business recommendation that is suitable for young people

Want to Start a Business? This is a business recommendation that is suitable for young people

Who says young people can’t build their own business? This is a youth business that is right for you. Lately, the interest in building a business is increasing. Not only from among adults, now young people are also competing to become successful businessmen.

Especially with the rapid development of technology, the opportunity to start a business looks high. The business sectors that can be targeted are also increasingly diverse, ranging from those engaged in the tourism, culinary, fashion, automotive, to creative industries which have started to bloom more than a year ago.

And more importantly, the interest in building this business is increasing along with the awareness to create their own jobs. So that it does not depend on existing job opportunities. As a result, the number of jobs in Indonesia has increased, and the unemployment rate has begun to be suppressed.

Business Recommendations Suitable for Young People

business recommendation that is suitable for young people

So, if you are a young person who wants to start a new business but is still confused or confused about how to do it, here we can discuss more than one interesting and potential business guide that can be considered for you.

1. Opening an Online Store

If someone asks “does exaggeration come from today’s era?”, then one of the answers may be technological developments. Technological developments are now making it easier for humans in many aspects, including the development of the internet which has had a major influence on the business world.

When compared to the way it is run, now the business is not only carried out in real terms as before. Where every business must have a physical place, must have a stock of goods that can be sold, and so on, but now businesses can also be done online.

Now this online business does not require the existence of more than one of these things, even though the essence of business is business forever. This is possible because almost all activities are carried out online or online (in the network).

Starting from the market, to buying and selling transactions and payments, it is fully capable of being done without requiring the seller and customer to meet. The equipment needed is also quite easy to have, moreover, it can be said that everyone has it.

The equipment in question is a cellphone, a computer if needed, and fairly good internet access. Then you can take advantage of existing websites, social places and market places. And even if you intend to have a physical store to sell, you can always mobilize your online store at the same time.

In fact, this can be even better because your reach becomes wider. Usually, customers in online stores can also be more confident that the online store manager includes the mobilization of physical stores.

Especially if you are faced with a situation where your physical store cannot be opened, such as when the Covid-19 pandemic exploded. So the existence of an online store can be very profitable because it can still run forever.

2. Contemporary Cafe or Hangout

Given the tradition of young people who like to hang out, then accessing a cafe or hangout place seems to be one of the business inspirations that should be considered. Of course you must provide a cafe with a contemporary design that is suitable for young people. Because that way, you are able to work on mobilizing your business while occasionally hanging out with your friends.

Especially if you used to be happy hanging out and have a lot of acquaintances, you can just invite them to hang out at your place and become customers there.

One of the values ​​so that if this business is carried out by you who are still young, you can ask your hangout friends to help promote your place of business. Usually as good friends they can be happy to do so. So for promotional issues, you can solve them quickly.

Now considering that there are already quite a lot of people accessing cafe businesses and hangouts, then you should prepare a fresher design. This is intended to be able to attract people to come to your place. You are also required to design the right strategy so that this business is able to compete with its competitors.

3. Resellers and Dropshippers

You want to start a business but you are constrained by capital? No need to worry! You can be a reseller or a dropshipper. Because by becoming a reseller or becoming a dropshipper, you don’t have to stock up on items that can be sold in large quantities, and even better not at all.

If you are a reseller, then you are required to stock items in small quantities and mostly at relatively low prices. Meanwhile, if you become a dropshipper, you don’t must stock up on goods at all.

A dropshipper is only obliged to promote and peddle goods. Later, it is the other party or supplier who can send the following items to the customer, but by using your name as a dropshipper.

4. Social Media Admin

The rapidly growing social development of the place has also contributed to accessing a wide field for new businesses. One of them is to become a social media account admin.

You can start building an account that displays interesting content, and from there you will be able to earn income. Usually when someone manages to build an account, he can build another account. So that way someone else can take care of this one account, and thus he has access to other people’s jobs.

If you still don’t have experience, then you don’t have to rush to build a new account. You can also try to become a social account admin for a company or other business. This aims to increase your experience regarding this business, so that later you will be able to mobilize your own business properly.

business recommendation that is suitable for young people

5. Hobbyist Business

There is nothing more enjoyable than working according to a hobby, or turning a hobby into a business that brings income. Well, right now, you can do the same thing, you know. Yesss. Instead of worrying about what kind of business you want to run, why not try to turn your pleasure into a business?

For example, if you are happy with photography, then you can start a photographer business that is much needed for various events, such as pre-wedding photo services or even during new year events. Or if you are happy to raise animals and know very well how to take care of them properly, then try offering pet care services.

