10 Free Proxy Sites That Are Safe To Use, From Croxy Proxy To VPNBook

Recommended and safe to access free proxy sites

Many free proxy sites offer a secure connection. However, not all of them can be trusted to ensure your identity while you are online. You may be asked for data when you try to access it or when the site displays many advertisements.

Still, if you want to use a free proxy site with reliable data security, here are 10 recommendations.

Free Proxy Sites That Are Safe To Use

1. Croxy Proxy

The first free proxy site to try is CroxyProxy. To use the proxy service here, you need to register an email address and create a password. However, if you want to start a website, you can do it for free and you don’t need to register.

At CroxyProxy, every URL you enter is logged and available for review within 30 days. Of course, this is done to prevent abuse of the CroxyProxy service. In addition, this website also uses web statistics services for further development.

2. Proxy site

This proxy site is quite easy to use. In fact, on the home page, you can directly select the website you want to go to, e.g. For example, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit. Just click on it and you will be redirected to the website with your proxy.

But you can also note the destination page address in the home page column. After that, simply choose whether you want to use a server in Europe or in the United States (US). A quick note: to access some websites, the US server offers a slower connection.

On ProxySite, your login is always logged and recorded to prevent abuse of the site. These records are deleted 14 days after your last access to this website. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use.

3. Hide me

The next free proxy site is Hide.me. This website uses proxy servers in 3 countries, namely the Netherlands, the United States and Germany. By using this service, you have the option to not allow cookies and other things while browsing.

Hide.me can also be downloaded as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Its use is also very simple, just one click and the proxy is active. If you download it as an extension, you can automatically protect yourself from the websites you visit.

This proxy site is very useful when you want to access Netflix in another region. For example, you want to access certain movies on US Netflix. Since you live in Indonesia, this service is blocked, so access requires another login. To do this, you just need to choose a proxy server in the United States. IT’S OKAY. The buffer time is really no more than 5 seconds.

4. Hidester

If you need a free proxy site with a comprehensive security system, Hidester might be an option. You can easily encrypt URLs, remove scripts to block intrusive ads, and block cookies.

Also, this site service does not keep logs and you do not need to register. So no data is stored here. This is somewhat revolutionary considering that other proxy sites actually need to register or record registrations.

In addition to a proxy service, Hidester also has several other very useful tools. Like a password generator that generates very strong and not easy to crack keywords.


When it comes to secure connection, KProxy is one of the best serving websites. Why is that? Because this site is used by 1.5 million people around the world every month. Therefore, this website can be trusted and safe to use.

However, the KProxy service has some drawbacks. In the first place, you will only be able to access it for 3 hours or when the capacity reaches 300 MB, in this case you will have to register to use the premium service or wait 30 minutes to continue browsing.

Oh yes, this proxy site also keeps your activity log to prevent illegal things from being done including using torrents. However, if you are not using it for illegal purposes, you will have no problem using this KProxy proxy.

6. 4ever proxy

If you need another free proxy site, you can also count on 4everproxy. This website already uses 11 proxy servers and 24 usable IP addresses. To use it with a faster connection, select the server closest to your location.

Like other free proxy site services, 4everproxy also stores your activity log data. Yes, this data storage also serves to prevent illegal use. However, your registration data will be lost after 7 days.

One thing that makes 4everproxy better is that it looks simple and attractive, which makes it easier to use. This proxy site is also available as an extension that can be used in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

7. Hotspot Shield

The name of this site is Hotspot Shield, but in fact it still offers a free proxy service. While this site has limitations, connecting to the server is quite quick and easy. The servers themselves are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Russia.

However, the limitations of Hotspot Shield are not related to the security system you have. You can block malware, cookies and annoying ads at any time. To enable this security setting, simply access your extension’s settings menu.

Oh yes, especially for Hotspot Shield, the free proxy service is not directly accessible. You must first download the extension file to use the service. Therefore, no data is stored on the site.


If you need a free and reliable proxy site, ProxFree is one of them. This website already uses 13 IP addresses and 11 servers (mainly in the United States). The nice thing you can find in ProxFree is the ping information when choosing which IP address to use.

The weakness of this proxy site is the number of advertisements it covers. Either when you scroll down the main page or when you search with it. However, you should know that this site is free and therefore contains a lot of ads.

9. HMA

This website is called HMA or HideMyAss. To use the free proxy service, you must first download the extension. The connection is based on 5 servers in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the US.

HMA makes it easy to use a free proxy. One click and then you can use a proxy. PMA performs the server selection to find the fastest one in terms of ping or buffering.

Unfortunately, HMA has now mandated that users register themselves. To do this, enter an active email address for verification purposes. Therefore, your data will be stored there.


VPNBook is like Hotspot Shield, although it is a VPN service website, but it also offers a free proxy. However, just like ProxFree, you will find a lot of ads on this website when you access it.

However, this proxy site has the best security guarantee as it uses 256-bit SSL encryption. This encryption is usually only available on premium VPN services. Oh, this site is still logging data even after a week of deletion.

After learning about the different Croxy Proxy free proxy site options on VPNBook, have you decided which free proxy site to use? (Witanto Prasetyo)

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