Features Of Tencent Gameloop: Playing Android Games On PCs And Laptops Is More Fun

Discover Tencent Gameloop (Gaming Buddy), an Android Emulator on PC

Discover Tencent Gameloop (Gaming Buddy), an Android Emulator on PC

Gameloop is a Tencent Android emulator that is widely used because you need to know how to download Tencent Gameloop if you want to play Android games on PC.

From a variety of Android emulators for PC, Tencent Gameloop, formerly known as Gaming Buddy, offers a gaming experience that started with the Battle Royale trend.

If you want to play mobile games like PUBG, Free Fire, COD Mobile or other FPS and Battle Royale games, Tencent’s Gameloop might be your choice for more fun games.

What is Tencent Gameloop?

The name could already tell that Gameloop was developed by Tencent. Gameloop is a powerful Android emulator that supports the most popular Android games. Previously, the emulator was called Gaming Buddy.

Tencent Gameloop is well-optimized for the smoothest gaming performance, even on relatively small-spec PCs or laptops.

Integration with a third-party controller or gamepad also makes it easy for you to play various games.

Day by day, there are more and more popular indie games to play on Tencent Gameloop.

Discover Tencent Gameloop (Gaming Buddy), an Android Emulator on PC

Features of Tencent Gameloop

Before downloading and installing, it’s a good idea to look at Gameloop’s functionality first. These are the main features of Tencent Gameloop:

  • – Easy and free installation
  • – Better game performance for popular and indie games.
  • – Has an anti-cheat function
  • – You can customize the keyboard with the smart key feature
  • – Equipped with Game Center for easy access to popular and widely played Android games
  • – My games menu for instant access to apps and games you already own
  • – You can stream directly from Gameloop to streaming platforms like Nimo and nonolive

The above features are the main draw of Tencent Gameloop when compared to other Android emulation apps.

However, it should also be noted that Gameloop is only available for Windows platforms, starting with Windows 7, 8 and 10; So if you use macOS or Linux, you can look for other alternatives like Bluestacks.

How to install Tencent Gameloop

To start playing games on Gameloop on your PC or laptop, follow the Gameloop installation instructions below:

  • – Open gameloop (dot) com site in browser
  • – Click the Download or Download button on the main page of the Tencent Gameloop website
  • – The download of the Gameloop .exe installation file will begin
  • – Wait for the Gameloop installation .exe file to finish
  • – Double click the Gameloop .exe file to start the installation
  • – Once installed, open the Gameloop app
  • – Click My Games menu > Download Google Installer.

You need the Google installer on Tencent Gameloop to use Google services like the Google Play Store to download Android apps and games.

Minimum requirements to use Tencent Gameloop

Basically, Tencent Gameloop can be used on low-spec PCs and laptops. However, here are the recommended specs that need to be met in order to play Android games on Gameloop with high FPS more conveniently:

Tencent Gameloop Minimum Specs:

  • – Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • – Processor: Intel Dual Core/AMD 1.8GHz
  • – Memory: 3GB
  • -DirectX: 9.0c
  • -Hard Drive: 1GB

Of course, with the above Tencent Gameloop minimum specs, most PCs and laptops can run Gameloop smoothly. The higher the specs, the better the performance.

This was the information from Tencent Gameloop that you may have previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. Are you interested in installation?

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