How To Create WhatsApp Stickers On The Web And Applications

WhatsApp (WA) is one of the most popular messaging applications. Users can send messages to other users in the form of text, voice messages, videos and video calls in both personal and group chats. Another popular feature is the WA tag. Stickers allow users to express themselves when sending messages.

These WA stickers come in a variety of shapes. Some of them come in the form of cartoons, photos of public figures, and you can even use photos of yourself as stickers. The funny thing is that WA stickers are very easy to make, you know?

You can use additional apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. If you don’t want to increase your phone’s memory load, now you can create WA stickers via WhatsApp Web. Look at the following method.

Preparation to create WhatsApp stickers

How To Create WhatsApp Stickers On The Web And Applications

How to make WA stickers is very simple. You also don’t need any special skills to solve it. However, it is a good idea to prepare the following items before creating WA decals.

How to create WA stickers on the web

To create WA stickers, first open WhatsApp Web in a browser. After that, sign in to your account. Then follow the steps below to create WA decals.

1. Open a chat room or chat room for everyone, be it family or friends.

2. To the left of the column where you type the text, click the ‘Emoji’ icon. Then select the ‘Sticker’ icon. After that, “Create” or “Create” option will appear and click this option.

3. There may also be another way, which is by clicking the “clip” icon and then selecting the “sticker” icon.

4. Select a photo or image from your PC or laptop gallery that you want to turn into a sticker.

5. When you have finished selecting the image, the image editing screen will open. After that, create a sticker with a wide range of texts and effects. You can also add emojis.

6. When you’re done and happy with the label you’ve created, click the Done icon in the top right corner.

7. To save the created WA tag, submit the tag by clicking the ‘Submit’ icon or the up arrow.

8. Other users can save the sticker to favorite list and share it with other users.

How to create WA stickers easily. You can start practicing right away without downloading other apps first. At the moment, creating WA stickers without an app can only be done over the Internet.

How to create WhatsApp stickers using applications

If you don’t access WhatsApp Web, you can still create stickers using third-party apps. One app you can use is Sticker Maker. Here are the steps.

1. Download the sticker maker app first, and then open the app. With this application you can create a set of stickers with a maximum of 30 stickers in a single set.

2. Select the Create New Sticker Pack menu and enter the name or title of the sticker pack you want to create. For example, name it “Funny Stickers” if you want to create a cute sticker.

3. After that, a display field will appear, which you can fill in with the label to be created. You must create at least three decals and one additional decal as an icon for the decal pack you create.

4. Next, select the photo or image you want to create as a sticker. Crop the image if necessary.

5. When you are done, tap “Publish Sticker Pack” and the previously created sticker can be used on WhatsApp.

How to create WA stickers with the app. There are many options for WA sticker maker apps. The application is quite simple and more or less the same to use.

How to save stickers from other users

Now that you’ve learned how to create your own WA stickers, how do you save stickers submitted by other users? Here are the steps.

1. Tap or click a tag sent by another user in the chat room.

2. Select the ‘Add to Favorites’ option.

3. The sticker will be automatically saved in your WhatsApp application.

4. To see the sticker, click on the ‘Emoji’ icon on the left in the column where you can write the text. Select the star icon. The saved sticker is displayed.

5. Click the tag to send it to other users.

Here are some steps to create simple WhatsApp stickers. Come exercise your creativity to create fun and unique WA stickers. Good luck!

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