5 Recommended Apps To Track Cell Phone Numbers 2022

5 Recommendations for Cell Phone Number Tracking Apps

Are you often annoyed by calls from unknown numbers? Calls from unknown numbers are annoying, especially when the caller turns out to be a scammer. To avoid scams, here are 5 recommended cell phone number tracking apps that you can use.

Recommendations for Cell Phone Number Tracking Apps

1. TrueCaller, instantly block obscure numbers

The TrueCaller app is available for Android and iOS users. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.

TrueCaller has a feature that connects to a global contact database of phone numbers to find unknown phone numbers. To use this feature, you don’t even need to download online contacts to your mobile phone. You can find the name of the person who called you even if you have not saved their phone number.

If you are contacted by an unknown phone number, you can block the phone number immediately so that it doesn’t bother you. Are you also often harassed by telemarketing phone offers for products? Yes, you can block the phone number from your contact list.

2. GetContact, has a very large database

One of the reliable cell phone number tracking apps that you can use is GetContact. You can use the app on Android, iPhone, and Huawei phones.

Before using the GetContact app, you will be asked for your consent to share the contact database. Yes, the HP numerical data in this app is based on a collection of user databases. The more users, the larger the GetContact database. GetContact claims that 100 million users are already using the app.

With GetContact you can search for mystery cell phone numbers directly. If there are other GetContact users who store the mystery number, you can find the name of the owner of the cell phone number. If a telemarketer number is available, it can also be found immediately if it is stored in other users’ databases.

Interestingly, you can find out which names are stored as #tags. For fun, try looking up your own cell phone number and see what #label name is used to store your number.

GetContact itself can be used free of charge. However, its use is very limited. The number of cell phone numbers searched is not as high as with the premium or paid versions.

To take full advantage of GetContact, you only need to pay up to IDR 45,000 per month. With this price, you can search for up to 300 mobile numbers, a monthly tag view limit of up to 40, ad-free usage, and find out who has seen your tag.

3. HLR search, location detection instantly

HLR Lookup app is a widely used app by android users in Indonesia. This application is able to find the location of a person thanks to their phone number. The database used supports networks of operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and channel services based on area codes.

To trace a caller, you can enter a phone number or a contact from your mobile phone’s contact list. If this is the case, the HLR Lookup app will perform a location search, which will be displayed as a map. You can predict who will call you from this location. With the location detection function, you can also find out where your mobile phone is if it is stolen or forgotten while traveling.

4. Mobile Number Tracker Pro, fast and quite accurate

Mobile Number Tracker Pro app is available for Android and iOS users. The service coverage of this application can identify phone numbers from all over the world, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Credentialed access in this app can provide detailed information in record time. You can know who is calling you, what carrier you are using and even the location of the phone number user.

The appearance of this application is designed with a simple and easy to understand design. Furthermore, you can even change the color of the letters and apps as you like.

5. Whoscall, able to recognize databases from all over the world

Whoscall is the most popular Gogolook app. This app has an automatic caller ID feature by detecting databases all over the world. This app service is available for Android and iOS users. Unfortunately, this app’s service coverage has only expanded to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Brazil since its launch in Taiwan.

To avoid interference from unknown phone numbers, you can choose the app that suits you best.

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