

-Relations between employees-

The relationship between one employee and another is basically very important. Good working relationships can forever increase the comfort for workers. Then the work environment can become more conducive so that each worker can work together calmly. In addition, special relationships can also be developed jointly by each employee who is loyal to the company.

-Love work in employee loyalty-

The last aspect of employee loyalty is a sense of love for work. Loving work is a must for every employee. By loving work, automatically a sense of loyalty to work can be fostered well. Furthermore, this sense of loyalty can be increased to the company so that work can be done to help the company achieve its targets.

# Maintaining Employee Loyalty

-Involve employees

There are many things that a company can do to be able to forever maintain employee loyalty. One of them is by involving employees when it is time to make decisions. Moreover, unless the decisions taken here have a purpose for the benefit of the company.

In addition, employee involvement must also be carried out when making decisions related to roles and from employees. Involving employees in making decisions can make them highly valued. Moreover, unless the ideas or opinions that are expressed are accepted and carried out by the company.

-Having a sharing

Sharing can be a very meaningful thing, including for workers who work in a company. Sharing itself can be regarded as an activity that is carried out with various steps of knowledge or sharing experiences and various opinions.

Not only that, but in this sharing session, it can also be done to give each other additional solutions to a problem that an employee might be facing. The existence of this share session gradually builds a full working relationship with a sense of kinship among the workers.

-Give appreciation

Giving appreciation is one of the efforts that can be done by companies to increase and maintain loyalty from employees or workers. This appreciation can be done in various ways. For example, with the support of incentive bonuses for every employee or employee who has worked hard for the progress of the company.

In addition, appreciation can also be given in the form of vacation leave support. The following bonuses can certainly make employees like and feel at home to work in related companies.

-Bring in a trainer

Another effort that can be done by the company to forever maintain a loyal attitude from the workforce is to bring in trainers. Of course, these trainers were brought in with the aim of providing additional training or training for the workforce.

With the following training or training, it is hoped that the expertise or skills and strengths of employees can increase. then every employee can have the opportunity to carry out self-development.

-Doing out

Outing can also be one of the interesting things that can maintain employee loyalty. With outing activities, employees will be able to travel or vacation together with each other member of the company. Even this activity includes being able to be carried out by employees together with their families. So a family situation can be built up among the employees. Likewise, a sense of unity can also be fostered so that the desire of employees to advance the company can always exist.

# The Importance of Instilling Employee Loyalty

The definition of loyalty, of course, is understood by every employee who works in a company. This loyalty or loyalty itself seems to be an absolute requirement for a company so that it can continue to run smoothly. Employees are an absolute asset for every company. The presence of employees can make the operational processes expected by the company run smoothly. In the end, it is these employees who can cause the company to get special profits or benefits.

So from that, employee loyalty must always be built and improved so that the company can always be productive. In the future, of course, the loyalty of all employees can contribute to the good name and image of the company being maintained in the eyes of the general public.

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