Does The Computer Often Freeze During Use? These Are The Reasons!

Computers that often freeze or suddenly go silent and unusable are really annoying. Also, it usually happens when we use it to create tasks or jobs.

Unlike a blue screen, which is often characterized by a blue screen, crashes are generally characterized by programs suddenly becoming unresponsive, the mouse getting stuck, the keyboard not working, the program crashing, and automatically restarting.

Well, a common cause of computer failure is hardware problems. From less qualified computing specs when it comes to running heavy programs to the issue of heat and damage.

Does The Computer Often Freeze During Use

These are some of the causes of frequent computer crashes.

1. Minimum and limited RAM capacity

RAM is indeed an important device. Of course, the minimum RAM capacity also affects the ability to run computer programs.

If your RAM is really limited, don’t open too many windows or tabbed applications. To check which apps are running, just press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC at the same time. Then close apps that are no longer used.

2. RAM is damaged or dirty from dust and dirt

In addition to the minimum capacity, problematic or dirty RAM can also be the reason why the computer crashes frequently during operation.

The most common problem with computers is that the RAM components are dirty with dust. This problem can usually be fixed by cleaning the pins or tabs with an eraser.

3. The temperature of the computer rises and causes overheating

Of course, not all electronic devices are timeless with the problem of temperature or heat. Likewise with computer equipment exposed to excessive heat.

Overheating or excessive temperature can occur because the computer’s fan is not working optimally or because the airflow in and out of the computer is not good. This may have occurred due to dust buildup.

4. Hard drive has problems or many bad sectors

In addition to the above devices, hard drive problems can also cause the computer to suddenly freeze.

In general, hard drive performance may be due to bad sectors or the age of the computer. To do this, try to verify this by running a scan or checking the hard drive for performance. If the performance of the hard drive has deteriorated significantly, you should replace it with a new one.

5. Viruses and inappropriate applications

In addition to hardware issues, other issues like viruses and inappropriate software or applications can also cause your computer to freeze.

For the virus itself, this usually happens because the virus forces the computer to work hard by overloading all the programs running on the computer.

However, if the crash occurs only when you are running a software or an application, then of course the cause of the problem may lie with the program. Usually this happens because the application is incompatible or does not match the specifications of your computer.

Well, these are some of the reasons why the computer often suddenly freezes when you are using it. If the issue you’re having is more related to the specifications or age of the computer, it might be time to upgrade your computer.

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