Business Support Applications to Grow Your Business

7 Business Support Applications to Grow Your Business

Doing business is an activity that requires the perpetrator to focus and continuously monitor the development of the business being undertaken. Doing business is not an “automatic machine”€ that allows you to relax and money keeps coming. Certainly not like that.

When you make a business decision, there are many things that you must pay attention to and monitor. Don’t let you be negligent and cause your business to not grow.

Therefore, you need applications or business support facilities. The goal is that your business is easily monitored and you are aware of its progress.

Here are 7 Business Support Applications to Grow Your Business

Business Support Applications to Grow Your Business

So, what are the business support facilities? Without further ado, take a look at this list of business support facilities that you must know next.

1. Evernote or Similar Applications

Before the days of smartphones, many people suggested carrying a pen and a small notebook. The goal is to be able to write down the things that come to mind, especially for the smallest things. Who knows there is an inspiration that comes to mind while traveling. Who is aware that the next inspiration is potential business inspiration.

The same is true in the age of smartphones. The difference is, we are not required to carry pens and small notes. Too complicated, although for some people this is always a must carry. But why bring small notes when you can write them all down in a note app like Evernote for example.

Evernote is a widely used notes application. This application has been popular since ever and is widely used for business people. With Evernote, you can jot down things you need during meetings, brainstorming, and more. Evernote also allows you to jot down an agenda and jot down important numbers.

Actually not only Evernote, there are many other applications. One example is Color Note or Google Keep. You can look for it in the Android or iOS app store. Whatever the application, make sure the next application is actually an interesting companion for you.

2. Financial Recording Application

Before the smartphone era, many people recorded income and expenses in data processing applications such as Microsoft Excel. In fact, there are still many who write it in the ledger. Of course, the next two things are a bit outdated, let alone a large notebook.

To record finances, both income and expenses, you should use an application that is actually easy to access wherever you go. And at this time, there are many applications or financial recording facilities that can be chosen. Try to choose a financial application that is also a cashier application.

This cashier application is suitable for those of you who are in the business of selling goods. With the cashier application, you can monitor sales records, income and other matters.

Further applications are available which are free as well as paid ones. For those of you who have a large business, be aware that paid applications are needed because they are generally accessed by many people and a lot of data. But unless you have a growing business, there’s nothing wrong with using a simpler or free financial record application.

3. Business Learning Site

Not only applications, those of you who are intending to do business or are moving a small business, must continue to study to increase knowledge about business. In fact, many of them are already established business actors who still feel obliged to increase their knowledge about business.

To increase business knowledge, you can actually read books about business. But because there are many business books available and of course it makes you confused, let’s study from a simpler one, namely a business learning website.

One of the websites that can be used as learning is This site is a business and investment blog website that is highly recommended to read. On this website, you can learn about business opportunities, business tips, and even more so about investment. You can also learn about things related to finances.

4. Employee Management Application

Those of you who have a business or business with a large number of employees, must take advantage of the employee management application. In fact, for those of you who have dozens or dozens of employees, you must use an employee management application.

Why is it mandatory to use an employee management application? Because with this application, you are able to monitor the progress of your employees. You can manage attendance issues, leave applications and others in this kind of application. The presence of this kind of application is also very suitable for businesses that are just developing because it saves the use of an HRD.

5. Google Suite

Google Suite is a style of management facility for business purposes. This application is a paid application that is suitable for those of you who are busy and monitor a lot of business developments Coming from a distance.

With Google Suite, you can customize documents, calendars, and other things lightly and use cloud computing technology or cloud computing. With Google Suite, you can also get business e-mails customized with your company name to make it appear more professional.

In addition, Google Suite also offers various facilities such as large data storage and work facilities such as word processing applications (Google Docs) and others. Google Suite also offers Google Meet facility which allows you to conduct video conferences with your business friends or clients.

Actually there are also other facilities such as Google Suite. It’s just that because of this time, internet life can not be separated from Google, this Google facility is the most popular.

6. Banking Apps

As a businessman, of course you need a banking application. Especially unless the financial management is handled immediately by you. Therefore, this banking application is one of the applications that must be installed on your cellphone.

The presence of banking applications like mobile banking, makes it easier for you to transfer money to your team. Especially when it comes to work. Banking applications also make it easier for you to make transactions anywhere without having to look for an ATM machine.

7. Chat Apps for Business

Another application that must be owned by entrepreneurs is a chat application that is specifically for businesses. Those of you who have a habit of using WhatsApp for all chat activities, must feel able to change habits.

You must mediate private chat with chat for business. Therefore, you must apply the WhatsApp Business application. This application is perfect for those of you who sell online or sell anything that requires customers to contact you.

If you have a business with lots of coworkers, you can take advantage of Slack. Slack is an application for communication with the team. Slack allows you to divide employees into teams and see progress coming from your employees’ work.

The seven applications or facilities above are business support applications that are very helpful in the growth and development of your business. Therefore, try to keep the next feature or application at your disposal, at least installed on your smartphone.

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