An Easy Way To Convert PDF To Excel

Sometimes converting PDF files to Excel is very difficult. In fact, you can find a way to do it on the Internet, and the method is quite simple (you can even find this article through a Google search). However, if you are in a hurry, forget about this simple thing.

Well, lest you panic if you are in a hurry to convert PDF to Excel, we have several options. Just write it down so you can do it quickly when you need it. like what? Look down.

How to convert PDF to Excel offline

Easy Way To Convert PDF To Excel

There are two ways to convert PDF data to Excel, namely online (connected to the Internet) and offline (no Internet). For the former, we provide instructions on how to convert PDF to Excel without using the Internet or offline.

1. Convert PDF to Excel with Microsoft Word

The easiest way to convert PDF to Excel is by using Microsoft Word. You just need to right click on the PDF file and then open it with Word. Once the file is open in Word, all you have to do is press CTRL + A to select everything and press CTRL + C to make a copy. After that, open Microsoft Excel application and press CTRL+V to paste.

However, to convert PDF files to Excel in the above way, you need to pay attention to the Microsoft Word software you are using. Because the above method can only be done if you are using Word 2013 and above.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the operating system of the computer or laptop used. The reason why this method cannot be applied to all operating systems. Also, you are using Macintosh OS, you just need to use another method.

2. Convert PDF to Excel with Foxit Reader

To convert PDF files to Excel in this way, you must first have the application. Because the following method does not use the Internet at all. You just need internet to download Foxit Reader app.

Once the Foxit Reader app is installed on your computer or laptop, all you have to do is open it. Then select the PDF file to convert and open it with the app. Then press CTRL+A and CTRL+C to copy the entire contents of the file.

If you have followed the steps above, now is the time to open the Microsoft Excel application. On the Excel page, press CTRL + V to paste the file you copied earlier. After that, the PDF to Excel conversion is complete.

3. Convert PDF to Excel with Adobe Acrobat Reader

In addition to the above two methods, you can also use Adobe Acrobat Reader app to convert PDF to Excel offline. However, to use this app, you need to spend money first. It can also be free but it only lasts 14 days.

To edit the file, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader application and select the data you want to convert. Once open, all you have to do is click Export PDF at the top right. Then select the type of file to use. In this case, of course, choose Microsoft Excel. Then select the location where you want to save the file. Click Save and the PDF to Excel conversion is complete.

How to convert PDF to Excel online

Easy Way To Convert PDF To Excel

Next, we will introduce how to convert PDF files to Excel via the web or online. However, if you google it, there are actually many websites that offer such services. However, in our opinion, only five websites are trustworthy. anything? Here is the rating.

1. Convert PDF to Excel with is the most popular website to convert PDF files to Excel. Why? Because if you search for it on Google search page, this website is the best for PDF converting service.

Using is very simple. You just need to drag the file or select the file to edit it on the website. Then all you have to do is wait for the process to complete, and when it’s done, simply download the file. It is easy?

2. Convert PDF to Excel with moves to the next position. This website has a very basic interface, but you can select files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. Therefore, you do not have to first download the file you want to edit and upload it to this website.

Also, ranks second on the Google search page. With this in mind, we are confident that this website is safe and reliable to use. Therefore, we highly recommend this website.

3. Convert PDF to Excel with

Eine weitere Website-Option, die zum Konvertieren von PDF in Excel verwendet werden kann, ist Sieht so aus, als müssten wir auf dieser Website nicht zu viel erklären. Denn der Name der Site selbst macht ihre Funktion sehr deutlich.

Das System funktioniert genauso wie andere Seiten, dh einfach hochladen und dann hochladen. Eine Sache, die es anders macht, ist, dass Sie Dateien sowohl über OneDrive als auch über Dropbox und Google Drive auswählen können.

4. Konvertieren Sie PDF mit in Excel existiert als PDF zur nächsten verwendbaren Excel-Konvertierungswebsite. Genau wie andere Websites hat auch diese Website ein einfaches Erscheinungsbild. Um es zu verwenden, müssen Sie nur die zu bearbeitende Datei ziehen und hochladen und die fertige Datei hochladen.

Another feature of that other websites don’t have is that you can enter the URL of your PDF file. Additionally, you can also select files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. Same as and

5. Convert PDF to Excel with can also be used to convert PDF files to Excel. The trick is to click Online Tools and select PDF Converter. Once the page is open, you can edit the files just like any other website.

There is also an app at that you can download as well. This means that you can convert PDF files to Excel offline or without using the Internet. However, to use it you need to register first, yes.

So do you know how to convert PDF files to Excel?

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