Basically, this kind of business sometimes doesn’t need big funds, and because it’s a hobby, you mostly already have the equipment. You can also take advantage of communities and social places to promote your business. So, there are many advantages to turning a hobby into a business.

6. Business Blog

For friends who are happy to write, blogging can be an option for you to live. By becoming a blogger, you have the opportunity to earn quite a lot of income and without any maximum income limit. The capital is only with writing skills, a laptop or PC, internet and web blogs that can be made easily.

You can do this blog business alone, or with more than one person who can support you. It is better if you also invite your brother, sister or sister to build this business together. Another advantage of this business is that you are able to adjust your working hours more flexibly.

Now for the record, if you really really want to mobilize this business and want it to grow quickly, then you should try to present interesting content. Increase the quantity of published content, and if possible, you can also ask for help from other parties to share about the blog you created to increase the number of visitors.

If your blog has grown, you can also add a new website, which certainly presents content that is not the same as the previous website. Make sure that each blog you build has its own characteristics, and stick to it.

7. Become a Private Teacher

If you want to start a business that does not require capital and only relies on your abilities, then one of them is to become a private tutor. And of course, to start mobilizing this business you must have qualified academic capabilities.

This business is one of them that is very suitable for young people who are in college or even for those of you who have graduated and want to teach without being tied to an institution. Regarding the pay itself, being a private teacher has the potential to have quite a lot of income.

Usually it depends on the number of students being taught, how many hours you give personally and most of them, including those that come from your alma mater. As a reference, mostly for one student, private teachers can be valued at Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand per hour.

8. Business Buying Used Goods

Used goods that are still worthy of use and of good quality are still the target of many people, For example, you may have had friends or acquaintances who had a request to buy used electronics, or used motorcycles, or including used cars, right?

Well, one of the problems is, those who want to buy used goods often find it difficult to find a trusted place to buy and sell used goods. Reliable both from the price factor and the quality of the goods. So from that, this could be a profitable business field for you.

You can also start a business selling and buying used goods, be it cellphones, laptops, cameras, motorcycles, or other used goods that many people are looking for. If you have sufficient capital, you can first find people who want to peddle their used goods and buy them at a cheaper price.

You can also rent a place as a shop to sell these used goods, and that includes promoting them through social media. So what if you don’t have enough capital? Stay cool! If that’s the case, you can survey places that sell used goods and then promote these goods, and if later someone is interested in buying, then you can sell them on your own behalf.

You are also able to apply a prepayment process before the goods are sent to the customer. The method is the same as if you were a dropshipper, but focused on selling used goods. As an important note, if you want your business to continue to run and succeed, make sure you are an honest seller and can be trusted by your customers. In addition you also have to add the best service you can provide to each of them.

9. Plant Business

Apart from being fun and a hobby for many people, maintaining plants can also be a promising business. Not a few include people who are successful with the mobilization of plant businesses. Yes, for those who don’t know, plant business may appear trivial and seems to be able to be done easily.

In fact, mobilizing this business requires tenacity and seriousness, because each plant must be cared for in such a way so that it can grow well. Now the benefits you can get can be very much you know, especially if you are the one who cultivates these plants.

Like if for ornamental plants, just one plant can be valued from hundreds to millions of rupiah, you know. And moreover there are those who choose the price by calculating the quantity of leaves owned by the plant.

The prices of this plant include most of the following trends that are trending at the time. For example, at this time Bunga A was trending and sold for millions of rupiah.

However, more than a month later, when there are other trendy flowers, the price of Interest A can drop drastically. So from that, if you are really willing to jump into this business, you must also pay attention to and follow the existing trends.

Look for more information so you don’t let go of the golden opportunities that you should be able to get. And finally, another feature of this plant business is that it doesn’t require you to monitor it every hour.

You can simply take your time in the morning and evening to water, fertilize and provide other care. Then you just have to wait for the development of the plant. You can also carry out this activity with loved ones, such as parents, wife or husband, children and other families. So this business can be very fun.

*Young People, Choose a Potential Business!*

After reading this article, then you can start thinking about what you can do next. But the most important message is, you must do research on places where you can mobilize business, and try to see if the business you want has the potential to grow there.

This is because businesses that have great potential to develop elsewhere may not necessarily have the same potential if they are carried out in your area.

It should be noted, including that behind every successful business, there must be a businessman who knows very well how to manage his business finances well.

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