5 Reasons Why The Mobile Game Slam Dunk Is Fun

Why Game Slam Dunk Mobile is fun

Synonymous with basketball games and released in the 90s, the Slam Dunk anime or manga has etched itself in the hearts of its fans. So famous that it’s not bad that DeNA Hong Kong is inviting collaboration with Toei Animation to launch their game on November 25, 2020.

If you are a fan of manga or anime slam dunk, playing this game is very important. Because you will be transported to the world of Hanamichi Sakuragi and her friends by remembering the graphics. You do not believe ? Here are 5 reasons why the Slam Dunk game is so much fun.

Reasons Why The Mobile Game Slam Dunk

1. Challenging real-time battles

In this slam dunk mobile game you can compete against other people in real time. There are different game modes that can be played, ranging from 1v1, 3v3 to 5v5. However, team play is highly prioritized in this game.

The same applies to the position and character of the players. You must be able to become a true center or base. So the team has a good composition and can win the game. Otherwise it will be a disaster.

2. Player skills are very important in Slam Dunk mobile game

Yes, in the game of dunks you have to pay attention to the skills of each player. This is because each player has different abilities. So don’t memorize it when you play against a player.

For example, you will play Hanamichi Sakuragi. His abilities will be very different from Kiminobu Kogure’s. The reason is that Hanamichi can be very good when used for balls under the rim, while Kiminobu is very reliable when used for long shots.

3. Team cohesion is very necessary

Slam Dunk mobile game really requires team spirit to win the match. Don’t be greedy while playing this virtual game. You often have to overtake your teammates.

If you are unsuccessful, the other team will steal your current friend. In other words, you lose the chance for your team to score. So you don’t have to brag too much in this basketball game.

4. Rewards and achievements are quite profitable

Although Slam Dunk mobile game uses gacha system, you can still enjoy the game with rewards and achievements. Because the reward and achievement system here is very useful to get items that you can use to level up players for example.

Also, you can still enjoy this game without spending any money. Basically, the gameplay done was already very exciting and entertaining, so we felt there was no need to buy a “double coupon”.

5. Remembering the hit anime/manga slam dunk

If you want to remember Slam Dunk anime or manga, this game might be the right answer. Why is that? Because when this game first starts, you can see snippets of scenes from the anime.

Not quite, you can also enjoy some anime snippets if you complete the single player mode. Here, the chapter begins with a story about Hanamichi trying to win Haruko Akagi’s heart by becoming a basketball player.

And yes, in this game you will find the legendary Shohoku basketball team. In addition to Hanamichi, you can also play as Ryota Miyagi, Kaede Rukawa, Hisashi Mitsui, Takenori Akagi, the Center. In any case, this game is a lot of fun.

Well, here are five reasons why the Slam Dunk mobile game is so much fun to play. As well as the nostalgia being the main attraction, the gameplay is also unusual and very challenging. You are guaranteed to lose track of time while playing. Don’t believe it Try it…

So do you want to play Slam Dunk Mobile?

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