5 Free Software To Replace Microsoft Word

Of course, for Windows users, Microsoft Word word processing software is already memory-limited, with a variety of efficient DOC and DOCX file editing tricks.

Its various features allow users to easily create neat digital documents. However, Microsoft Word, which is integrated into the Microsoft Office suite, is not free for you.

Here are 5 free computer programs to replace Microsoft Word

Free Software To Replace Microsoft Word

If you are looking for a free Microsoft Word alternative, you’d better choose one of the 5 free Microsoft Word replacement software below instead of the cracked version of Microsoft Word.

1. WPS Office Free: Same features as Microsoft Word

In the free software package WPS Office Free, you will find a software variant called Writer, which is designed to edit and edit documents.

Regarding the interface, WPS Writer presents a design familiar to Microsoft Word, as well as its no less complete functionalities.

The advantage of WPS Writer over Microsoft Word is that it supports cloud backup of up to 1 GB in size. You can use it to sync DOC and DOCX files between electronic devices.

2. LibreOffice: Open Source Document Processing Software

If you are familiar with the previous version of Microsoft Word, you will quickly get used to the look and feel of LibreOffice, which, like the classic version of Microsoft Word, has a nostalgic touch.

LibreOffice fully supports opening and editing DOC and DOCX files, so you don’t have to worry about unreadable Word files in this software.

In addition, LibreOffice is also part of an integrated software suite, similar to Microsoft Office. There is an alternative that can also replace Excel or PowerPoint in this Free software package.

3. Apache OpenOffice – Has a sidebar with various shortcuts

Like LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice is also developed open source from the same code base. In terms of functionality, Apache OpenOffice can also compete with LibreOffice and Microsoft Word when it comes to formatting.

Also, this software has thousands of document themes that can be downloaded directly from the official OpenOffice website.

Judging from the surface of the document processor, Apache OpenOffice has a sidebar with a collection of shortcuts to launch formatting buttons that you can configure yourself.

4. SoftMaker FreeOffice: suitable for processing compressed documents

Compared to previous Microsoft Word alternatives, SoftMaker FreeOffice is visually quite simple. For those of you who do not need complicated and technical document processing features, you can use SoftMaker FreeOffice, as this software only has standard formatting options, making it suitable for processing compressed documents.

SoftMaker FreeOffice also offers templates for download, but they are not suitable for editing DOCX files because the software does not support this format.

5. Google Docs: Cloud-Based Collaborative Document Processor

This alternative is probably the best Microsoft Word replacement software to date. Google Docs offers document editing capabilities with integration with various Google services like Gmail and Google Drive.

Collaborative work is at the heart of Google Docs, where you can share documents with workgroups for editing. In addition to powerful formatting features, this file sharing feature is the most famous among other competitors with features similar to Microsoft Word.

Also, the integration with Google Drive services, which can be accessed through a browser, is quite satisfactory, allowing you to edit documents from different devices.

Estas fueron 5 alternativas de editor de documentos a Microsoft Word que puede usar de forma gratuita. Para obtener una aplicación de Microsoft Word de reemplazo en un teléfono inteligente, consulte este artículo.

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